Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window? (FAQs Answered)

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The term bedroom is entitled to have at least one window for it to be considered one. But, this does not clarify the fact there are no bedrooms without windows in houses and properties. This situation happens when it is not supposed to be a bedroom or at least, it is converted into one. Whether it be rented or owned, a room without windows is inevitable. We all know how windows affect the ambiance and environment of the space. It brings light and fresh air circulation to the room without the need for air conditioners or even electric fans. Read on and allow us to give you enlightenment on all the questions you have in mind. 

Why Do Bedrooms Without Windows Exist? 

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It may not be something you are well-acquainted with but their existence is at the benefit of landlords. They make more units or properties to accommodate renters which means they generate more income. Most landlords convert a large bedroom into two to three to increase the rental costs of the unit. 

Windowless bedrooms are often enclosed by partitions that are not acoustically friendly. It takes a lot of risks to live in a bedroom without a window. The ambiance and environment are way different because of their inexistence. But, that does not mean it makes it less of livable space. Read on to have inspiration on how to work around a windowless bedroom. 

What to do When a Bedroom Has no Windows?

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When you have limited options of the units for lease or rent, it can be a bummer to have a windowless bedroom left. As much as you want to move in, the challenge of decorating and planning the layout remains on the top of the list. In order to work around with what you have, take it as an opportunity. Allow the tips below to give you inspiration on how to work around a windowless bedroom. Besides, you have to work and decide smartly when moving into a new home. 

Create a Focal Point

We all know how windows are meant to draw more attention than any face of the bedroom. Since you do not have one, we highly recommend creating an alternative focal point. It is about getting creative of working around with what you have. One of the most creative focal point alternatives is having an accent wall. This exhibits a face of the bedroom to be highlighted. On a more expensive note, an artificial fireplace would be a great idea too. It will keep you warm and establish a rather antiquated aesthetics. 

Paint the Walls with Light Colors

Painting the walls of a space is one of the cheapest ways of upgrading its aesthetic value. When you live in a windowless bedroom, the best and cheapest way to make the space work is by painting the walls with light colors. Since there is no natural lighting that will illuminate the room in the mornings, light and neutral colors will help in achieving just that. A fresh coat of white, beige, or cool grey would look pretty and refreshing on the walls. Any color that has a light shade would work. Just make sure that it is a color that you can work around with. 

Work Around with Mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to create an illusion to make the room look spacious. Since there are no windows on the walls, having a mirror would mimic the vibe of one. This establishes a break from a series of repetitive walls. Whether it be a full-length mirror or a mirror wall, it makes a huge difference to the feel of the bedroom. It may sound expensive but waking up your creative side will help in rooting for other alternatives. To accentuate the room, decorate the frame of the mirror to match the design style. Or better yet, keep them sleek and frameless. 

Layer Drapes

What better way of making a windowless bedroom work than pretending that there is a window? It mimics the feels of a bedroom with a window. Except for the fact that there is not. The best way to do so is by layering drapes on the walls. Using a curtain rod and layers of drapes, put it up to make it look like the bedroom has a window. Drapes are often used for large windows. That makes it more ideal than curtains. You can work with light-colored ones or patterned ones. This gives the walls a break from all the flatness of the paint. 

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have the ability to make a difference to a bedroom. It may not be the first thing you have in mind to spice things up. But, adding a fair few will help in establishing a refreshing environment. 

Balance Cool and Warm Lighting

Since there is no source of natural lighting, we have to step up the game when it comes to artificial lighting. This includes wall sconces, lamps, pendants, and even recessed lighting fixtures. We highly recommend having a sense of balance in the space by cool and warm lighting. Cool lighting will help in establishing a productive vibe. Meanwhile, warm lighting will help in relaxation and sleeping. 

Is a Bedroom Without Windows Legal? 

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Technically, a bedroom is not a bedroom without windows. This makes it illegal to have one. In order for a bedroom to be called one, it has to meet eye-to-eye criteria or standards. Popular belief suggests that a bedroom has to have a bed to be tagged as one. When in fact, what makes a bedroom a habitable space is its area, points of entry and exit, and indoor temperature control according to the International Residential Code or IRC pertaining to the regulation of habitable residential dwellings. 

What are the Benefits of a Windowless Bedroom?

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As much as we find the idea of having a windowless bedroom challenging, it comes with perks too. That makes having one more acceptable. Even without the windows, you can still make the most out of the space. Besides, this section makes it more convincing to sign the lease in acquiring one. We have rounded up the benefits of getting a windowless bedroom. 

Discounted Rate

If you are on a tight budget, having a windowless bedroom may seem to be a great idea. Since you are not getting the full package, the rental costs are lower than the usual regardless of the location of the bedroom. Working around your budget and weighing in the factors why you should get it will help. 

Maximized Use of Space

Since there are no other openings apart from the door, this will help in maximizing the use of the bedroom space. There is no need to worry about big cabinets getting in the way of the windows because there are none. It is a great reason to sign the lease because you have more room for all your belongings. On top of that, you can hang decorations, artworks, and even shelves. This gives you more opportunities to spice up the walls even without the windows. 

Energy Efficiency

In older houses, windows tend to make the space consume more energy instead of alleviating the consumption. The cool air escapes the room and warm air peeps through. This makes the air conditioning unit to be pressured because the room temperature is not maintained. Having a bedroom without windows means there is no need to worry about that. Old windows compromise the quality of indoor air. Thus, having none will save you the money of having a replacement window. 

What are the Disadvantages of a Windowless Bedroom?

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The fact that a bedroom has no window is already a disadvantage. It is essential to know the disadvantages in order to help you assess the situation and identify the risks that are at stake. Besides, it is hard to decide when you have an ideal place to live in mind. 

Compromised Safety

Since there are no other means of ingress and egress apart from the door, it compromises your safety in case of an emergency. The best example would be if there is a fire within the house or the building. It will take the firefighters a lot of effort to rescue whoever is in the room because they can only access the room from the door and not from the window. It limits the access points to and from the space. Since there are no windows, there is a high possibility that the fire will spread swiftly. 

Takes a Lot of Effort

Since there are no windows, it takes a lot of effort to work around with what you have. We all understand the importance of natural lighting and ventilation, especially in a bedroom. Without them, you need to adjust a lot in terms of bringing more light to the room and investing in appliances to allow the air to circulate. There are ways on how to adjust with the room but it will require time and money.