12 Grey Bedroom Ideas for a Neutral Classic Vibe

Grey is often the color misidentified as dull and boring. When in fact, it is the color that taps the neutrality of ambiance built within the room. Its flexibility fills the absence of whites within the spaces of the home. Grey is the perfect muted color to dominate a bedroom because of its ability to build a cozy and relaxing ambiance. Considering that it comes in different tones and hues, we have plenty of options to choose from. To give you inspiration, we have gathered 12 grey bedroom ideas that will tap the neutral classic vibe. 

  1. Serene Scene
Photo from Vision Bedding

This dreamy bedroom inspiration in grey is designed by Vision Bedding. It is composed of different warm shades of grey that are close to nude and beige colors. What we love about this design is the arrangement of the curtain surrounding the bed. It looks like a fort of a princess. To accentuate their color scheme, they have paired the warm grey hues with clean white for the textiles. Using grey of different shades builds character and a more inviting ambiance since the bedroom is the place to rest and relax. To add a little rustic look, the designers utilized wood as their dominant building material. 

  1. Shades of Grey
Photo from We Heart It

Monochromatic does not only apply with black and white. Doing it with grey and white is another ideal choice if you prefer minimalist hues to dominate your bedroom. In this design inspiration from We Heart It, we love the layers on the bedding in subtle hues of grey. Pairing it with the bold matte grey finish on the accent wall. Using grey as the dominant for the bedroom works perfectly when you know the right colors to pair it with. The layers of grey in this bedroom design make it an exceptional inspiration. It is all about the ambiance you are trying to build. The use of grey for the bedroom makes it cozy and relaxing. The ambiance is consistent regardless of the season. 

  1. Dark Hues
Photo from Tua Casa

If you are a fan of dark hues of grey, Tua Casa’s design inspiration is surely your cup of tea. Its elegance taps the standards of five-star hotel rooms. In this concept of a grey bedroom, it is not your usual concept for the walls. It is the rustic concrete finish recessed the wall for geometric shelving. This design is very linear. It highlights the details of the walls, textiles, and even lights. To spice up the textiles, they used two patterns to layer the blankets. To top it off, the designers opt for polished engineered wood for the flooring. It made the room look warm and cozy. The best way to ace dark-colored bedrooms is to experiment with their different hues. This way, there is a sense of balance with its color scheme. 

  1. Industrial Vibe
Photo from Hunker

Industrial design is one of the design concepts that utilize the different hues of grey. By the looks of it, we love how Hunker gave dignity to the grey industrial bedroom. It is the dark watercolor-finished walls that gave away the industrial look. It added textures that dominated the bedroom in spite of choosing muted colors. The designers opt for these amazing hanging pendant lighting fixtures in white and warm colors. To add a supplementary lighting fixture, they used two direct lighting fixtures on both sides of the bed. This is perfect, especially if you prefer reading books before going to bed. 

  1. Sweet Pastels
Photo from Digs Digs

Another grey bedroom idea is accentuating it with the powerful pastels. In this case, Digs Digs used pastel powder pink. Since all of the colors are muted but in different hues, the entire design looks complementing. The softness the grey wall denotes highlights the colors of the textiles used for the bedding. This is definitely what you want to go home to after a long and tiring day. The light hues of pink and grey are in contrast with the sheets. To top it off, they used a rosegold pendant lighting fixture for the side table. Whether it be white or warm, the light adds character to the entire room as it flashes directly to the old-aged oak engineered floors. 

  1. Earthy Accents
Photo from Cate St. Hill

If you prefer earth colors in which grey is dominant, this design inspiration from Cate St. Hill will make you want to take it home. Green, when mixed with grey, makes this muted earth color that is perfect if you want a bold dominant color. This design inspiration is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer the nature-inspired color scheme. Green and grey make a perfect combination in exhibiting a refreshing yet relaxing ambiance. What we love about this design is how green and grey are accentuated with different shades of white to uplift the subtle colors. To make it more worthy for the gram, it is the Japanese lamp and the wired side lamps that added character to the bedroom. 

  1. Cool Grey Tones
Photo from Bright Bazaar

Keeping it light and airy is one way of utilizing natural lighting and ventilation for a bedroom. It is important considering how much time is spent inside regardless if it is for resting or working. Thanks to Bright Bazaar’s inspiration for a light grey bedroom, we have this amazing idea of how fancy light blue-grey is on the walls and even on the sheets. The majority of the colors used are muted and are accentuated by the acid black blanket and headboard. By the looks of it, it is the type of room that will make you think of snowy mountains. To add a little character, a fluffy and cozy carpet suits the room best. 

  1. Warm Grey Tones
Photo from Hampton and Astley

Greys often come in warm and cool tones. In this case, Hampton and Astley gave inspiration for the grandeur and sophistication brought by warm greys. This vintage-inspired bedroom is not what you would expect with warm grey. The designers opted for the grid accent wall with a queen-sized bed next to it. Its upholstery just gives away this sleek and elegant design. It draws passion and intimacy towards the bed which is something you would not expect when using muted colors. When using warm greys, it would be best to pair them with white or other hues of grey to prevent making the bedroom look saturated. 

  1. Masculine Greys

If you prefer a uniform tone of muted grey, you can opt for the masculine hues of grey. Thanks to Home Decor Bliss Blog’s design inspiration, they managed to deliver the uniform tones of grey paired with engineered wood as the predominant building material. We love how the cool grey tones match wood perfectly. The design is focused on the bed where the combined colors of cool grey and white for the beddings paired perfectly with the frame of the bed. For additional details, they opted for a wooden block for the bed side table. 

  1. Blue-Grey Palette
Photo from Next Luxury

Blue and grey are often mistaken as dull and sad colors. But, Next Luxury’s perspective turn the tables around when they utilized the pastels. This design inspiration is perfect for those who prefer simple designs but looks homey and inviting. In this case, we love the blue-grey bed frame paired with shades of grey as the bedding. Using dark warm grey for the walls sure did make a statement, especially when a striking wall art is hung upon it. To add texture and pattern, they opted for a sleek industrial armchair on the side with blue and grey patterns. In addition, instead of using a plain carpet, they used a marble design one in white and grey tones. 

  1. Rustic Interior Decor
Photo from iDesign Arch

Combining the warm and cool hues of grey is an ideal option for a metro modern design. Thanks to iDesign Arch’s design inspiration, we have an idea on what colors to choose. By the looks of it, the accent wall made the bedroom seem like a five-star hotel suite. Paired with the right furniture and lighting, they were able to optimize the different grey hues. The king-sized bed was highlighted in spite of the accent wall being dark. What made the bed pop is the bedding layers in warm grey and white. To add texture and character to the floor, they opted for a patterned wooden flooring overlaid with a blue-grey striped carpet. 

  1. Polished Concrete Finish
Photo from Treehouse

What better way of dominating grey in your bedroom than Treehouse’s idea? We love the modern industrial vibe of this grey bedroom. The polished concrete finish for the accent wall just gives away the rustic-like theme that is very uncommon in bedrooms. But, when paired with bold grey hues, it can be the next big thing to add to your bedroom. In this case, we love layers of grey on the bedding. Instead of using a comfy uphostered headboard, the designers opted for a half-wall design with the bed next to it. For a more personal note, they added a cozy armchair in warm grey next to the bed. To top off the design, they used industrial lighting fixtures for both direct and accent lighting.