Can You Get Acrylic Paint Off the Carpet?

Photo from Wayfair

Yes, you can! One of the quickest and most effective methods of removing paint from a carpet is to soak the spot with dry towels and afterward sprinkle a solution of warm water and gentle liquid detergent. With some elbow grease and the method outlined above, any discoloration or stains caused by acrylic paint will surely come off without much effort. Here are a couple of professional pointers to allow you to make the most out of your efforts in removing acrylic paint from the carpet.

Acrylic Paint Removal from the Carpet

Fortunately, the majority of acrylic paint solutions are removable. This means that they are quite simple to wash and eliminate the stain from the surfaces, flesh, and textiles. There are several techniques for removing acrylic paint off the carpet that are simple and safe to perform on your own. Aside from cleaning water and soap, other options include the use of vinegar, methanol, or glycerin, among others. The techniques used will differ depending on how long the spillage seems to have been present.

Various paints are somewhat durable in their application compared to others. Extraction of oil paint out of a carpet would’ve been vastly more challenging than the removal of acrylic paint from a carpet, which is much easier. It is possible to remove hardened acrylics from textiles and rugs with relative ease. Rubbing alcohols, a sharp knife, and glycerin are some of the instruments you’ll need for this project. Bear in mind that after employing these procedures, you will need to have your carpet professionally deep cleaned.

Damp Cloth or Towel

The very first step in cleaning up acrylic paint stains that are still fresh is to wet a towel or a cloth in heated water and dab the spot until the wet paint oozes out from the strands. If the spot is dry, repeat the process. It would be best to wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before repeating the process for satisfying results. 

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or commonly known as isopropyl alcohol, is a sanitizing solution that can be used to eliminate a variety of stains, including paint, grease, whiskey, milk, tea, chocolates, and any forms of ink. To begin, remove hardened paint from the carpet with a putty blade and needle-nose tweezers. After that, dab the stains with a dry towel drenched in alcohol until it disappears. Wait 20 to 30 minutes, then wipe the spot with a clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining residue.


Glycerin is a common ingredient in beauty products. Despite this, it is extremely good for removing hardened acrylic paint from carpets. The chemicals in glycerin work to loosen the paint streaks which have become embedded in the surface.

Glycerin is an expert cleaning agent for removing an old paint stain from fabric or a small unnoticeable region of the home. Try to scrape away most of the hardened paint as you can using a putty knife before then dry vacuuming to remove the remaining debris helps too. 

To treat the damaged region, wet a washcloth with pure glycerin and wipe the surface until the topmost layer is saturated. Squeezing or massaging the stain will only extend the stain to other sections of the carpet, so avoid doing so. Glycerin is an excellent solvent for removing acrylic paint from a carpet that has been soaking for an extended length of time.


Knowing how to remove acrylic paint from the carpet using acetone is a straightforward process. Acetone, often known as nail polish remover, is a solvent that thins paint and allows easy removal of paint stains from carpets or upholstery. The fact that it is excellent on both acrylic and latex paint makes this disinfectant even more appealing to use. Furthermore, acetone is effective at removing paint stains from a broad range of objects.

Soak a couple of cotton balls or a kitchen towel in nail polish remover and dab the damaged area until it becomes completely wet. Set aside for 15 minutes before wiping with a clean paper towel to remove the solvent stains. Finish by pressing the surface with a clean towel that has been dampened with heated air to complete the cleaning method.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic solution that can be used to cleanse a number of objects in the house. When it comes to eliminating acrylic paint from carpets, hydrogen peroxide is the preferred solution. You will save both time and cost by using a homemade carpet cleaning solution.

Since hydrogen peroxide has the potential to discolor carpets, we advise that you use this procedure just on light-colored carpets. Oxidizing ingredients are used in the formulation of this cleaning solution to eliminate paint spots on the carpet.

Drench cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide and leave them on the spot to remove the paint off the surface. Soak a paper towel and blot it on the paint stain as soon as it appears until it is eradicated. It may be necessary to repeat the methods a bunch of times in order to completely remove the stains from the carpet.