14 Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Flavor the Windows

One of the pieces playing a vital role in the design of the bedroom is the curtain. It may not be as iconic as the other pieces but having the right pair of curtains will do the trick in building the vibe. There are plenty of options on how to dress up your window. Consider the dimensions of the window as well as your preferred look. More than just the color and the material, curtains are also hung in rings, valances, and knobs. With that in mind, we have gathered 14 bedroom curtain ideas to add flavor to your windows. It is time to welcome your bedroom with a picture-perfect window accessory. 

  1. Plain White 
Photo from Amethyst Home

If you want to keep the vibe refreshing, one way of doing so is opting for floor-to-ceiling drapes to cover your windows. The good thing about using whites is that they tend to absorb heat and distribute sunlight to the entire bedroom. These curtains never fail to give away the light and airy vibe that is ideal for any modern and minimalist bedroom design. It may be quite a challenge to maintain, especially when they get dusty. But, always remember to have back-ups for change every now and then. 

  1. Solid and Sheer
Photo from Design Cafe

Two layers of drapes will do the thing if you cannot decide on which material to use. Design Cafe opted for an invisible curtain. This explains how the rod is hidden on the dropped ceiling. Using two types of materials like cotton and sheer. Since they come in the same color, the sheer material is perfect for a little privacy but is in need of natural lighting. The layers of solid and subtle material are ideal for airy bedroom designs. You can have the solid curtains pulled back when you want total coverage from sunlight. 

  1. Princess Chamber
Photo from Pinterest

Silks do the trick in making the bedroom look more passionate. In this case, we have an inspiration from Pinterest combining silk and sheer. We love how the curtains are layered accordingly creating the look of royalty. The sophistication of the color and the material matches the beddings. It unifies the theme of the bedroom incorporating vintage with modern design. The key tip to picking the material is by considering the theme of your bedroom that will make or break the windows. 

  1. Two Tones
Photo from Design Cafe

If you cannot decide between two tones, the best way to do it is by using both. Design Cafe nailed the arrangement of the curtains combining oak brown and beige. Since the bedroom’s dominant color is brown, it is just right to add beige to accentuate the dark color. The curtains are hung perfectly with its knob hidden. It prevents the curtains from falling off in cases when it is being pulled. Since it covers the entire sliding door to the veranda, choosing a dark-colored curtain will help in managing sunlight acquisition. 

  1. Warm Greys
Photo from The Sleep Judge

Perfect for industrial-boho bedroom designs, The Sleep Judge hung the curtains with a durable string rather than rings. To match the color scheme of the bedroom, solid cotton warm grey textile was used. This is ideal if you do not want to settle with sheers yet do want a refreshing look for the windows. In this case, they used two window accessories, a curtain, and a roller. The canvas-colored roller is used to manage the sunlight directly going through the windows. To have a sense of privacy, the warm grey curtains can be used to minimize the heat from the sunlight yet acquire a subtle amount of light. 

  1. Royalty Arrangement

Massive windows require floor-to-ceiling drapes in bold colors. In this case, they used brown-grey curtains to match the vibe of the bedroom. Based on the lighting and furniture, it is easy to say that they are aiming for a vibe of royalty. With the layers of the drapes folded perfectly, it is safe to say that the sheers and the off-white walls induced uniformity in design. This bold color with intricate detail patterns filled the void of the plainness in the design of the bedroom. 

  1. Patterned Textile
Photo from Ideal Home

Instead of opting for plain curtains, why not spice it up a bit with patterned ones? This refreshing bedroom design from Ideal Home nailed the combination of patterns for all the textiles used. The posh design provided a refreshing feeling in the morning making the sunlight less disturbing. If you want to settle with patterned curtains, ensure that the design will match the ones on your beddings, regardless of color and material. In this case, the pattern of the curtains is the same as the ones beneath the green pillows on the bed. 

  1. Dark Layer
Photo from Chris Loves Julia

If you are not a fan of the morning sun, the best idea is to opt for dark grey cheviot fabric. Some may have trouble sleeping at night because they tend to oversleep in the morning. Having these dark drapes will do the trick in concealing the morning sun. Introducing a dark color to the bedroom allows a cozy and peaceful environment to dwell on a long and deep sleep. Since the bedroom is the resting place, it is just ideal to ensure that the curtain’s color is contrasting with the color scheme of the bedroom. 

  1. Rollers and Curtains Combination
Photo from The Shade Store

Rollers are the best window dressing if you prefer high privacy. They are light in weight and are easier to maintain compared to curtains. But, they differ in terms of the availability in the design and color. They often come in brown, white, black, and grey. On the contrary, curtains come in variations of design where you can pick. In this case, The Shade Store introduced a polka dot curtain design in black and white. What makes it perfect for the bedroom is how it fills the void of the absence of patterns in the bedroom. When it comes to introducing patterns and design, it is all about the balance of the material and color preferences. 

  1. Bold Lights
Photo from Hayneedle

If you do not want to settle with dark textiles yet you want full coverage for the windows, opting for bold drill curtains will do the trick. Even though they are light in color, they can still manage to conceal the morning sun. The bedroom will not appear too bright the minute you wake up since the textile is thick. This is an ideal window dress-up for those who prefer a muted amount of sun. Plain curtains are often used in bedrooms with patterned walls to balance the intensity. Thus, you do not overdesign but you balance out the number of patterns using plain textiles. Massive white curtains give away the clean vibe for a bedroom. Even though it is hung for a long time, the color does not subside as compared to patterned and colored ones. 

  1. Dark Sheers
Photo from Decoist

Opting for dark curtains is a commitment, especially if you still want a little sunlight to pass through. Using dark sheers is the best idea of Decoist. Since the dominant color of the entire bedroom is in dark hues, using dark sheers will allow the bedroom to have a little light. At the same time, have a sense of privacy. Using black sheers for the curtains highlights its fine details on how it was sawn. It is an ideal window treatment to minimize light acquisition but can be less of a help when it comes to outdoor noises. 

  1. Linear Pattern
Photo from Apartment Therapy

To emphasize the vertical height of the bedroom, the best way to do it is by using striped-patterned curtains. We love this semi-boho look from Apartment Therapy. The splash of colors in the textiles used were impactful but the walls remain plain or with subtle texture. The curtains were hung to cover an awning window. To match the lightness of the bedroom, the designer opted for a white and orange color inducing warmness to the entire room. This is an ideal option if you want a little color to spice up your window dressings yet want to keep the whites as dominant. 

  1. Off-White Sheer
Photo from Home Decor Bliss

Famous in modern designs, off-white sheers bring a dreamy atmosphere to a bedroom. It gives away the heaven-like vibe that you want to wake up to every morning. What we love about off-white instead of white is how it looks close to pastel. With all the subtle and striking colors, it balances out the light-colored floor-to-ceiling curtains. Considering the materials used for the textiles, most are textured or patterned which makes it a perfect match with the plain sheers. 

  1. Contradicting Colors
Photo from Artamira

Two contradicting colors often make the best match to style your windows. Artamira aced the use of pastel pink and deep green for the drapes to match the color scheme of the bedroom. It brings a little blush to the bedroom, inducing a refreshing vibe. With the walls painted in deep green, it flows smoothly towards the windows and the bed. Having two contradicting colors for the window accessory allows you to have a choice between a subtle amount of sunlight or none at all.