The New Era of Rustic Scandinavian in Living Room Interior

The rustic Scandinavian design highlights every element placed within a space. As it is commonly incorporated with minimalist design, this interior approach exhibits a sense of identity. It displays the details of textures and materials. It is quite intersecting with the new norm but it blends well with the other interior designs. The rustic Scandinavian theme is identified as grand but on a lighter note. 

Common areas such as the living room is an icon of every house. It defines the character of the people living in it. Thus, it is right to design it with identity and impact on the eye. The rustic Scandinavian approach manages to keep the design clean, detailed, yet inviting. Furthermore, it makes the whole space feel cozy for the elements within how it made the house a home. To give you an idea, here are some of the dazzling layered living areas in rustic Scandinavian. 

The Material-on-Material Face

Rustic Scandinavian allows the different materials to blend. With combined tones and textures, it makes the holistic look exceptional. Even though other wooden materials used in this design, the result of the pieces was clean and even. This theme is all about taking risks in combining different building materials. It does not compromise the visual impact but it weighs the importance of every element used.  

The different textures of wood used displayed an accent that is not too revealing or too plain. Instead, the right amount of texture highlighted the furniture and the accessories. This theme designed for classy people is fond of the integration of different grand building materials. It may be a risky theme to engage in but once you have found the materials that blend well, it is a joy to behold in the eyes. Keep in mind that not all materials complement one another. Some tend to stand out that it overlays the existence of the other. In rustic Scandinavian, the combination of textures and materials builds character.

The Dark Space

Dark spaces are intimidating. It creates a mysterious aura that builds throughout the space. This approach of rustic Scandinavian highlights the different accents of textiles. It affects the holistic ambiance built for living areas. The image is quite dark and personal but the identity is to host with guests and the household remains. With all these tones, materials, and textures, it builds a sleek design that will leave the viewer in awe. 

The bold shades of grey accentuate the holistic image of the living room towards the viewer. The designed space aims to be more personal rather than intended to entertain guests. The matte walls and wooden planks exhibited a sense of balance. With the textiles alongside, it built the details of the outcome. This design is ideal for more personal people requiring privacy. It exhibits the qualities a rustic Scandinavian living room possesses. Each tone defines the details of every element complementing the whole mysterious look. 

The Subtle Tone

A clean, minimalist look is what The Subtle Tones are rooting for. The tones are subtle but the materials and patterns used are not that so. It took many trials to incorporate different designs together. But, it seemed to reflect on a lighter note. A touch of Scandinavian exhibited on the image above is the light polished wooden planks. It allows the light to distribute all over the space. When provided with limited space, bear in mind to utilize lighter tones. This trick breaks the edges making space look bigger.

The cool shades of nude make the space more cozy and open for guests and the household to enjoy. It adds a lot of light and a little warmth to the living space. It makes the living room look bigger to accommodate more guests. An icon that would make the living room look best is an iconic chandelier. Every space within the home should fill the guests with curiosity. This will make them look at every square meter over and over again. It gives an aesthetic impact to the viewer. 

The Matched Chique 

The boost of patterns, textures, colors, shapes, and materials set the best example. It is an iconic rustic Scandinavian theme that allows the eyes to roam around the room. It builds interest in every element seen. The splash of the different pieces would seem off at first but complement one another. But, when summed up, it creates a whole fancy look. Do not just settle for fancy. Settle for a fancy and complementing look that enables the sense of identity of the space. 

In every living room design, an accent object placed makes the ambiance inviting and cozy. The icon on The Matched Chique is the velvet emerald couch. It stood out because of the matte plain walls. It needed something to stick to for it to stand out. Furthermore, the different lighting pieces stated their other characters alongside. This is the rustic Scandinavian theme that would top off your household.

The Tri-Tone Space

The love for rustic Scandinavian is often its sense of cleanliness and organization. The image above is an example of The Tri-Tone Space, where every element is in either shade of black, white, and brown. The asymmetry may seem off the edge considering the splash of materials and textures. Every piece of furniture placement allows the room to have a story to tell. 

The combined geometric pieces allow the viewer’s eyes to wander around the room. It senses direction towards the different pieces of furniture. It may be plain for some, but the textures integrate well with the minimalist clean look. There are minimal patterns used often for the sake of defining the details. In this theme, white wood oak planks defined the rustic Scandinavian look aimed for. 

The Clean Slate 

Not all are fans of glamorous designs to spice up their living areas and prefer a clean yet posh design. One of the defined characteristics of rustic Scandinavian is simple but impactful design. The pieces of furniture used are a combination of velvet, clean, and rustic finishes. That tops off the minimalist look. The lighting used in this kind of plan utilizes natural lighting. Thus, the use of minimal lighting fixtures. 

The asymmetry of the placement of the elements is what keeps the whole image of the living room in order and tidy. It may have a neat touch, but the textiles used define the textures lacking across the entire look. Also, the accent piece on this living room design is the rolling upcycled wood coffee table. It is an economical choice, especially if you’re designing on a tight budget. On top of that, upcycled materials can be turned into a relevant piece in your living area. The design doesn’t always have to be expensive, but it has to be effective. 

The Edge of Living Space

What brings the living area together is the lighting fixture. The lighting sources used are natural and artificial. It helps the room acquire lighting in the most economical manner. Thus, the use of limited lighting pieces. In addition, it is filled with different pieces of geometry. It highlights a theme defined by the other materials. Clean design is all about choosing the right textiles and upholstery. It works beyond the preference of color and material. 

This theme is perfect for wide living area spaces making it want to look infinite. As it builds a cozy end, the pieces of furniture used to enable the hospitable vibe from within. Thus, it enhances social interaction between the users. They designed the space with different textures that maximize every square meter covered. This is ideal for people who want grandeur without overdesigning. Their preference is an impactful design without being too overwhelming.


The rustic Scandinavian interior architecture ought to build a cozier common area. Its characteristic may seem to be challenging. But when done, it boosts the inviting aura from within. The characteristic of the Scandinavian theme is to establish a sense of identity. It restores the roots of traditions and culture. Its characteristics work best for common areas with a warm and inviting vibe. So, do not settle with the current trends. More themes experimented with can creating a better outcome for the living area. Besides, it is all about having your personal touch on every design.