13 Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas Perfect for a Makeover this 2021

Living in the 21st century gets the design trends out of hand as we dwell on the different interior styles. With the variety of options that you can check online, it may be a challenge as to where to start for your bedroom makeover. To turn things around, it is time to release your creativity as you work on the walls, lighting, flooring, textiles, and even furniture. To help you look for a set of inspirations, we have scooped 13 of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas perfect for a makeover this 2021. 

  1. Solemn Indoor Garden
Photo from Decor Snob

Budget-friendly designs can be quite the challenge in designing your bedroom. The best way to do it is by using these upcycled materials such as the wood palette and the locker. Instead of investing dollars for a structurally worthy bedframe, wood palettes layered accordingly will do the trick. It is up to you to customize the height and the width of the bed frame. On the side, instead of using a closet, a locker is used instead giving more space for clothes and other stuff requiring storage. In terms of the color palette, the subtle hues of off-white did the trick in giving a clean and warm look to the bedroom. 

  1. Warm Scandinavian Vibe
Photo from MyDomaine

This design inspiration is suited for those who are bored of pastels and muted colors. With yellow ochre as the dominant color, it increased the saturated warmness with the vibe of the bedroom. The warm Scandinavian vibe of this bedroom design makes you feel cozy and comfortable within your own space. All you need is a plain white canvas for the walls, white and yellow orche beddings, and a patterned rectangular carpet on the side. We love how MyDomaine added indoor botanical plants to add a refreshing note for the bedroom. To add character to the saturated look, handcrafted rattan furniture blended with tones of yellow and brown. 

  1. Earth Chic Room
Photo from Upgraded Home

This design inspiration from Upgraded Home is perfect if you are up for a uniform color palette for your bedroom walls. As a budget-friendly suggestion, painting the walls in bold pastel moss green will do the trick. By the looks of it, it gave away the Pinterest-friendly imagery of a bedroom where a circular mirror bent the character for edges. Invest in plenty of wood palettes for the bed frame and the side table. It is up to you whether or not to paint or varnish them. This idea is perfect if you do not prefer much change or you do not want to exert that much effort in decorating your room with an earthy scheme. 

  1. Dark Sophistication
Photo from Puffy Mattress

Keeping your bedroom in glamorous and lavish design is a challenge in aesthetic inspirations. One way of doing so is by experimenting with the different color palettes that work perfectly. This design inspiration from Puffy Mattress indicates a heavy and sophisticated look blended with different textures, materials, and patterns bringing together passion and drama. We love the metallic touches on the furniture, edgy wall decorations, layers of velvet and faux beddings, and aesthetic-patterned flooring. In this case, the combination of red and green will not make you think of Christmas but grandeur. 

  1. Minimalist Dream
Photo from Eluxe Magazine

There is nothing wrong with keeping the design simple in redoing the bedroom. Sometimes, it is best to dwell on the beddings and accessories. By the looks of it, what gave away the aesthetic vibe is the clean fuzzy lines in neutral colors bending its style to modern minimalist design. Keeping the design at a minimum with the colors, it is highly suggested to top it off with wooden furniture. This chic space highlights stunning wooden materials for the bench, flooring, side table, and shelves. The neutral color scheme allows natural lighting to disperse throughout the bedroom giving you a good morning from the sun. 

  1. Saturated Cave
Photo from We Heart It

Setting inspiration for a minimalist aesthetic design, We Heart It nailed delivering touches from Nordic countries. The saturated cave focuses more on the beddings and building materials rather than the walls, flooring, and ceiling. Somehow, the textiles used give boho touches making it cozier to lounge in. The walls acted as a canvas since it is left plain and simple in white. The pompom and weaved blankets will warm you straight up, especially on cold nights. They may come in different colors but layering them in simple white linens added a neutral effect for the bedroom. 

  1. Neat Suite
Photo from Modsy Blog

Neat and cozy bed arrangements are the epitome of a suite-like design. Modsy Blog did a pretty good job as they lean on a light and airy style for the bedroom. This minimalist aesthetic bedroom design gives a calm and neutral vibe where you would want to spend your time resting. We love the old oak side tables that added a little vintage look. For additional seating or resting furniture, a bench in off-white is added next to the bed for other activities. The linens all lined up neat and tidy give you a linear dimension of the bed even without patterns. 

  1. Pink Dream
Photo from IKEA

This pink and dreamy bedroom inspiration from IKEA exhibits modern and contemporary. The fluid of the textiles used acts as a neutralizer since the dominant color is matte white. Paired with blush pink colors and off-white, the bedroom looks solemn and relaxing. Paired with pieces of furniture revealing its structural integrity, the side table and the bed looks very linear. Even though the bed looks cluttered, it draws attention directly to it where you can lounge, rest, or sleep. The compelling atmosphere of this design inspiration focuses on highlighting the straight lines adding details to the bedroom. 

  1. Neutral Aesthetic 
Photo from Shihori Obata

With the variety of design styles in this generation, settling for a neutral aesthetic delivers will do the trick. By the looks of how Shihori Obata nailed this minimalist Scandi vibe, it emphasized more on the uniform use of mute beige. We love how subtle bold colors were used to highlight the details of the textiles. In addition, the accessories in hues of brown added character to the bedroom too. To add flavor to the walls, hanging different wall arts and a massive mirror leaning on the wall helped too. It made the room look bigger yet light. 

  1. Contemporary Interior
Photo from HGTV

Contemporary interior design in bedroom looks clean and laid back these days. It is the epitome of warm and cozy atmosphere for a bedroom. HGTV gave us an idea of how combining different colors and textures work evidently in making the room look clean. This simple yet aesthetic imagery is one of the inspirations to try because of its linear panelled walls that defined the details of its height. It added a sense of dimension to the room. For additional organic texture, they did the right thing of opting for woven blinds for the small windows. Patterns may seem invisible because they are too intricate but we love the details of the bench, beddings, pillowcases, and even the curtains. 

  1. Romantic Cavern
Photo from Balcony Garden Web

The perfect aesthetic bedroom design is the one where you feel the most at home and in peace. We love how plain this entire design is from Balcony Garden Web but the lighting delivered passion, romance, and intimacy well. In cases where you want to keep the design simple, you can never go wrong with white linens and white walls. To add character, you can DIY a drop ceiling effect made of wood branch scraps where you can hang your artificial interior plants. To spice up the design more, invest in warm lighting to continuously build the relaxing energy for the bedroom. 

  1. Morning Beauty
Photo from 33DECOR

What is not to love about mornings when you wake up to this amazing summer-themed bedroom? The dominant color is white but is overlaid with accentuating colors of brown and yellow. As much as the designers wanted to add tropical colors, the indoor botanical plants did their job in making the room feel light and refreshed. The iconic piece here is the center wall art of the sunrise or the sunset. It builds the energy of enthusiasm to start your morning right and end your day with a good rest. Thanks to the layers of comforter on the bed, it will make you feel comfortable and at home while at rest. 

  1. Monochromatic Minimalist
Photo from House Beautiful

If you are having trouble picking colors for the makeover of your bedroom, black and white is the classic monochromatic minimalist chic. It is easy to use and to maintain. Plus, it looks clean to look at. This bedroom design inspiration from House Beautiful will make you opt for a classic black and white. In spite of it being plain, the designers focused on the details such as the wall decor, lighting fixture, beddings, pillowcase, and even the arrangement. Even though there are plenty of things consuming the space, the bedroom still looks free from clutter.