How to Hygge (Hoo-gah) - Get cosy the Danish way.

Hygge is a Danish word that describes the ultimate feeling of warmth and pleasure that we take from ordinary, every day things. There is no English word equivalent, but we can describe the feeling with countless examples like, cosiness, happiness, warmth, familiarity, simpleness, well-being. These can be such things as sharing a meal around a table with friends, lighting a candle, baking a cake and infusing the air with cocoa and cinnamon, making a coffee while breathing in the aroma - it's the simple things, nothing complicated, just being in the moment. 
By creating humble rituals and traditions (such as cooking dinner on the beach or picking up flowers on your way home from work every week), you'll discover how beautiful it is to embrace the simple things in life. You'll realise the essence of Hygge and how it can nourish your soul. It's no wonder the Danes are consistently voted as the happiest people in the world.