10 Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

The holiday season is just around the corner and it is about time to prep and exhibit your personal touch. This is the perfect time to style your living room and bring the spirit of Christmas to life. It can be quite a challenge, especially when the usual colors of Christmas are just green and red. Push yourself to the limits in exposing creativity through the use of innovative and resourceful decorations. Even if it is months away, you better start working on exploring your options for this year’s Christmas decor ideas. 

The living room is the most important communal space within your home. Considering that it is where the guests and the households gather, it is ideal to have it decorated according to your sense of style. This is the best opportunity to get all of your holiday decorations out of the box. It’s all about the joyful spirits these decorations are about to build. It may be a challenge as to where to start but here are 11 Christmas decor ideas to give you inspiration. 

Santa’s Favorite

Photo from Southern Living

Whether it be a kid or an adult, nothing beats the joy Christmas decorations bring. It is ideal to have them something to look forward to. Spice up your ordinary pine tree with a splash of white and red lights and balls of the same color. The design inspiration from Southern Living is your ordinary holiday setup. The difference is the use of different textiles. It can be a challenge to find the iconic piece that would work well with your living room decor but a clean off-white seat cover and fleece pillowcase could do the trick. In this design concept, the personal touch is the handcrafted Christmas sock. Now, your living room is definitely ready for Santa’s coming. 

Reindeer’s Spot

Photo from New Home Source

To create a cozier and more intimate ambiance, what better way of doing so than using red, green, and gold, as its dominant colors. It allows the entire living room to circulate a warm vibe for the family, guests, or household to enjoy. This concept by New Home Source is hype among holiday enthusiasts. It is given a space to open the presents and the arrangement of the furniture around the fireplace is perfect for photo opportunities. The pieces of furniture used is perfect for sipping warm eggnog on Christmas eve. This classic color scheme energizes the neutral colors of the wall and the flooring. It is the easiest scheme where you can just gather all the ornaments you have on your storage and make the most out of it. 

Candy Cane Christmas

Photo from Quacker Factory

Don’t you just love it when the theme of your Christmas decoration is candy cane? Thanks to this amazing design inspiration by Quacker Factory, we get to see this amazing red and white scheme for the living room. It looks so bright and light. It has this ambiance as if the snow is sprinkled within your open living room. What makes it different from the other decorations is its white Christmas tree layered with ornaments in red and accented with gold. The personalized touch to top off the decoration is the Christmas sock. The symmetrical layout of the living room became easier for the placement of the decoration. The color scheme allowed the entire room to look illuminated and neutralized by the color red. 

White Christmas

Photo from Elle Decor

Have you ever thought of white Christmas but on a minimalist concept? Elle Decor made it possible by utilizing hues of greens, whites, and browns. By the looks of it, it created a farmhouse ambiance that is vivid when the lights are all lit up. In addition, the textures of the textiles are rough and cozy. It is perfect for an evening of opening gifts and celebrating with loved ones. What’s not to love about this minimalist Christmas decoration? It is a straightforward approach that doesn’t require any unnecessary decorations to fill the void. They used a Christmas tree, wreaths, and ornaments in hues of complementing colors. There is not much of a change in the arrangement of the furniture but the Christmas decorations sure did put the coziness in the living room. 

Christmas in the Country

Photo from Country Living Magazine

Some people may not be a fan of the holidays but for those who are, this farmhouse concept from Country Living Magazine will build enthusiasm for sure. Picking the right pine tree, to begin with, is difficult considering its size and color. The stout pine tree is the icon of the living room decorated with different colorful elements. Using the same color for the pine tree and garland would work evidently making it more uniform. The goal is to design the living room with the coziest ambiance possible. Make it more personalized in terms of the textiles used. In the example above, the differences in the design of the pillowcases and the Christmas socks defined the warmth of living in a farmhouse.

Family Hive

Photo from Elle Decor

The living room is the most accessible spot within the home. It may be a perfect place to build a Christmas tree with but it does not work for all. The absence of the Christmas tree in this design concept from Elle Decor did not make it look as if something is missing. The decorations are sufficient to build the holiday ambiance. Thanks to the garlands and the stockings, all eyes are directed to the fireplace. There is plenty of sitting capacity for the living room to cater to the guests. It looks sophisticated and festive because of the types of upholstery of the U-shaped sofa and armchairs. What gave away the Christmas vibe is the centerpieces of the living room. The colors of the Christmas socks are the same as the seats. Bluegrey may not be the first choice of color when talking about Christmas but in this design concept, it looks grand and festive. 

Holiday Hush

Photo from Pinterest

Keeping things light and simple remains an option in decorating for Christmas. It does not mean the spirit of the holiday is not intact. This design inspiration from Pinterest is a splash of gold, blue, and silver. There are few decorations used but it made the living room glow. The color of the reading couch complements the entire look. It may not be the usual color scheme for Christmas but the combination is exhibits sophistication and glam. Even though the number of ornaments is used at a minimum, the living room does not look cluttered. The decorations placed on the fireplace grabs attention. To top off the design, they hung these amazing personalized Christmas socks where you can stuff little presents from Santa. 

Intimate Christmas 

Photo from Hayneedle

Spending Christmas intimately is important considering that it is a time for gratitude and sharing. This design concept from Hayneedle is a top-notch Christmas decoration to spice up the holiday vibe. It is a combination of red and gold color scheme that exhibits sophistication. The furniture used was of plain textures. What spiced it up is the laying of carpets of different textures and patterns. It helps, especially when you want to style the entire living room every other holiday. It takes a lot of courage to work with the color scheme of red and gold. Thanks to Hayneedle, the entire living room looks intricate and detailed. There are not many additional ornaments used to spice up Christmas. The color alone speaks of how grand Christmas should be spent. 

Green and Gold Grandeur

Photo from Business Wire

If you want to keep things simple but extravagant, this design concept by Business Wire can inspire you this coming holidays. Green is often the dominant color during Christmas. Mixed with gold, it can build a flashy and exquisite design. This is a family-focused concept. Considering the positioning of the furniture, they want to maximize the seating capacity of the living room. This way, there are few Christmas decorations but the impact is beyond expected. The textiles used were very Christmas-y. With the pillowcases and the fleece carpet, you can already sense the warm and saturated ambiance it will build during the holidays. Placed on the side, there is a table in deep green designated for the placement of the gifts. Meanwhile, used for the Christmas sock is a raw off-white canvas. 

Midnight Before Christmas 

Photo from Ideal Home

In contrary to the warm atmosphere often found in the living room, midnight blue is perfect for those who prefer a chill yet cozy Christmas. It may not be the predominant color during the holidays but it’s the textiles used that deliver the comfortable vibe. The layering of the different hues of blue and grey works well with the golden accents. Its extravagance is built on the shiny touches of the golden elements such as the mini elements, candle holder, bowl, and even the shelf. The midnight vibe of the navy blue suede couch can make you feel cozy and warm while sipping wine on Christmas’ eve.