11 Inspirations for a Cute Living Room Design

In the 21st Century, everyone is rooting for a design that is aesthetically appealing and cute. Whether it be the furniture, color scheme, botanical plants, or window treatments, the cute interior design establishes attractiveness in the most endearing manner. Popular among the households of the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean, there are ways on how to establish a cute living room design the Western way. Using the different interior design styles allows us to introduce and test design inspirations for a cute living room. 

If you want to keep the living room design subtle and cute, that does not only apply to the size but also to how it looks. We are rooting for a design that is too cute that you would not get tired of looking around and staring. It is a challenge to work on redesigning your living room considering that there are thousands of ideas to choose from. With that in mind, we have gathered 11 cute living room design inspirations from designers that can just do the trick. 

Neutral Tropics

Photo from Cosmopolitan 

On a more feminine note, this design inspiration from Cosmopolitan is a combination of light and dark hues of pink and green. We have this tropical vibe of the living room. Summer colors may not be used but it is the elements put together that works evidently. The combination of industrial and Scandi interior delivered a design that is sleek and sophisticated. The key points about this design are the patterns of Monstera Adansonii. Its pattern gave away the beach and tropical vibes. It is pretty calm and organized beyond the typical layout plans of living rooms with established symmetry. 

Eclectic Interior

Photo from Adorable Home

If you want a design that is beyond your comfort zone, maybe it is time for a splash of colors and revolutionary geometry. Thanks to this design inspiration from Adorable Home we get to see how different textures worked evidently to produce a cute and functional design. It is an eclectic interior design that is focused on contrasting colors of teal and yellow. The colors may not be the typical earth ones but that does not mean it is not cozy. The key design in this example is the geometrical armchair. It may not be as comfortable as it looks but it is an out-of-the-ordinary industrial design. If you’re up for a challenge for crazy colors, this eclectic interior will just do the trick. 

Blue Lemonade

Photo from Home and Garden Decoration

If you are rooting for a subtle cool vibe, this design inspiration from Home and Garden Inspiration might just be the one. The scheme alone can make you think of summer and fall. The calm and cool vibe makes you want to lounge on the couch and relax after a long and stressful day. What makes this a cute aesthetic is how curvature became dominant from the furniture and even the lighting fixture. The designers opted for a flat matte white finish for the walls to acquire natural lighting, to make it look clean, and to highlight the furniture used. Observing the entire living room, you can view that the predominant color for the framing is medium slate black adding a splash of an industrial vibe to the entire design. 

Moroccan Pin 

Photo from Novocom

Yet another glamorous inspiration to opt for is this Moroccan concept from Novocom. It has this Sandi-industrial vibe based on the textures and style of the entire layout. Since the walls are painted in flat white color, it reflects the natural lighting opportunities to make the room look bigger. The color scheme is in dominant colors of striking pink and blue that blended perfectly with the intricate design of the carpet. The key design in this concept is the bubblegum pink armchair. It is upholstered in suede textile giving away that sweet and cute feature. Besides, we ensure that all elements to be placed are functional without compromising the design. 

Vintage Boho

If you’re not a fan of subtle tones and are rooting for an edgy scheme of colors and elements, check out this inspiration from Home Design Lover. Just by looking at the use of textiles, you can feel the relaxing vintage-boho vibe. There are way too many patterns than usual. Regardless of the splash of patterns and colors, it ended up with a cute and compact design. The key design in this interior concept is the taffy pink suede couch with patterned throw pillows. It balanced out the ingenuity of the concept and, at the same time, it gave the viewers something to look at. 

Living Technicolor

Photo from FTC

A burst of colors is one of the factors contributing to the maximalism of a living room. Even with the splash of colors, the design inspiration from FTC looks more personalized. It may seem to be too much at first but the bold colors allowed the viewer to pause from the patterns. This cute interior design is a modern art deco-maximalist concept. It digs in more on the geometric shapes and the striking colors defining its intricate details. Even with the elevated ambiance, the pieces of furniture were able to establish a cozy atmosphere. Seeing the entire room first thing in the morning induces this uplifting feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. This is a cute design inspiration for a living room. 

Mixing Modules

Photo from IKEA

Cute design inspirations do not only apply to the layout of the living room but also the color scheme. Thanks to this amazingly cute design inspiration from IKEA, you can view how the colors are a little darker than pastel. It is in the modern Scandinavian concept to utilize an ample amount of patterns paired with textured materials and sleek textiles. The key design concept in this inspiration is the twin tangerine couch and the warm carpet. Couch colors are often in light and dark colors of minimalist design. What made these twin tangerine couches different is the sleek identity of the textile used. Cute designs are beyond the traditional concepts for the living room.  

Pink Maximalist

Photo from Firefly + Finch

Cute comes in different descriptions but it is often defined as a charming and appealing appearance in an endearing way. It is beyond the ordinary in comparison with the traditional interior designs delivering a cute concept. This design inspiration from Firefly + Finch is an example of a cute vintage interior in a bold magenta and blue color scheme. The variations in patterns and hues were highlighted by the plain and comfy upholstered couch. By the looks of it, you can easily say that it is not only an ideal room for housing guests but it serves as a reading and lounging area. Choosing a color scheme will establish the identity and the ambiance of the living room. Thus, the collaboration of two strong and cold colors, blue and magenta. 

A Girl’s Dream

Photo from Interior Design Ideas

When we think of cute ideas, it is associated with the reaction of awe. We think of unicorns, cotton candy, lollipops, and chewing gums. As you can see from the concept designed by Interior Design Ideas, it looks like a box full of candies. From the colors, shapes, and textures, it is observed that they were able to pull it off evidently with intricate details. It may be lacking in patterns but thanks to the upholstery of the furniture. This pop of subtle colors is not only photogenic but is a design inspiration that will surely tap your needs for a comfort zone. What we love about this design is the accent wall in two tones of off-white and baby pink. It has built a lighter and airier ambiance for the guests and households to enjoy. 

Tropical Punch

Photo from Elle Decor

Charming as it may seem, this tropical punch-like design inspiration from Elle Decor elaborated how yellow can be cute too. In its different shades of yellow, you can see how the upholstery in pink ruby did the trick of highlighting the seating furniture. The color scheme established a tropical punch vibe in a vintage setting. This cute design inspiration is filled with different patterns and textures that blended well to come up with a top-notch living room. The elite and sophisticated vibe was given away because of the canary gold walls and metallic touches of the ornaments. 

Bold Trend

Photo from Decoclub

To sum up the cute living room design inspirations, here is a concept from Decoclub. It is a combination of striking colors of the shades of blue, orange, and green. What we find cute about this layout is the wall decor. It may be simple at first glance but the intricacy of the design took it away. The living room design has this sunset vibe that allows you to feel relaxed and cozy. More than the color scheme, we love the upholstery of the couches used. The designs were plain yet it is the textile materials that gave away that modern-Scandi vibe.