10 Bedroom Office Ideas for a More Productive Environment

With the ongoing pandemic, everything seems to be required to be done within the vicinity of our home, including working. Considering the convenience it provides, it can still be tough to induce productivity while working within a space that you are at home. The rise of popularity of working from home may be a dream for a lot of people but it comes with a few disadvantages too. To turn your homey bedroom into an enthusiastic environment for you to work on, we have a solution to program your mind and body to work from home. More than just your mind and body, one of the few things that require adjustment is your bedroom or workspace. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, we have gathered 10 bedroom office ideas to ace working from home. 

  1. Focused Area
Photo from IKEA

Working from home means more opportunities for distraction. As much as possible, we want to create an ambiance similar to an office. This design inspo from IKEA designated an entire linear area for the office. The view from the seat is focused on the workstation rather than the bed. You will be too drawn to the table rather than the bed during the day because of how the area acquires natural lighting. Having a room with a view gives you more access to the environment considering how you can see the seasons change as time pass by. Working from home means working longer hours than usual. It would be best to invest in a chair that you can withstand for hours. Ensure that you are comfortable working on it and that your back is not strained. 

  1. Little View
Photo from Overstock

If you have trouble focusing on work, this bedroom office idea might do the trick. This is perfect if your attention span is little. You are directed to a plain wall next to a window. Using fine wood for the office table and the chair will give you the professional vibe as if you are working in the office. With the right pieces to fill up your space, you can now work efficiently without being too distracted. A little view might do the trick to prevent eye strain. Use the view for a little rest when you have been on your computer the entire day. If you are working at night, apart from the main lighting fixture, it would be best to invest in a desk lamp. This induces direct lighting that prevents your eyes from being harmed. The direct lighting supports whatever activity you have on the table providing sufficient light to induce a productive working environment. 

  1. Linear Layout
Photo from Wayfair

If you have limited space for a bedroom office, check out this office table from Wayfair that can be rearranged. This is one of the office must-haves perfect for bedroom office spaces. What we love about this desk is how it can serve as a linear table or an L-shaped table that will fit any side or corner space. It is more flexible in terms of layout and you get to customize the arrangement too. A clutter-free work environment is essential to keep a light note while being busy with the tasks at hand. This desk has a built-in shelf on the side where you can store your books and snacks while you work. In designing your bedroom office, ensure that everything you need is within reach. This will lower the chances of you getting distracted every now and then. 

  1. Creative Workspace
Photo from IKEA

If you have a generous space for a bedroom, using a divider might just do the trick for an office within the vicinity of your resting sanctuary. This design idea from IKEA is perfect for those who are having a hard time focusing. They have a special workstation surrounded by the items needed for work. The designer designated space on the side for a corkboard and cabinets for additional storage. This is the ideal inspo for those who want to release their creativity through imagery. Indeed a bedroom office for artists and people in the multimedia field. To add a little refreshing note, it would be best to add complementing botanical plants on the side. This will not only allow sufficient air circulation but the color gives away the outdoor vibe. 

  1. Clean Minimalist
Photo from Overstock

If you want to keep things clean and minimalist, you would love to take this office idea home. Difficulty in focusing is the real deal in working from home. As much as possible, we want to limit the distractions and allow you to be drawn to your workstation. A clean design is one of the easiest ways of doing so. It does not look like heavy imagery. There is plenty of room to customize the wall. But, make sure that your workstation is not cluttered. You can customize it all you want but ensure that the highlight remains to be the computer or the laptop. For those who are working on the graveyard shift, it would be best to add a supplementary lighting source. In this case, they added a desk lamp. This is a perfect idea, especially if you write a lot. If most of your work is on the computer, invest in backlighting. This is one of the few ways on how to minimize the damage of screen time to your eyes. 

  1. Isolated Space
Photo from Autonomous

When you are working from home, it is not inevitable to develop workaholic syndrome. You invest room and space for your workstation and designate the rest for your resting space. In this case, the inspo is 60-40. Sixty percent is for the workstation and forty percent for sleeping. If you work round the clock, the best thing to do is place your workstation next to your bed. It would not consume much time preparing. During meetings, your messy bed would not be visible since you are next to it. Placing it next to a window covered with drapes is also one thing for managing the acquired natural light. 

  1. Leaning Table
Photo from Wayfair

If you have limited bedroom space with an office area to squeeze in, a leaning ladder desk will do the trick in achieving the office vibe within your home. Its light note will lie perfectly in the modern and minimalist bedroom interior. This is the ideal choice for those who want to keep distractions at a minimum. It can be placed on corners to have more space for wall decor. If you want a little view, you can set it up next to a window. The ideal office space is where you can work productively and clearly. On the bright side, it is important to use light colors to make the office space more enlightening. It will induce productivity in spite of being in your bedroom, a supposed-to-be place for rest. 

  1. Space-Saving Bedroom Office
Photo from Decoist

L-shaped desks induce productivity and a sense of personal space in the office. In this case, the desk sure did give justice to the boring corner. This is a perfect idea for those who have limited bedroom space. The desk office desk is built-in with a bed cabinet. Often found in kitchens, they also maximized the space for an overhead cabinet for extra storage. The ambiance built is quite similar to the office. The warm wood gives away the vibe of antiquity. Paired with a bright color to dominate the bedroom, it gives you a clear and refreshing sensation to work on. What we love about this design is there is plenty of room for storage. This means you can keep your desk free from clutter. We all know how unorganized a desk can be when you are occupied with office work. 

  1. Floating Office Space
Photo from Wayfair

Another space-saving piece of furniture to have for a bedroom office is this floating desk. This is a perfect idea if you do not have enough space for massive office desks. What we love about this compact furniture, it has room for storage and you can tuck the table in when not in use. This kind of setup will require you to keep your desk tidy and clutter-free at all times considering that it needs to be tucked in. Even though you already have a bedroom office, you can still maximize the floor space since it does not consume any when not in use. 

  1. Bedside Idea
Photo from Modernize

If you are driven to work with a strong sense of focus, you will love this bed office arrangement. Linear layouts are very common in bedrooms to maximize the floor space and prevent the bedroom from looking congested. The workstation is placed next to the bed with room for storage. This simple layout will make working from home more manageable. It would be best to locate the workstation next to a window with a view to help in alleviating stress during a busy week. It may be the simplest layout we have introduced but it is a flexible design that works with different design interiors.