How to Decorate An Open Living Room – 12 Brilliant Tips to Try

Open living room layouts are a concept of space unifying all the public spaces together. It may be an opportunity to some but it can also be a challenge to design and decorate. When a house comes with an open living room, it suggests ensuring that all the elements that were used allow the space to look more cohesive. There is nothing wrong with doing everything your way of creating a beautiful concept for a beautiful open living room space. As your design eventually unifies, you will gain confidence making the space feel more like home. It may be quite difficult to begin decorating but we have rounded up 12 brilliant tips to try on how to decorate an open living room.

1. Work with Repetitive Colors

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When talking about an open living room, it does not just concern the living space alone. It also involves the kitchen or dining area. In some cases, they come with both. Since we are talking about two to three spaces in one, we highly suggest working with repetitive colors for the walls. Design it as one big space and not a single one. Decorating the walls in a monochromatic color scheme would seem to be a safe option to dominate the public spaces at home. Choose a color that you think would elaborate the structural elements of the open living room more. If you think choosing just one color may seem to be bold but somehow boring, we highly suggest using different tones and shades throughout. 

2. Add Patterns and Textures

Add flavor to the walls throughout the living space with patterns and textures. They highlight the depth of the walls and even the ceilings. Scrutinize the patterns or textures to be used. This way, it would not be that bad to have the entire space all patterned up. Always consider ratio and proportion. Pick a wall or two to incorporate these details with to establish a highlight of the space. If you have opportunities for a high ceiling, we highly suggest the use of vertical patterns such as stripes. It highlights the vertical height of the space exhibiting light and airy character. 

3. Use Flowing Flooring MaterialsĀ 

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Common in the public spaces of the house is zone-changing flooring materials. The flooring often varies per space. With that being said, it is not how it works with an open living room design. We highly suggest maintaining the flooring material throughout the space. Whether it be wood, tiles, or stone, ensure that they can work efficiently in dry and wet spaces. Pick a material that you think would match your ideal dreamy design for an open living room. Wooden panels are a great option for a more saturated look. When properly engineered, they can come susceptible to heat and humidity. On the other hand, opting for tiles allows a variety of designs and colors to choose from. They may come a little colder than other flooring materials but having an area rug would suffice. 

4. Layer Area Rugs Per Zone

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Since the flooring is flowing from one space to another, we must ensure that the zones of the public spaces, especially the living room is highlighted. It is up to you to choose the design and size. Layering an area rug should be enough to cover the space. At least, the furniture space is mostly composed of. Area rugs signify warmth and comfort based on the environment you are building for the living room. Considering that it is sharing space with all the other public realms of the house, having one layered on the floor would do the trick in defining the zone of the living room. Besides, it is a temporary decoration that can be changed every now and then depending on your preference. 

5. Pick an Item to FeatureĀ 

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The living room is the center of attraction compared to all the other spaces of the house. It is the frontline character of space used to house guests and feed the needs for comfort of the household. Pick an item that would best feature the open living room space. Whether it be a sculpture, fireplace, entertainment set, or even a towering chandelier would work to be the centerpiece of the space. Pick an item that you think is one of a kind or an item that makes the space different from the others. Featured items will allow the viewer to have a second look at the space. Allow these items to exhibit the character you are rooting for. 

6. Design an Accent Wall

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An accent wall is a center of attention in any space you put it into. It draws attention to the generosity of the space. Whether it be a fireplace or a wall filled with artworks and photo frames, it is all up to you to decide how you want it to look as long as it is different from the other faces of the open living room. As the heavily trafficked space, it makes sense how an accent wall can make it feel like home and not just any other space. It is a great opportunity to exhibit mixing and matching patterns and colors to your living room. It adds depth and creates a focal point directed towards the space. 

7. Warm Up the Space

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In dealing with an open living room space, we tend to stress out on the entirety of the space without consideration to the mood of the living room. We always forget to maintain the warmth of the space. Thus, take time to add warm colors and materials to turn things around. It indicates a vibe that the open living room is warm and inviting to be in. Not just focusing on the color, do not forget the materials you are about to put in. Work with textiles that are cozy and puffy to be laid on the couch. Every element you put in the space makes a huge difference to how the open living room would look. So, we highly suggest being selective. 

8. Scrutinize the Furnishings

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It may not come to be decoration for you but furnishings are. They play a significant role in the vibe of the entirety of the space. They may often come as a challenge to some to match everything all at once but be creative on the outcome of the open living room. It decides the comfort of the space through elements such as furniture, decoration, and textiles. Their presence allows the convenience of designing and styling up the 

9. Hang Window Treatments

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To control the natural lighting acquired by the room, hanging window treatments would be the best option. Whether it be blinds or curtains, they help in managing the amount of light the room acquires. Window treatments are more than just to manage the sunlight but they are also a decorative way of spicing up the walls. They manage to highlight the depth of the windows and even give a great accent to the walls. Since they often come in different materials, thick or sheer, or designs, patterned or plain, the difference they make adds character to the open living room space. If you have a series of windows all lined up in the open living room, ensure that they differ from one space to another. 

10. Illuminate with Accent Lighting Fixtures

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The entirety of the look of the open living room layout depends on the lighting fixtures to use. Lighting makes the design work. As the largest space at home, it houses most of the activities no matter the time of day. With efficient and effective lighting would suggest layering to light up the entire space. It is up to you whether to use accent lighting or task lighting to run all activities with ease. Whether it be a chandelier, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, or even recessed lighting are used will illuminate a space according to your preferred mood and environment. 

11. Make Room for Indoor Plants

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Every room should have space for a breaker or rest. Thus, the use of indoor plants. Apart from human beings, indoor plants highlight the life and refreshing ambiance of a space. There is more to a room than just all the furniture and appliances within. Instead, it should have room for plants to have a break from all these. Pay attention to their maintenance requirements to prevent the unwanted deaths of plants. Locate them where they can acquire sunlight even from the inside of the house. 

12. Shop from a Thrift Store

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If you are rooting for budget-friendly options to decorate your open living room, we highly suggest shopping from a thrift store. They come with a variety of options depending on the theme you are building for the open living room. Since there is more space to cover, you will have more elements to decorate the space with. It would be best to focus on the important elements such as the furniture and the lighting. Take a good look at the opportunities these antiquated items would indicate to a livable space.