13 Rustic Bedroom Ideas for a Satisfying Good Night’s Sleep

A rustic interior embedded in a bedroom is an ideal place of comfort and relaxation, the best place where you can have a good night’s sleep. With their comfortable pieces, there is no doubt about the mellow and calm aesthetic. Common in rustic bedrooms is the exposure to natural materials, structural elements, and comfortable textiles. It is often mistaken for its similarity with cabin and farmhouse aesthetics. When in fact, the rustic interior has unique qualities that will interest you to mold your bedroom into one. We have an inside scoop of these 13 inspirations for a rustic bedroom design. It is time to say hello to a good night’s sleep!

  1. Aged Metal and Wood
Photo from Overstock

If you are up for an obsolete design for a rustic bedroom, check out this inspiration that will tap your interest in an antiquated design. By the looks of it, Overstock was driven for an alternative look to a rustic design. In contrary to rustic, this design is sleek yet exposed to variating materials that summed up the entire look. The focal point of this design is the edgy panel bed with a thick cushion and cozy beddings. It is great how they complemented the light and warm tones of the floor and the walls. Always remember, rustic design is all about revealing the versatile characteristics of the materials used. 

  1. Authentic Country
Photo from Wayfair

Wood is quite the statement when turned into amazing pieces of furniture. In this case, Wayfair highlighted the amazing details of the wood. As one of the dominant materials in a rustic bedroom setup, it manages to create this solid and impactful aesthetic. When it comes to the walls, pairing a plain surface with a rough and rugged brick wall accentuates the furniture in place. The designers did a pretty good job at picking the design and patterns for the beddings and sheets. Combining bold colors of black and smoke grey with a dotted pattern for the duvet sure did make a statement. 

  1. Sleek Platforms
Photo from Wayfair

The rustic interior is even better in illustrating modern characters. In this case, Wayfair generated an iconic design for a rustic interior. From the building materials to the furniture, you can feel the solemn and comforting vibe of the bedroom. We love the tiled wall with hints of grey. It complemented the warm material of the wood. With the bed as the focal point, a platform bed frame was used to add a bold and solid feature to the bedroom. The aged material of the wood was embraced by the pieces of furniture. It emphasized uniformity in design. Since the materials used were too heavy, opting for a plain light material for the textiles and the flooring is the best choice. 

  1. Modern Rustic
Photo from Wayfair

What we love about the rustic interior is how it can be incorporated with other design styles. Its flexibility made this design from Wayfair worth taking home. In this case, a modern rustic style influenced every bit of this space. Combining subtle curves with sleek edges is the real deal with this bedroom. In terms of its color combination, it kept the ambiance light and airy. It is balanced with imagery of warm and cool hues. As you can see, the wood material used for the design is uniform. From the supporting beams to the pieces of furniture, we can tell that they made the right choice in pairing it with white and beige. To draw more attention to the bed, patterns and striking colors were introduced. 

  1. Rough Mixed Media
Photo from Terry Cralle

If you cannot choose between several materials to build your rustic bedroom, what we suggest is to divide the materials according to your preference. In this case, the designer used multiple material types to build a rustic-industrial interior for a bedroom. Consider the factors that you think would make the bedroom a space you are most comfortable with. Using concrete as the finishing of the ceiling and the walls would somehow indicate an interest in industrial design. In terms of color, warm colors of the wood and textiles dominate the entire room. The intricate stripe details of the duvet define continuity with the massive headboard. 

  1. Dark Layer
Photo from Reno Guide

A soothing and laidback space is ideal for any bedroom design. Using different cuts of wood would spice up the rustic imagery of a bedroom. In this case, we love the bold dark colors exhibiting a strong and rough vibe. The wooden panel on the walls added details and defined its character. Even though wood is the dominant material, coming in different sizes made it better. The wood did not make it look like the furniture is floating. It gradually delivers a warm and comfortable vibe perfect for a good night’s rest. As you can see, the bedroom is similar to the imagery of a suite at a hotel. Building your own hotel suite would help you feel at home within your own space. It will be something to look forward to after a long and tiring day. 

  1. Modern Mountain Life
Photo from Pinterest

Rustic design is not always free-flowing and rough. When incorporated with a modern touch, it delivers edgy imagery of a rustic bedroom. In this case, the atmosphere indicates a warm cabin vibe. The best way to achieve it is by focusing on the material combination. They opted for wood wall cladding and wall-to-wall carpet flooring. They complement one another considering their difference in color even though they both indicate the same warmth. In rustic interiors, it would be best to use materials that reveal their structural element in natural materials. For example, the mesh chairs in front of the bed. They indicate a warm and natural vibe for the bedroom adding character to the rustic style. 

  1. Uniform Materials
Photo from Wayfair

Rustic design is a flexible art exhibiting the beauty of natural materials. In this case, Wayfair aced the clarity of revealing the beauty of European maple wood for the furniture. We love its clean-cut aesthetic. Paired with soft layers of textiles for the bed, it added a cozy vibe to the bedroom. Rustic is not always about rough surfaces for the walls and ceilings. Sometimes, it can be seen in the materials used for the furniture. Looking at the flooring, you can see a sleek panel of polished wood painted in black. Take time to experiment with the materials that you are planning to use. Balance the rough and smooth surfaces to maintain the identity of the rustic bedroom. 

  1. Rough Surfaces
Photo from Wayfair

By the looks of it, we have a fancy inspiration for a rustic bedroom. Wayfair did a great job in terms of the color and material combination. The golden oak wood for the bed frame and the side tables are majestically warm to look at. Paired with a rough concrete finish for the flooring, it added details to the bedroom. For the walls, using warm grey color for its finish induced a clean look. With the right amount of natural and artificial lighting, it can highlight the entire imagery of the bedroom. Wayfair sure did a great job in picking a centerpiece for the accent wall.  The grainy texture of the artwork added details to the wall drawing attention to the bed. 

  1. Rustic Minimalist
Photo from Wayfair

If you are a fan of light and airy spaces, one way of doing so is by dominating the bedroom with warm whites. It made the room spacious and light to look at. This is perfect for bedrooms with plenty of natural lighting opportunities. What we love in this bedroom is the bed. It is embedded with a warm and cozy comforter with throw pillows of different colors. The diagonal paneling of the wood in the bed frame added a sense of direction and detail. Another piece of rustic character is the vase of the indoor botanical plant. Its woven rattan finish added a tropical touch to the bedroom. One way of acing the rustic feature is by topping it off with an iconic lighting fixture. Placed on the bedside table, the table lamp looks light but the dark color featured it well. 

  1. Accented Cabin
Photo from Wayfair

The bedroom should be designed according to what we feel most at home. Who would not feel at home with Wayfair’s inspiration for a rustic bedroom? Its neutral palette taps the character of comfort. With the stunning brick wall in white, it provides a sense of direction towards the cozy upholstered bed. Considering the color of the beddings, it made the room look clean. The love for patterns is at a minimum but it did not outweigh the presence of the other textiles. In this case, the rough-looking carpet and the plain off-white curtains induced a sense of balance for the bedroom design. Always remember that asymmetry in the bedroom design is a trick to maximize the living space. You make room for the zones that complement the fundamental function of the bedroom.