11 Black Bedroom Ideas Exhibiting Sophistication

In the 21st century, black is the most popular accent color for every interior and exterior project. When in fact, it can go beyond occupying a percentage. It has the ability to set the mood in a space depicting drama and sophistication. If you are planning to design a black bedroom regardless if it is just by accent or dominating, you have come to the right spot. Black is the favorite color of many yet using it for a bedroom design abolishes their interest. To lure you to the dark side, we have scooped the web 11 of the best black bedroom ideas for a sophisticated look. 

  1. Masculine Match
Photo from Fresh Design

They say light colors create an illusion of expanding the room making it look spacious. When in fact, black also does the same thing. We have here a vintage black bedroom exhibiting both antiquity and modernism to the interior. As you can see, they opted for black on all the faces of the bedroom making it look wider and taller. This is a perfect idea if your personal preference is to have intricate details on the walls that tap the crisp dramatic vibes it brings. If you do not want to go with all black, you can work with accentuating pieces. In this inspo, they opted for a deep blue upholstered bed frame with a layer of sheets and throw pillows. 

  1. Dark Den
Photo from Wayfair

If you want to keep the bedroom dark but prefer to spice it up a bit, the best way to do so is by adding a variety of colors alongside. Black is the dominant color in this bedroom design. But, they managed to involve a variety of colors and natural materials that add character to the metro-modern design they are trying to achieve. What we love about this design is how they opted for supplementary lighting on the opposite of the bed hanging flawlessly from the ceiling. These globe lighting fixtures can diffuse a warm and light color that can help in setting your preferred mood for the bedroom. 

  1. Divided Space

If you cannot commit 100% to the color black, combining it with another color can do the trick. In this design inspo from Interior Design Ideas, it is like looking at a bedroom of two different people. Even though the designer opted for two different colors, black remains to be the dominant one. It kept the vibrance of the colors at a minimum. This is one way of designing a black bedroom combined with another color if you cannot commit completely to having it all black. This Scandinavian-inspired bedroom taps a clean modern output. To manage the darkness black brings, take time to pick the perfect lighting fixture to instate the minimalist vibe. In this case, they manage to build a warm and dramatic ambiance for a bedroom. 

  1. Modern Multi-Functional Bunk
Photo from Wayfair

Black may seem to be the color making the bedroom looks smaller. In this case, it managed to highlight its features. Since the room has limited space, every area has a designated function to retain activities. For an instance, they opted for a bed that can be hidden in a cabinet. So, during the day, the floor area for activities is spacious and not that limited. On the side, they used a cozy armchair where you can work on your bedside activities. Always remember that there is no rule in using black for a bedroom. It is as impactful as using white as a dominant color. It can nail any design style with the use of proper material, texture, and accentuating color. 

  1. Night Owl’s Dream
Photo from Design Cafe

Black is often used as the dominant color of night owls or the people who usually sleep during the day and at their most productive at night. This design inspiration is the den of night owls. Black did a really good job in minimizing the acquired natural light during the day. It created this illusion for a generous space as if the entire bed is a singular being in the bedroom. What we love about this design is how they used wood as the dominant material. Its natural properties highlight the warmth it can bring to a bedroom. The sleek lines and details induce a clean and organized look for a bedroom. The accent wall is arranged with interest in symmetry. Instead of using bedside tables that often come in minimal heights, they opted for a working table-like design to maximize its function. 

  1. Two-Tone Space
Photo from Wayfair

Working with black and white is one of the most favored combinations in bedroom design. It is the visual imagery of Yin and Yang complementing one another with dark and light. Each piece in this bedroom design is deliberate when it comes to placement and arrangement. The symmetry of design induces a sense of balance. What we love about this design is the combination of shapes and textures. The designer opted for a globe pendant hanging on the opposite side of the bed. This works perfectly if you prefer dimmed lighting before going to bed. This design idea is ideal for those who do not want a bedroom too dark or too light. 

  1. Dark Tropics
Photo from Terry’s Fabrics

Who knew tropical design can design effectively with black and grey? It is unlikely to design a tropical-style bedroom in dark hues. The asymmetrical arrangement of this bedroom is what made it look productive. A black bedroom is not just about painting black on the walls. Work on the furniture and textiles too. Add layers of textiles in heavy colors of grey and brown to make a cozy and serene statement for the bed. It softens the feel of the bedroom inducing an edgy atmosphere because of the dark-colored walls. Working with more than two colors is not such a bad idea, especially when combined right. For a little texture, handcrafted pieces add character to the black bedroom. The rough touches and sandy hues worked nicely with black and grey. 

  1. Modern Minimalist
Photo from Wayfair

Painting your walls in matte black might be the next big thing. If you are not up for the commitment, you can use another color to accentuate the dark hues. This bedroom design made the space feel more cohesive. Working with black canvas is ideal if you prefer to customize it a little bit and making it more personal. In this case, the material used for the black wall can be written on with chalk. You can have a statement customized every now and then. What ties this bedroom together is the bed in a light color. It adds more depth to the black walls and keeping something to brighten up the bedroom ambiance. Apart from the walls, you can work with a few black pieces too. They opted for matte black cubic bedside tables with a black lamp and digital clock. 

  1. Edgy Sanctuary
Photo from Wayfair

Sometimes, black can be boring on a plain flat surface. To make it better, working with engineered wood polished in black may be the next big thing. You can see the creases and core of wood in intricate details. By glancing at the room, you can see the combination of colors and textures. Using black as an accent wall drives emotion and mood drawn to the bed. Instead of painting the entire room black, you can just keep one wall in black to manage the dark side of the room. Wood is a versatile material to invest in for your bedroom. Polishing it in black will require less maintenance. Plus, it is easier to hang wall art on it. 

  1. Light Accents 
Photo from Wayfair

Black combined with white for a bedroom is perfect for those who want to maintain productivity in a bedroom. Taking a glance at the faces of the bedroom, they did a pretty good job at highlighting the bed with a low black accent wall. Even though the black is minor, it managed to highlight the intricate details. For example, the artworks and frames placed on the accent wall. It added character to the entire space without using warm colors. The focal point of the room is the bed. It may be in white but layering the sheets in muted shades of black made it cozier. There is a rest for the eyes because of the dominance of vibrant color. 

  1. Contrasting Colors
Photo from Wayfair

Apart from white, black works perfectly with a variety of striking colors. In this case, the black bedroom was accentuated with a vibrant yellow. Sticking to mostly black is only ideal if you want to keep things simple and at a minimum. But, if you want to experiment with a variety of prints and colors, this is the best way to do it. The unusual color scheme is quite unique and that is the primary reason why you would prefer making it your safe space. The hues of beige, yellow, white, and black complement one another but keeping a sharp eye on the black contemporary wall.