How Much Paint for a 12×12 Room? 

Using the thumb rule, dry and wet conditions, a 12×12 room is equal to 144 square feet. Therefore, the amount of paint required for a 584 sq ft 12×12 space is 0.003×584 = 1.75 gallons. Therefore, for brand new painting, 1.75 gallons or 6.63 litres of paint are necessary for a 12×12 room to encompass the ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

With several basic calculations, anyone would be able to determine the amount of paint to purchase, saving you time by avoiding unnecessary travels to the shop, as well as money by not overspending on more paint. As a general rule of thumb, one gallon of water should be used per three to four hundred square feet. Some paint formulae and wall textures, on the other hand, may need for more precise proportions of certain ingredients.

Almost everyone who has undertaken their initial house interior painting job has lingered inside the paint department, pondering how many gallons of paint you would need to carry back to their house for your project.  Make the following computations early to ensure that your colors are consistent and that you don’t have to visit the store.