7 Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas for a More Organized Home

There are times when you feel that everything at home seems uneasy and unorganized. With the towels and all the other blankets around, it tends to set off a cluttered vibe. To keep everything organized and neat, the best way to work on it is by adding a blanket ladder. Compared to plain old racks and hangers, they ought to be more stylish and eye-catching. There is a variety of options that can give you an idea of how blanket ladders work and how to decorate them. Variating in design, style, and decoration, it makes the most out of holding the sets of blankets you have at home. We have 8 blanket ladder decorating ideas scooped from the internet to induce a more organized space for your home.

  1. Work with a Set of Ladder
Photo from Wayfair

Instead of working with just one, adding two more will work as a highlight of the room. It gives you a more organized vibe for a blanket ladder where you can coordinate them by colors, textures, or even uses. As you can see in the image above, they used a set of ladders instead of one. To make it more exciting, they chose the ones different from one another in terms of material and finish. What makes it more convenient to use three ladders instead of one is they can be used to hang the damp or used ones and at the same time, hang the new ones as well. This set will allow you to keep all your towels and blankets in one place to declutter your space from unrolled or unfolded textiles. 

  1. Design with Texture
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Instead of working with a plain old ladder, another blanket ladder that you might find interesting is a textured one. Ladders are often designed to be sleek and clean-looking. But, for hanging purposes, other textures will work flawlessly to hang all your towels and blankets. This blanket ladder is not as narrow as all the other ladder designs which makes it a perfect place where you can put your oils, mini botanical plants, and other decorations. Always remember to keep it safe and secured to prevent fragile materials from breaking. It would be a great addition to your bedroom or bathroom design since it can help in storing your used towels. You can hang it there to dry after use preventing unwanted smells from occurring. 

  1. Consider its Structural Capacity
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Blanket ladders look so sleek and aesthetically pleasing regardless of the interior design theme. But, always remember to consider the structural capacity of the ladder. We would not want it to slide off or fall to the floor. We want a blanket ladder design that can withstand the weight of the blankets or towels. Compared to using free-standing ones, using a ladder with wall support provides ease and security to stand alone. Apart from its sleek design, it is a gem where you can hang your thick and heavy blankets without feeling scared of it falling or sliding off. Be resourceful in choosing your blanket ladder because not all types and designs serve their purpose. 

  1. Pick the Wide Ones
Photo from Wayfair

For bigger blankets and towels, this ladder will come in handy. If you have a lot of blankets at home and you have no idea where to store or hang them, this wide blanket ladder should be one of your must-haves. It looks like an ordinary ladder but it comes with a wider construction that means you can put more blankets and even bigger ones. Wide ladders are more structurally stable considering that they have a wide span of leverage on the opposite sides of the rails. It is heavier than the narrow ones but it is a good idea because it can sustain the heavy weight of textiles too. This can add an industrial aesthetic to your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. You can even use it as a blanket and apron rack in your kitchen. 

  1. Add Small Botanical Plants
Photo from Wayfair

For those who love plants, you will love this idea of adding space for your little indoor botanical plants to the blanket ladder. Some may be wondering about the possibilities of it falling off and breaking. There are blanket ladders designed for these types of purposes. They come in steady and heavy to sustain the weight of blankets and all the other items you want to place. Compared to the normal blanket ladders, their design is not narrow. They are wide and the steps are wide too. This blanket ladder decor idea can spice up your home and keep fragile items out of children’s reach. 

  1. Style with Different Finishes
Photo from Amazon

Settling for one type of finish may come in too boring or too plain. What better way of spicing it up than working with two or more materials. As you can see in the image, they have combined steel and wood to come up with a decorative blanket ladder. They are designed to have these hanging features and even have a mini shelf on top too. This is a gem for your bedroom or bathroom where you can place your essentials before and after going to the bath. It keeps all your needs organized and in one place. 

  1. Make it Multi-Purpose

Always remember, in choosing a piece of furniture to design your space with, it needs to be functional. It needs to serve the space more than its purpose. In this case, a blanket ladder was also used to hang plants and hats. This is ideal, especially for those who want to have everything they need before going out. It keeps everything that you need in one place and organized rather than keeping them cluttered and all over the place. Designating a multi-purpose blanket ladder will save you space and money in buying more furniture that could have been just a ladder. Always explore the resources that you think would see fit to the needs of your house.