Where Can I Dispose of Old Paint?

The best place to dispose of old paint is in the garbage bin. All you need to do is allow the paint to solidify and properly throw it in the garbage together with the other trash. As much as possible, the can of paint should be at least wrapped to prevent the fumes from diffusing throughout the bin. There are plenty of alternative ways of disposing of old paint. This includes donating to local community centers or checking with local hardware stores if they have a recycling program available. This way, you get to maximize the paint even without using it because someone else will benefit from the old can of paint.

Garbage Bin

The common way of disposing of old paint is by waiting for the paint to completely dry and solidify before throwing it in the garbage bin. They often air dry the paint or expose it to the sun in order for the paint to quickly solidify. This trick works well, especially if the paint has already gone bad for being stored for years. Without proper storage, the paint is up to no good. If you are planning to dispose of it in the garbage bin, ensure that the lid is tightly covering the opening. The lid being uneasy will require you to completely wrap the can with old newspaper or better yet, plastic. 

Donating to Communities

If you think you can no longer benefit from the old paint, maybe other people can. What better way of disposing of old paint than donating them to communities? This works well, especially if they have projects that would require paint. This is a way of getting the best value of your money because what is left of the paint will be consumed by other people. Reach out to people who are working on public murals and even street art. This is a great way of disposing of old paint without throwing it all away. 

Local Hardware Stores

This may not be available in all cities and towns but check your nearest local hardware stores if they have a paint recycling program. However, they only accept water-based paint and not oil-based ones since they tend to depreciate first because of its formula. If not the paint, there are hardware stores that accept old cans that are up for recycling. They even give money in exchange of the products.