12 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for a Refreshing Vibe

According to architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “Less is more”. The minimalist design movement is going places in the 21st century as you cancel out the norm of traditional interior and exterior design. Utilizing a simple clean decorating style is merely opting for straightforward imagery. But, why should you incorporate a minimalist design to a bedroom space? It is a design that maximizes the spaces without making them look cluttered. The space is free from heavy materials put together to build an impacting design. To highlight our perspective for a minimalist bedroom, we have scooped 13 of the best minimalist bedroom ideas to try to ace the refreshing vibe. 

  1. Bold Colors
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Minimalist design is not only limited to black and white. It is also about the colors that work effectively in making a bedroom look clean and simple. In this case, we have a view of navy blue and dim grey palette for a bedroom design. The layout of the bedroom used prioritizes the fundamental elements; bed, dresser, and bench. If you are rooting for minimalist decor, eliminating whimsical design is the first tip that we could give. Plain textiles and furniture are one way to do it. The designers managed to create an inviting environment considering the warmth of the wood. Materials are important in every interior design because they accentuate the flat surfaces of a space. 

  1. Shades of Grey
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Christian Grey sure did set the standards for the shades of grey. It made the color more intimate and homey. What we love about this interior design is how it is incorporated with an eclectic design. It is composed of elements coming from different styles with a distinct minimalist vibe. Starting off with the bed, sticking with a bed without the headboard creates a cozy and more customizable outcome. The bed is topped off with a handwoven blanket darker than the color used for the beddings. For the layout, the asymmetry makes the entire design work. On the side, the white bedside table under the hanging pendant lighting gives you space perfect for bedtime routines. 

  1. Flat Textures
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The minimalist design does not only work for whites, blacks, and greys. In fact, it can work for all colors and palettes. It is all about your tactic in bringing all the elements together. Think of a versatile color that you think you will feel at home too. Whether it be striking, muted, bold, or pastel, it is all about how to creatively utilize the color. This design inspo for minimalist decor used a variety of shades of green. Its dominance strengthens the warm and inviting vibe of a space. Using a variety of hues, shades, or tones will work if you are up for the idea of using a single color. The earthy feel of this bedroom inspo speaks a connection with the environment. 

  1. Modern Edge
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The bedroom is a safe space for all. It is right to design the space according to its purpose that is to rest. This modern edgy vibe for a minimalist bedroom indicates clarity and transparency in terms of its function. The bedroom’s focal point is central to the bed working its way with an asymmetrical layout. The designer did a great job in picking the flat and sleek materials used. To accentuate the flat design, they opted for a gold-plated wall sconce perfect for your bedside routines and activities. The accent lighting will help in building the ambiance of a bedroom. Since the design is plain and simple, work with the elements that you can control such as lighting.

  1. Uniform Palette 
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Another way of nailing the minimalist design is through working with the textiles. The textiles in this bedroom inspo are not as simple as you expect but it is the uniformity that determined the minimalist vibe. Invest in clean-engineered cut wood polished with the shade you prefer. Using the same type of wood for the furniture will align with your desired design style for the bedroom. Taking a glance at the entire room, you will notice that they almost used the same hues for the textiles and the walls. Both colors are accentuating overlaid with one another. 

  1. Light Note
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If you prefer a clean and highlighted space for a bedroom, check out this inspo in white and hues of blue. Even with the absence of warm colors, the ambiance built still managed to create an inviting and functional space. In minimalist interiors, it is important to dominate the space with light colors. It will allow the space to look more spacious and not congested. Always remember to keep the elements or accessories at a minimum or at a designated part of the room only. There is no need to keep the entire bedroom bare but limit the number of accessories to decorate the space with. 

  1. Muted Palette
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If you want to ace the minimalist vibe, the best place to start is by choosing the color scheme that you think would suit your style. Minimalist interiors often work with light, muted, or pastel schemes. From this design inspo, you can see a serene and soothing space of bold pastel blue walls accentuated with deep olive green color. Light and heavy materials were used for the furniture and fixtures that sets a sense of balance to the design. In terms of picking the right textiles, the safest way to go is by going white. But, it would be best to add pieces of different textures too. Allow your bedroom to have a more personalized style by putting up your favorite pieces. 

  1. Classic Nudes
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Opting for a nude and white interior taps the sleek minimalist design exhibiting personality and character. Its combination of contrasting textures in materials used. The sleek accents of nude colors gave a warm vibe for the bedroom to induce a cozy and serene vibe for your personal space. What we love about this design is the mosaic style frame used for the mirror and the plain flat frame for the wall arts on the side. It is all about having a sense of balance in designing a minimalist interior. The designer opted for a symmetrical layout for the accent wall where the bed is next to. 

  1. Minimalist Farmhouse
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Minimalist is quite the style working alone or when incorporated with another strong style. We love this amazing fusion of minimalism and farmhouse design in a single space. It exhibited a variety of materials but remained to look clean and less-detailed look. Even though curved lines dominated the design, they still managed to build a revolutionary minimalist bedroom inspo. Ornate or detailed elements do not usually count in a minimalist design considering how it exhibits grandeur. But, it is a case-to-case basis depending on the material it is tied with. Always remember to keep your ideas open and experiment on the styles you would not expect to work together. 

  1. Rustic Minimalist
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If you love how sharp edges define the details of your furniture and fixture, you will love this minimalist inspo for a bedroom. Keeping the entire space too white or too plain may contribute to a dull mood. It is important to keep a sense of balance in terms of colors and materials. In this case, engage in using a piece of material that would accentuate the minimalist character of the bedroom. We love the clean rustic wood bedframe topped with clean white and plain sheets. The dark colors were highlighted in this design because of the white base canvas for the walls, fixtures, and textiles. Not because you are nailing a minimalist design does not mean you need to keep the walls empty. Pick some artsy framed pieces that you think would complement the look. 

  1. Two-Tone Aura
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In minimalist design, we focus on ensuring that everything will look neat and tidy. Clean lines, plain surfaces, sleek textures, and absence of curvature is what makes a minimalist interior. Those factors were tapped by this amazing inspo combining a variety of colors bringing a simple and clean ambiance for a bedroom. Just look at the warm grey platform bedframe with extra drawers underneath. It keeps the clutter away that will make your bedroom look neat and free from objects you do not often need. Always remember to be smart in picking the pieces of furniture to use. Pick the ones that you think would help you maximize the space. What we love about this design is the blush accent colors the designer picked. Even if it was only used for a couple of elements, the color managed to make the bedroom bloom. 

  1. Serene Flush
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If you are not a fan of plain whites, add a little warmth to the color to highlight the creamy and smooth look. The way the bedroom is spiced up with a subtle nude color made the ambiance warm and inviting. The soft and comforting design is dominated by the minimalist decor focusing mainly on the bed. The thick and soft layers of beddings will drive you to sleep and rest peacefully. The ornaments used for the bedroom are plain or metallic. Since design lacks in texture, picking a different highlighting color would do the trick. The designer did a good job on spicing up the walls with a spiked wall decor. It added character to the minimalist interior design. To top off your bedroom design, do not forget to pick a simple patterned carpet to suit your style.