Why Does My Bedroom Smell Bad?

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The awful smell of the bedroom is a sign that it is no longer maintained as it should be. The bedroom is the resting place after a long and tiring day of work or school. It can be a bummer to enter the room with such an unpleasant smell. More than the mood being ruined, an odd smell only means that it is not maintained. As much as we want to prevent this from occurring, this is natural, especially if you have limited time to maintain the bedroom because of your busy schedule. We highly recommend being well acquainted with the common causes of the odor and ways how to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Let this be a guide on how to maintain the refreshing and relaxing vibe of the bedroom. 

What are the Causes of Bad Bedroom Odor?

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We have rounded up the common causes of bad bedroom odor. This way, you know the things to avoid to maintain the freshness and vibrance of the space. As a personal space where you spend most time resting and relaxing, the smell is a huge factor affecting the vibe of the environment. Allow these causes to serve as a guide in reviewing the exiting environment of your bedroom and identifying the root cause of the foul smell. 

Used Undergarments and Clothes

Used undergarments and clothes alone have acquired sweat and bacteria. This progress when they are left around the grounds of the bedroom as well as when they are not properly stored. The smell tends to linger around. Without efficient air circulation, the odor stings to the entire bedroom space which is not something you would love to smell as soon as you wake up in the morning. Worst case scenario is when the hamper is stored inside the closet inducing moisture. We highly suggest the removal and washing of dirty laundry on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of the unwanted smell. For locations susceptible to humidity, we highly recommend a dehumidifier for the closet to help in absorbing excess moisture. 

Dirty Carpet

A dirty carpet is a bummer lingering in the bedroom. We all want the warmth it brings to the space and the cozy feeling when it touches your skin. As much as we love how it looks in the bedroom, it should be maintained accordingly for it can cause your bedroom to smell old and dirty. They may be low-maintenance but that does not mean they should not be cleaned every now and then. When they are not cleaned or maintained, they tend to accumulate dust, bacteria, and dirt. Vacuuming it on a regular basis does not ensure its cleanliness because of missed spots. We highly recommend deep cleaning every inch of the carpet with soap and water to get through every fiber of the carpet. This is the best way in eliminating the foul odor lingering in the bedroom space. 

Spilled Food and Drinks

There will be times when we find the comfort of eating meals inside the bedroom while watching television. Thus, the presence of leftover drinks and foods all over. This can lead to foul odors dominating your bedroom. More than just the spills, when the containers are not properly disposed of, it can be a factor too. Even crumbs and dried spills can cause a bad smell. We highly recommend having a desk or mini dining in the bedroom and having a bin to dispose of the leftover properly to be taken out at least every other day. 

Fur and Smell of Pets

As much as we love pets hanging around with us in the bedroom, their smell can contribute to the foul smell. Even though they are regularly bathed and maintained, they still have a smell similar to the natural body odor of people. When they shed, you can barely see the fur but when they are accumulated, they can be too much. At times, we cannot deny how much we love spending time with our pets but having them around can contribute to the foul smell in the bedroom. We highly recommend having your pets within the other public spaces of the house and having them in your bedroom when you are at home. 

Poor Ventilation 

Maintaining ventilation at home can be a challenge, it is even more challenging maintaining it in the bedroom. Lack of fresh air tends to make the bedroom humid congesting the air inside the bedroom space. With the dirty clothes, undisposed food and drinks, and filthy carpet, the air is trapped inside the space making it smell awful. Allow the bedroom to breathe every now and then to prevent recycling the air. Instead, allow new and fresh air to linger throughout the space. Using air fresheners alone would not help. 

Stale Sheets and Pillow Covers

We love the comfort of the sheets as we sleep or lounge on the bed. With the hours we spend sleeping on the bed, sheets and pillow covers tend to accumulate dead skin cells and sweat. Sleeping on stale sheets and pillow covers is similar to sleeping on sweaty clothes. It feels uncomfortable and unpleasant. When they are not regularly replaced, sweat tends to stain and bacteria lingers on the textiles that are unhygienic. It causes a foul smell to get stuck in the room. Even when the sheets were removed, we highly recommend storing the used sheets and pillow covers in a hamper. 

Undisposed Garbage

Undisposed garbage causes mildew and mold to thrive. Biodegradable garbage at the most tends to not only grow molds and mildew but as well a foul smell throughout the room. Garbage should be disposed of at least every day, especially if it is about food and drinks. Check out means on how to draw a schedule for the disposal of garbage and gathering of stale sheets and pillow covers. 

How to Get Rid of the Bad Bedroom Odor? 

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Now that you have identified what causes bad bedroom odor, the next thing to work on is knowing how to eliminate the unwanted smell. It is about time to transform the bedroom from a smelly humid space into a refreshing and vibrant environment. We have rounded up the ways how to bid goodbye to the bad smell of the bedroom. 

Steam and Wash the Dirty Clothes and Sheets Regularly 

Sweat accumulates both bad smells and bacteria. Steaming and washing the dirty clothes and sheets should be done on a regular basis. Having the sheets and clothes lying around the bedroom does not make it a liveable space. Thus, doing the laundry at least twice a week would do the trick. Steaming, on the other hand, helps in deep cleaning the sheets and the mattress. When they are steamed, they tend to feel warm, clean, and fresh making sleeping and resting more comfortable. 

Segregate Bedroom Garbage

Segregating the garbage can help too. Mostly, biodegradable waste tends to diffuse an awful smell. We highly suggest disposing of the biodegradable ones every day. Meanwhile, non-biodegradable waste is mostly rubbish that can still be recycled. It is fine to have them disposed of at least once a week. Garbage should not accumulate inside the bedroom. It should be disposed of accordingly in order to prevent the unwanted smell lingering in the space. Apart from the garbage disposal, the trash bin should also be soaped and washed regularly. 

Open the Windows 

Allow your bedroom to breathe every once in a while. When you are not in your bedroom, we highly recommend opening the windows to prevent air congestion. You can either open them in the morning or at night for the fresh air to linger throughout the bedroom. Having the door opened too would work to prevent a musty smell. Fresh air circulating in the bedroom is ideal to wake up to. Allow the air to flow throughout the room when the door and windows are opened. 

Vacuum the Floors

Apart from dirty sheets and carpets, dust accumulating on the floor is unhygienic and can compromise your upper respiratory health. Vacuuming the floors at least twice a week would not hurt. It will make the space look fresh and clean. Besides, you would not want dust all over the place making the bedroom look vintage and antiquated. If you do not have a vacuum at home, mopping the floor and surfaces work well too. 

Wash your Pet’s Bedding

More than your health, your pet’s health matters too. Having a clean environment allows them to roam around more comfortably. Washing your pet’s bedding should be done at least once a week, especially if they are furry. This will help them get a good night’s sleep and prevent those cute sneezes from happening. If not the bedding, steaming and vacuuming the bed would help too. 

Introduce Refreshing House Plants

What better way of getting rid of the foul smell in the bedroom than introducing house plants. It is okay if you do not have much room. There are indoor plants that make a good air purifier for the bedroom and they often come in small and manageable sizes. This gives you fresh air and a vibrant aura to wake up to every morning.