17 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Opt For

The bedroom is a safe space in every household. As your most favorite place in the house, you must ensure that its design and style best fit your personality. It is important that your bedroom will make you feel like in an oasis after a long day of being busy. It can be a challenge to knowing where to start. But, this article will introduce 17 bedroom decor ideas that can top off your bedroom makeover. It is time to build your dreamy bedroom, your fort for rest and relaxation. 

  1. Interconnected Shelves
Photo from Midlife Rambler

If you have plenty of decorations to display, an interconnected set of shelves might just do the trick. This amazing concept from Midlife Rambler exhibits a rustic look because of precutting engineered wood. Having a little splash of wood can go a long way in making your bedroom feel warm and cozy. Plus, it is a decor that can work on different design styles. The honeycomb shelf is an aesthetic way to display your plants, figurines, and even books. This is an ideal option for those who want to work on DIY decorations. Besides, it is a cheaper alternative and you can customize it any way you can than 

  1. Indoor Botanical Plants
Photo from Balcony Garden Web

If you fancy having greens in your bedroom, choosing different types of indoor botanical plants will just do the trick. We love the way how Balcony Garden Web designed the bedroom surrounded by different plants. They give away this refreshing vibe that paves the negative aura away. Besides, you can never go wrong with different types of indoor botanical plants. It is a natural way of adding flavor to your bedroom. Even though they can be pretty high maintenance, their details add character to the entire bedroom. A key tip is to choose variations of plants to display. We want a little mix and match to define asymmetry. 

  1. Full-Body Mirror
Photo from Joli Joli Design

In every bedroom, we all know the significance of vanity. In this case, Joli Joli Design’s approach of spicing up the bedroom with a full-body mirror. Paired with the right type of lights, the full-body mirror is worth the post on the gram. You can take amazing mirror selfies that will make them think that you are not even in your room. With the string lights surrounding the mirror, it gives this dreamy mood to the bedroom that may seem sweet and cheery. 

  1. Accent Wall Art
Photo from Sugar & Cloth

If you are up for a little fun, drawing on the walls might be a big thing for you. Sugar & Cloth designed this amazing wall accent that is minimalistic but adds details to the character of the bedroom. Since the theme is fun in pastels, they opted for orange paint to draw the lines on the wall. Even though it is a light color overlaying the white base, it still managed to pop out. With the hanging wall decor, you can really sense the sweet personality. Besides, we want to make it as at home as possible. 

  1. Standing Blanket Holder
Photo from Fifi McGee

Wood brings warmth to a bedroom regardless of the theme you are trying to pursue. We have here Fifi McGee’s standing blanket holder. Technically, it is just a ladder varnished to perfection to add linear details to the room. You can hang plenty of blankets or towels that you think will complement the design of the bedroom. It is nothing too bold compared to having big old shelves on the side. Besides, it is space-saving too and is something that you can do on your own. Since wood is the predominant material in this design concept, we can see how the geometry of these pre-cut wood just binds the design together. 

  1. Top Bed Shelf
Photo from Society 19

If you have plenty of framed photos or forms of art that you want to display but there is not enough room, this is a perfect alternative. Thanks to this inspiration from Society 19, the accent wall is the one next to the bed. They used a top bed shelf to display different framed photos and art that is not pinned to the wall. This is perfect as long as it is secured on the wall in case of earthquakes. This is a cheaper version of a shelf compared to the square ones. All you need is one plank attached to the wall. 

  1. Neon Lights
Photo from Archizine

To add a dreamy character to the room, spice up the walls with neon lights. This is an ideal way to use accent lighting, especially if you want statements written on the walls. The use of light is one way of doing it. Just look at how charming this off-white light looks on the pastel pink color on the walls. You can just pick one place where you can attach it and light it up. This can be done both DIY or can be customized in hardware. Using accent lighting like this is beneficial for those who do not want bright lights distributed to the entire room. 

