7 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas to Check Out

These days, farmhouse designs in living areas have tapped the hearts of the people. With the cozy aesthetic built, it is sometimes mistaken as contemporary country design. At first glance, the design seems old and obsolete but it is the delivery that matters. It is all about gratitude for the impact of the materials and textures altogether. In achieving the trendy farmhouse living room aesthetic, absorb the past design sprinkled with the present. We are not just rooting on a design that is trendy and timeless but a design that is superb and functional. 

For your next living room design, farmhouse decor is an inspiration for an exceptional and manageable idea, especially for those who are rooting to work on DIY. The light, airy, and serene ambiance induces an atmosphere best for housing guests, a sense of entertainment, and just getting cozy on a lazy afternoon. It may not be an ideal choice for some but who knows farmhouse living room ideas can work well in filling your dream house. To give you a sense of enlightenment, here are seven living room ideas for your next redecorating plan. 

The Focal Point 

Photo from Yahoo

If you’re a fan of symmetry, The Focal Point can just do the trick. By just looking at the design of the entire living room, you can sense how the combination of materials worked for this decor. The placement of the fireplace draws attention to the entire space. It is the first noticeable thing as you enter your living area. The farmhouse decor in the living room gives a sense of cozy ambiance. It makes it more comfortable and warm. It may be a space designated for housing a guest, but the design lures the household to make it a safe space. 

Material-wise, the living space is a combination of two different wood and a stone finished in light hues. When you’re working with farmhouse design, the incorporation of materials and colors is the trick. Utilize clean-finished wood panels for the flooring has great thermal properties, especially during the cold seasons. On the other hand, wood paneling for the walls widens the space, especially when it is limited. Thanks to its highlights to the width of the space.

The Modern Farmhouse

Photo from Arhute

If you’re not a fan of the outdated side of farmhouse decor, The Modern Farmhouse might just do the trick. With the lack of appreciation on one end, who knew there’s a way of spicing up the entire room while favoring modernity. It is all about picking a dominant material in different hues or finishes. This is a way of establishing overlaying in materials. A common characteristic of modern design is that the presence of multiple colors is not necessary. The great thing about the photo from Arhute is how wood established sophistication. 

In picking your ideal finishes, one thing to consider is whether or not they would work on the farmhouse design. Whether it’s tiles, wood, stone, or even vinyl, the farmhouse is utilizing materials that will not just feed the eyes but as well as function. The outdated aesthetics of this design is not as obvious as to how the other designs seem to be. The combination of light and warm materials just brings out the modern characteristics. It is the materials and finishes that must be prioritized accordingly to come up with an ideal design for your next design project. 

The Open Entity 

Photo from Spacejoy

Common in households is the open design. It is identified as a manner of planning and designing a space without the presence of walls to divide the spaces. As you can see the image above from the design ideas of Spacejoy, it is identified as open planned. The dining area is combined with the kitchen and the living area where the only acting dividers are the use of furniture. The positioning of the furniture is what matters the most and how flooring treatments such as carpets and the use of tiles work. 

Working on farmhouse living room decor requires picking the perfect pieces of furniture. Think of a palette of colors that is earthy and neutral that will give an outdoor ambiance to the outdoor environment. On the image above, the living area is simply designed with five pieces of element and a patterned carpet for the flooring treatment. The colors are simple and pretty straightforward. There is no presence of extravagance but the sophistication of the outdated design of the iconic moss green couches worked well with the off-white two-seater couch. 

The Clean Crate

Photo from Decorilla

The Clean Crate is perfect for the fans of a monochromatic design. What gave it away that made this design identified as farmhouse decor is the combination of concrete, wood, and stone finish elements. The colors are pretty mute and bland that made the other pieces stand out. As you can see, there are four types of sitting furniture made with different materials. Each one is upholstered differently. The group couches are different too. It may be of the same color but the manner of upholstery is different inducing two different textures. 

To top of the entire design, the old and dark oak coffee table is polished perfectly creating a sleek and sophisticated outcome. On the other hand, the sense of direction is determined from the middle couch to the coffee table set a view to the fireplace. That arrangement defined the cozy and comfortable characteristics of every farmhouse design for living rooms. Thanks to the large windows, the living area is able to acquire natural lighting making it a perfect space to house guests. Whether it be for a cup of coffee or just an afternoon tea, this design is perfect for households with large companies. 

The Serene Scene

Photo from Decorilla

The Serene Scene works well for living rooms in medium to large spaces. This design output from Decorilla is composed of warm and light colors. The inspiration in this design is a combination of modern, industrial, and farmhouse interior design. The opportunity for floor-to-ceiling windows is presently acquiring more natural lighting for the household and the guests to enjoy. They may not have used window treatments but the orientation of the living room effectively canceled out the acquisition of heat. 

What gave the farmhouse design in is the textile preferences of Decorilla. They are of different textures and colors wherein the common denominator is the warm colors. The fluffy textiles on the two solo chairs are perfect for guest sitting. Meanwhile, there is another sitting furniture designated for reading and another for resting or even for housing guests. Every piece of furniture in this design works evidently. Each of the elements’ functions is excessive for a living area. Considering the height opportunities of the living room, it is ideal to choose minimalist lighting fixtures, both main and complementary. 

The Warm Procession

Photo from Modsy Blog

If you’re a fan of geometric elements, The Warm Procession will work flawlessly in achieving your ideal farmhouse design. Farmhouse design alone can give you an idea of an old-aged design filled with different wooden materials. To spice it up, a little juggle in the geometry of the elements will help in establishing the organization and efficiency of design. From the materials to the furniture, everything within the living space works well complementing one another. That is how every design should be. In every design, restrictions are held adjustable, depending on how it will work and how it is used. 

The combination of colors used is light, warm, and dark colors. The dark colors framed the different furniture and elements defining shapes and edges. On the other hand, the use of warm tones delivered a little accent for the table, side cabinet, chair, and even the textiles. It balanced the light and the dark hues on the room making it feel more cozy and warm. The light colors embraced the entire room which made it look wider and taller. The vertical space allows opportunities for better air and lighting circulation. The combination of colors and materials was able to blend efficiently for the desired farmhouse design. 

The Shades of Grey

Photo from Home Bunch

The farmhouse living room design is mainly not about the color combination nor the material preferences. It is also about the furniture choices. Consider it as the exact opposite of the minimalist approach where everything is not in order and the elements seem to be rugged and rustic. As you can see from the design from Home Bunch, the layering of textiles seem to create a cozy impact on the household. The soft and fluffy blankets paired with the sleek textiles of the couches are perfect for evenings with the family. 

The Shades of Grey is a combination of cool and warm tones of grey. It looks clean and neat to look at considering the dominance of the whites. In addition, the choice of pale wooden planks for the flooring highlighted the elements within. The layers of the different hues of grey and brown frame the living room dividing it from the different interior spaces.