How to Organize a Small Bedroom? 

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Organizing a bedroom is one of the most challenging parts of owning one. What makes it more difficult is when the space is limited. This often results in the bedroom being too cluttered or congested like there is no space to breathe. The bedroom is the sleeping sanctuary no matter how small or big it is. Allow this guide to help you tweak things a little and arrange all your belongings according to the size of your space. Besides, we need to take into consideration the existing contents of the bedroom and take into consideration how they are supposed to be stored. As much as we want to maintain a relaxing and calming environment, the things within the space seem to get in the way. With that in mind, we have rounded ways on how to organize a small bedroom.

  1. Make Room for Floating Storage
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Instead of using furniture that will cover the floor area of the bedroom, why not maximize the vertical space? This will help in having more room for other activities in the bedroom. Floating storage such as cabinets, dressers, and even shelves. This is ideal, especially for items that you do not often use like old clothes and beddings. Keep them stored in a place that will not interfere with all the other activities in the bedroom. 

Floating storage is also perfect for bulky items such as cushions and comforters. As much as possible, keep them in the topmost storage in order to make the other items accessible. Before working on floating storage, it would be best to arrange all items accordingly and designate a level of space to keep them together. This way, you know where to locate all the items. 

  1. Attach a Shoe Rack on the Door
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Instead of using the back of the door to hang clothes, it would serve it best if you attach a vertical shoe rack. This will keep all your shoes, sandals, and even slippers in the same space instead of the shoes lying around the floor. This is ideal for small bedrooms because the attachment on the door will lower the floor area to be consumed. Always remember that shoes are a hazard. It would be best if they are stored somewhere that will not cause you or other people to trip. 

  1. Minimize the Clutter
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It is a fact that you think you need everything inside your bedroom even when you do not. Make time to minimize the clutter at least once a week. This will help you eliminate the items that are no longer needed or the ones that need to be disposed of. This includes shopping bags, bottles, plates, and other items that are no longer necessary to be in the bedroom. Be mindful of all the pieces of paper that you will throw out because some might be important. If the papers need to be kept, use a plastic envelop or file storage to keep them all. This way, they would not get along the way and they will be easier to find when you need them. 

  1. Elevate the Bed
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For those who want to DIY their furniture, this is a highly recommended trick on how to organize a small bedroom. If you have limited space, the best way to organize it is by identifying the biggest piece of furniture occupying the floor space. In this case, it is the bed. Normally, there is plenty of room beneath the bed, especially if they come hollow. You can pack items in boxes and place them beneath the bed to maximize the space consumed and to prevent clutter within the bedroom. This is perfect, especially if you still have plenty of boxes to store. In combating dust and dirt, it would be best to use beddings or sheets that go beyond the mattress. 

  1. Turn the Bedside Table into Vanity
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Most bedroom designs have a bedside table on the opposite sides of the bed. This works, especially if you have routines before and after bed. Instead of having two, converting one into a vanity table would work best. Besides, a little asymmetry makes a huge difference in terms of aesthetics and space consumption. This way, everything you need will be within reach and you have room for make-ups, skincare sets, and other items that are often stored on a vanity table. If you do not prefer having a vanity table, a work table would seem fit too. This will help in having room for other activities that are rather productive, especially if there are times that you have to take home school works or tasks in the office. 

  1. Use a Floating Desk
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A floating desk is a type of furniture that is designed to be folded when the table is not in use. They often come in a variety of designs and compositions but once you need a workspace, you can easily pull them off the wall. Small bedrooms often have no room for other additional furniture since the bed takes up most of the space. Using these types of tables will help you in maximizing the limited space without compromising storage and activities that can be done within the bedroom. We highly recommend looking for floating desks in order to make room for other activities apart from sleeping and relaxing. 

  1. Use a Storage Bench
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Benches are often located at the end of the bed and in front of the television. It is best for entertainment or even having a place to sit when you are tying your shoelaces. Instead of allowing the bench for one particular use, maximize its use by allowing it to be storage too. These days, there are plenty of benches that are multipurpose. They either have a space where you can insert drawers or baskets. In other designs, the seat plate of the bench can be opened to storage. This works best for throw pillows, unused blankets, and even comforters. 

  1. Organize Pieces of Jewelry
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Finding jewelry in a small bedroom is not as easy as you think. Instead of having a drawer designated for all the jewelry, the best way is to maximize the mirror. There are mirrors that can also be cabinets. You can hang all the pieces of jewelry beneath preventing the laces from tangling. Having a jewelry cabinet beneath the mirror does not consume much space. At the same time, have a one-stop shop for your necklace, headband, bracelet, and even earrings. Since they are tiny pieces, they are supposed to be organized somewhere accessible without the fear of losing them. 

  1. Divide the Space
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Before anything else, we highly recommend dividing the bedroom space according to the activities that are supposed to be done. Some people prefer the bedroom just for sleeping while some prefer to have room for vanity, watching television, and even working. This makes the bedroom a multipurpose space but is mostly for resting. Rearranging the layout of the bedroom will help in putting together pieces of furniture that will make the space more accessible or convenient. The arrangement of the furniture is also one way of organizing all the elements within the space. Know the dimensions of the pieces of furniture that need to be placed. 

  1. Use Vertical Space
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Instead of focusing on the entirety of the floor space, we highly recommend the vertical space of the bedroom. This includes cabinets, bookshelves, and even dressers. For the lights, wall sconces instead of bedside lamps would work best to prevent taking up space for the tables and lights. Paint the walls in white in order to create an illusion that the bedroom looks more spacious than its actual size. Focus on what you can but on the walls and hang on the ceilings too.