  1. Fairy Lights
Photo from Real Simple

If you want a camp boho-like vibe for your bedroom, the perfect way of acing it is using fairy lights. It is something you can score at the hardware. They come in time and often in warm and off-white colors. Just look at how Real Simple put up this amazing bedroom decoration. It gives you the vibe of the outdoors where you want to camp and watch the stars. A scrap textile can be used if you do not want direct lighting. With the perfect color and elements put together, you can find your oasis within your bedroom. 

  1. Boho Swing Chair
Photo from DIY Darlin

Your bedroom will look pretty amazing and classy with this boho swing chair. It is something you can store in home depot or even have yourself get it custom-made. This Pinterest-inspired swing will make you feel like a kid again, especially in times where you feel restless. It gives the bedroom a touch of your childhood. Paired with a cozy-weaved blanket, this iconic part of your bedroom will never go out of style. 

  1. Personal Workspace
Photo from Wonder Forest

It is highly suggested to divide your bedroom according to the activities you work on. In this case, the busy and the rest space. Wonder Forest designed a workspace where you can study or work while at home. With the wall mesh design, you can hang photos and even sticky notes. It is like having your own board with to-do lists. Using light color for the table will make it look neat and clean perfect in boosting productivity. 

  1. Statement Wall
Photo from Birds and Lillies 

Having your own personal space means defining the walls with character. One way of doing it is through statements on the wall. Whether it be written directly on the wall or hung, at least you have this one wall where you can write your motto in life to have a sense of inspiration. The good thing about this idea is how customizable it is in terms of color and font. Write something on the wall that will inspire you to wake up every day. A daily reminder. 

  1. Vanity Space
Photo from Typically Tropical

When it comes to designing the bedroom, ensure that you have a space designated for vanity. This is a design inspiration from Typically Tropical. It is very subtle in color but it is one of the most useful spaces you can find in a bedroom. The designer opted for a dual-purpose table with plenty of space for storage. This is perfect if you have plenty of things to store. It would be best to spice up the wall with different hanging accessories such as wall art, a mirror, and even a mesh rack for your notes. 

  1. Storage Side Table
Photo from IKEA

Not everyone is provided with a generous amount of space for their bedroom. As much as possible, you have to keep the design aesthetically pleasing and functional. We have here IKEA’s side table. It may be lacking in drawers but it designated more space for storage. It saves you space and it looks minimalist too. It is a dual-purpose side table that will keep your things within reach. This is easy to work on plus it is something you can do on your own with the use of wooden planks. 

  1. Wallpaper
Photo from Apartment Therapy

To add character to your bedroom, check out this amazing wallpaper design from Apartment Therapy. It has built this amazing wallpaper of nature with a cozy atmosphere. This is ideally customizable. You can pin any design you want on the wall and it is easy to uninstall too just in case you changed your mind. Use a wallpaper that you think will make you feel at home in your bedroom. This is a low-maintenance option for your walls. 

  1. Creative Textiles
Photo from Jungalow

One way of spicing up your bedroom is to use striking designs for textiles such as blankets, pillowcases, carpets, and curtains. The patterns used built a boho character for the room. It is the color scheme that gave away a warm and cozy atmosphere perfect after a long day of work or school. Just look at how these patterns bring the bedroom to life. Plain can sometimes be boring. It is time to add flavor to your bedroom. Overlay different textile materials to retain its style. 

  1. Wall Blanket Decor
Photo from Nesting with Grace

Another way of adding flavor to your walls is by pinning a blanket on its surface. If you think the surface is too plain and is in need of textures and details, this is the best option. We have here inspiration from Nesting with Grace where they hang a mandala-like blanket on the wall. With the minimal use of patterns in this bedroom, the blanket aced in adding a cozy vibe to the bedroom. 

  1. Uniform Framed Art
Photo from Hunker

If you are not up for the irregularities in shapes, one way of designing your bedroom is through uniform framed art. This inspiration from Hunker used a gold metallic frame that gave a vintage retro vibe. This is something you can work on, especially if you are up for something stylish. It is time to be creative when it comes to choosing what to hang on your walls.