Can You Paint a Vinyl Siding? 

Yes, vinyl siding can be painted. It is not a straight yes answer because the existing condition should still be checked. Vinyl sidings are often used for the exterior walls of the home. They are favored because of how they come cheap yet low-maintenance. Technically, they do not need to be painted because they are already designed upon purchase. But if you want to spice up the aesthetics of your vinyl sidings, it is possible to have them painted as long as the color of the paint is close to the existing color of the material. We have rounded up the possible questions you have in mind with answers that can help you along the way. 

What Type of Paint Can Be Used?

When it comes to the type of paint for vinyl siding, acrylic paint works best for its material. Just like any other painting work, it is necessary to prime the surfaces first. This is a way of allowing the paint to adhere to the surface more effectively. Acrylic paint will not be the first thing you have in mind but they work well in dealing with synthetic materials. They are formulated to be lightweight that allow the paint to adhere to the vinyl siding for a long time. 

If the formula of paint used is too thick in consistency, the higher the chances of the paint flaking off even within a short amount of time. Whether it be using a spray or roller, the thinner the application, the better it is. In terms of color, we highly recommend using lighter ones. Darker shades of color tend to absorb the heat from the sun that causes the coat of paint to bubble. Avoid using deep and dark colors for more satisfactory results. 

When Not to Paint a Vinyl Siding?

Again, painting a vinyl siding is a conditional situation. We understand how a fresh coat of paint manages to make everything new. Paint helps in extending the lifespan of the vinyl siding but it is just a band-aid solution and not a total fix. If the material is already warped, broken, or rather too damaged, no paint can pull it together. This means they need to be replaced. It is just a waste of money if you still want to paint a vinyl siding that is already up to no good. Replacing the vinyl wall siding is better than having them painted. 

How to Make the Paint Last on a Vinyl Siding?

Just like any other painting job, the adherence of the paint to the vinyl siding is the most important. We want to make sure that the coating of paint adheres to the vinyl siding. There are ways how to make this work even when painting a vinyl material is not highly recommended. This gives your old exterior a second chance to look fresh and appealing. We have rounded up tips on how to make the paint last on vinyl siding without the need for other excessive toxic materials. Check out the tips we have for you below. 

Clean the Surface

Free the surface from dust and dirt. Use a cloth with cleaning fluids to bathe the surfaces with. Ensure that the surface is spotless clean prior to painting to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface effectively. It would be best to restore its original health before painting. This way, painting the wall siding will help in strengthening its bond to the wall. 

Prep the Material

The next tip is to excessively prep the surface. Adherence of paint to the vinyl siding is what is most important. We want to ensure that all efforts are put to good use. Cover the surfaces that are not included in the painting work. We want to ensure that the most important surfaces are ready for painting. Use a pressure washer with a cleaning solution to dig deeper into the the vinyl siding removing debris of mold and moss. Ensure that there are no residues left because this can prevent the paint from adhering to the wall siding.

Use the Right Paint

Acrylic paint is the best for the job. Since it is water-based, you can work on multiple coatings to ensure that it has an equal coverage. Compared to painting on a cement or wooden wall, painting a vinyl siding is effective when the coating is thin and even. If not, they tend to end up flaking over a short amount of time. Giving it a fresh coat of paint will make it good as new. Not unless the wrong paint is used and a coat of paint can easily ruin the material. 

Dry Completely 

Once you have painted the surface, give it a day or two to completely dry. As much as possible, we highly recommend painting the vinyl siding during the dry season. This way, you do not have to worry about rain or snow. It affects the adherence of the paint on the vinyl siding. Painting on a dry season will help in air drying the coverage of paint. If you decide to paint on a snowy or rainy season, the environmental factors can affect the surface while it is being painted on or when it is drying. 

What Are the Benefits of Painting a Vinyl Siding?

In order to help you weigh in your decisions about painting your vinyl siding, we have rounded up the benefits that come alongside. Allow this to serve as a guide in making the right decision. The benefits include increasing the value of the house, improve the exterior appearance, promotes durability, and saves money for repairs.

Increases the House’s Value

Just like in any other home improvements, painting the wall vinyl siding helps in increasing the value of the house. This is ideal if you have plans of selling or leasing the house. It makes good money in the long run even though all that was changed is the painted vinyl siding. This small change transforms the entirety of the price of the house. That is why if you want to increase its market value this is one of the good ways to start. Besides, painting the exterior of the house is cheaper than any other home improvements. 

Improves the Exterior Appearance

The exterior is the front line of the house. Like they say, first impression matters. We want to establish an inviting aesthetic for the appearance of the exterior of the house. This is one of the considerations in every home because having a fresh coat of paint turns the tables in upgrading the aesthetic of your home. Imagine seeing an old exterior that is dirty with the material already chipping away. It will not be your first choice to enter the space compared to when the exterior is clean and is visually attractive. Painting your vinyl siding can make a huge difference to the design of the house. It makes it look that the house is well-maintained. 

Promotes Durability

If you want something that will work long-term, painting a vinyl siding will do the trick. In fact, painting the surface establishes durability. It is like having a protective covering that increases the lifespan of a vinyl siding. In spite of all the environmental factors, the wall siding will remain protected because of the paint. This only applies when the material is prepped and applied with the right type of paint. Besides, replacement of vinyl siding does not come cheap. This is why we want to ensure that the synthetic material is yet protected in spite of snow, heat, and rain. Always remember to follow the steps that you think is necessary in painting a vinyl siding. 

Saves Money

Compared to replacing the vinyl siding, painting them is a way cheaper alternative. It saves money considering that paintwork is a rather cost-friendly way of upgrading the aesthetics of your home. If you were to do it on your own, it will save you more money since you no longer have the need to hire a professional. Besides, painting is not as difficult as other home improvements. We highly recommend using either a roller or spray gun to have an even coating of paint on the surface. It is easy to use compared to other types of paint application. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Painting a Vinyl Siding?

Attached to the benefits are the drawbacks that come alongside painting a vinyl siding. This will help you weigh in your decision of whether your vinyl siding should be painted or not. What constitutes the drawbacks are how it damages the siding and how it voids the warranty. Read on to know more. 

Damages the Siding

If the project is not correctly done, it can do more damage than good to the material that will eventually suggest to have the wall vinyl siding replaced. When the paint is not working well with the siding, it can cause the paint to peel, flake, or fade over time. As much as possible, read more about painting vinyl siding in order to know what to do and what not to do. 

Voids the Warranty

Vinyl sidings come with a warranty that can last up to a lifetime. Painting over the surface can nullify the warranty bond with the manufacturer. We highly recommend reading the terms and conditions that come alongside the contract of the vinyl sidings.