9 Dark Bedroom Ideas Night Owls Will Love 

Not all is a fan of vibrant bedroom vibes. Night owls are fond of having a dark and cozy environment where they can rest any time of the day. Deep and dark shades strike a perfect aesthetic for both modern and antiquated design. From rich browns, bold blacks, deep greens, or any vivid hues, they contribute a lot to maintaining and managing the amount of light the bedroom acquires during the day. Besides, not all of us can sleep comfortably in well-lit bedrooms. To give you an idea, we have scooped 9 dark bedroom ideas night owls will love. It is about time to embrace the warmth and comfort a dark space provides. 

1. Cabin Character

Photo from Wayfair

If you are rooting for a nostalgic atmosphere for a bedroom, you might love this inspo for a dark bedroom. Everywhere you look, you see wood panels that draw a darker view for a bedroom. It brings warmth and compassion to the space without compromising the aesthetic. There is nothing wrong with overlaying materials of the same type. It is just about finding ways on how to make the materials work altogether. To contrast the wood, complement the bed with white sheets. They look clean and cozy. Ensure that the type of textile is something that you are comfortable with. White for the sheets creates a more formal design aesthetic. To make it better, it would be best to mix the scale and color of the pillows. By the looks of it, variations in design and hue define the character of the bedroom since the entirety of the bedroom is in wood. 

2. Mid-Century Madness

Photo from Wayfair

For a more hotel suite aesthetic, you will love this modern madness for a dark bedroom. It is a combination of sleek and edgy elements dominating the space. What we love about this inspiration, is how they unified the use of wood and golden finish. It allows a more genuine and warm touch. Night owls are asleep most of the day. Thus, they should be provided with enough room for a comfortable and cozy bed. The color palette of the bedroom mostly depicts the palette of the environment. Greens, nudes, greys, and whites establish a classy outlook for personal space. In spite of having lighter shades for the textiles, what dominated is the darker atmosphere. From the walls, dresser, bench, and even mirror, it created a sense of coordination for the visual entity of the bedroom. Always keep an eye on the natural depth of materials. They are the ones adding character to the entire aesthetic of the bedroom. 

3. Vintage Hues

Photo from Wayfair

If you prefer a cooler mood for the dark bedroom, we highly suggest opting for the deep shades of blue. It makes the scene more serene, intimate, and relaxing to enjoy any time of the day. We highly suggest creating a color palette that you will find comfortable to lounge in. What we love about this interior is how it is a combination of modern and vintage characters. It is what makes it unique. The color palette indicates warmth best day or night. Imagine lounging in this comfortable and cozy bed after a long day of work or school. It would be best to layer the bed with sheets you will find comfort in. Regardless of color, ensure that the type of textile is something you would want to lounge in long-term. Whether it be sleek or fluffy, as long as it enhances your quality of sleep, it would suffice. 

4. Warm Tones

Photo from Wayfair

If you want to work with a single color variating in tones, this inspiration is something to love. Based on the color palette used, it is a combination of browns and beiges. It induces a warm atmosphere. Even though, the walls are painted in a darker shade of brown which makes it ideal for night owls because they do not acquire much light during the day. When light is spread throughout, it diffuses a warmer vibe for the bedroom. We all want a space where we can rest passionately. What we love about this design is how the view is directed towards the brown and beige bed. Even without an accent wall, it draws more attention than any other side of the bedroom. Always remember to keep an eye on the element that will make a difference to the space. Apart from the bed and the wall, the wooden flooring directed a rustic and bold character. 

5. Modern Contemporary Fusion

When you cannot decide between modern and contemporary, working with both is the next big thing. The designer did a pretty good job at painting the walls in bold matte black. It acquires less natural light allowing you to sleep peacefully during the day. On the bright side, the bed is in a combination of white, navy blue, and black. The color palette is unique and versatile. It is a combination of this and that but manages to unite accordingly. What we love about this interior is how they accentuated the entire look with hues of gold. The metallic touches created a rather luxurious look for a bedroom. By the sight of it, the bedroom design gives away a hotel suite vibe. All the elements that it is composed of are either too edgy or too soft. To top off the design, having an indoor botanical plant will indicate a refreshing and more livable atmosphere. Do not forget to consider the width and height of the plant and ways on how to maintain it before choosing what plant to put. 

6. Man Cave

Photo from Wayfair

For a more masculine design for a bedroom, dark colors are a way on how to nail it. It indicates dominance, boldness, and masculine appeal for a bedroom. If you are not a fan of plain-colored walls, tweaking the materials a little will do the trick. As seen in the inspiration above, they opted for grey-stained tiles for the accent wall. It makes a huge difference in how you will look at the bedroom. It adds character to the entire look without even trying. There is neatness and symmetry in design. Men tend to be more simple than women. They prefer straightforward designs that tap their ideal design for a bedroom. Whether it is colors, textures, materials, or finishes, they settle for what makes a bedroom look more manly. This inspiration is a combination of different materials and colors. Even though, what made the bedroom look comfy are the sheets and pillowcases. 

7. Cool Tones

Photo from Wayfair

If you are not a fan of bold dark colors for the wall, opting for a muted palette will do the trick. As seen in the example above, every color is muted. Every color is combined boldly with grey did a good job in being in the midst of dark and light. They are not rooting for a dark bedroom with a managed amount of light peeping through. This design works for both masculine and feminine vibe. From the colors to the character of the elements, its neutrality brings the zone and comfort altogether. The bed draws more attention compared to the other elements of the bedroom. We see a variety of textures on the bed that indicates a neutral character. Even though there are plenty of textures on the bed, they overlaid perfectly. It did not look too plain or too detailed. 

8. Modern Taste 

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Black walls are sophisticated. What makes it different is the type of finish and design you prefer to have. Its bold character is the perfect backdrop for a dark bedroom. In this case, the designer opted for a sleek and matte finish for the walls. The rough finish of the wooden furniture was softened by the sleek and bold surfaces of the walls. Always remember that it would not be that bad to make tweaks with wood. In fact, it creates a warm atmosphere that anyone would feel comfortable sleeping or resting. To top off the design, layering of variating sheets would help in making the bed be more comfortable. More than just the design, it is the vibe built that matters most. 

9. Coastal Colors

Photo from Wayfair

Dark bedrooms are often enclosed in bold-colored walls. What makes a difference is what is inside of it and how the elements are unified. As seen in the inspiration above, choral Bluegreen is combined with shades of white, grey, and yellow. The balance of warm and cool hues dominated the bedroom indicating a warm and inviting aura. We love how the bed is all set up with puffy pillows and comfy sheets. To make an accent, the designer layered a patterned area rug to warm up the cold floors. On the side, personal space with an armchair works too. It is perfect for activities done before bed. It makes the bed be more focused on sleeping, resting, and relaxing above all others.