How Long Does it Take to Paint the Bedroom? (FAQs Answered)

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On average, it takes one to four days to paint the walls and ceilings depending on the size of the bed. The total work includes preparation, priming, and painting the entire space. It may take longer than expected but doing it the right way and at a gradual pace is the best way to do it. Painting the bedroom takes time and we want to ensure that you do not get to inhale the fumes once the painting job is done. Considering how it is the easiest way to update the bedroom features, painting is a rather cheap alternative to spice up the features of the space. We have rounded up the frequently asked questions about painting the bedroom with answers that will help you along the road.  

Is it Possible to Paint the Bedroom in an Hour? 

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The right type of paint will make it possible for you to paint the bedroom in an hour tops. To complete the painting job in an hour, preparation and planning are in order. We highly encourage to use of the same color of paint for both the walls and ceilings. This will save you the time of mixing and prepping the walls. Having everything prepared is convenient to have everything within the proximity of the area. 

Priming the walls reduces the number of coats necessary to fill the gaps. Quick-dry paints are readily available in the market if you are in a rush to upgrade the bedroom’s features. It makes it easier for you to see the missed spots. Having some help will save you the time of doing everything alone. When it comes to the application of paint, an hour would suffice with the help of other people and the use of quick-dry paint alongside.  

What is the Average Waiting Time for the Paint to Cure?

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On average, it usually takes 30 to 120 minutes for the paint to be all dried up. The curing of paint depends on the thickness and application. Drying and curing time is also dependent on the painting technique used for the wall. If you are painting in a rush, we highly recommend being wary of the sheen, type of paint, painting method, and application of paint. 

More than using quick-drying paint, using a roller than a brush will create an even and thin coating for the surfaces. For some, a paint sprayer may come in handy too but the coating would not be as thick as you want it to be. If you do not have a deadline to follow, a paint sprayer would be highly recommended. 

How to Quickly Paint the Bedroom Walls?

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Whether it be for a painting job or a DIY activity, it can be convenient to paint the bedroom walls quickly. As much as we want to get the job done immediately, there are steps to follow that will make the process easier and more convenient. We have rounded up tips on how to quickly paint the bedroom walls. 

Prepare the Bedroom

Before working on anything else, it would serve time best if you start by preparing the bedroom. Clear the area from furniture and decorations to prevent splashes of paint. This will give you more room for your materials to be within the floor space. Take time to clear and pack everything for the time being. This way, you would not be worried about paint staining on the furniture. Before the day of the painting job, we highly recommend working on it at least a day before. More than just moving everything around, it would be best to clean the walls with soap and water. Free the surfaces from dirt and dust that may cause lumps when the surface is painted over. 

Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools mean working on tools that you are comfortable with by hand. The way you handle the tools will make the painting time quicker. Whether it be a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer, work with a tool that you think will make the activity of application quicker but without compromising the quality of the output. The applicator should be helpful in allowing the paint to be easily applied on the surface. We highly recommend having a test run first with how the applicators work well with the paint. This will save you the time of trying different materials that you are comfortable using. 

Prime the Walls

Some may not agree with priming the walls. But, it actually saves you the time coating the walls multiple times. Primer acts like a concealer that makes the blemishes go away. A thin coating of primer would suffice to ensure the smoothness of the surfaces. The result of the primed walls depends on the cleanliness of the surface. They should be free from dust and dirt to prevent bulges and bubbles on the walls. Cleaning and priming the walls would do the trick to cut the time designated for the application of paint on the walls of the bedroom. 

Paint Edges and Corners First

The edges and the corners of the walls are the most challenging areas to paint. This is why we highly recommend working on them first before anything else. As it is a tedious job, doing it first will help in cutting the time designated for application. It makes it easier to work on the areas that are off-center. 

Is Painting a Room a DIY Job?

Painting a bedroom can be a DIY job if you are just going to prime and paint the walls to change the color. If the walls are in good condition, it would not be a bad thing to work on them on your own. Changing the color or doing touch-ups on the wall is a simple activity that does not require a pro to do for you. It is an activity that you can handle on your own considering how a bedroom is not as big as a living room or kitchen. More than just saving money on hiring professionals, you are more acquainted with the space than they are. If you prefer the quality results of the painting job of a professional, you better invest in top-notch quality equipment and materials that will make it comparable to a pro’s work. 

How Much Does it Usually Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

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The cost of painting the entire bedroom depends on the square footage of the space. A gallon of paint can cover a range of 300 to 400 square feet of space. Depending on how thick or thin the coat of the paint for the surface is, you can paint the bedroom for less than $25. If you are rooting to have a professional paint the bedroom, labor goes on top of the cost of the materials. For the bedroom, the range of the costs of having the bedroom painted is from $200 to $500 depending on the size and complexity of the space. 

How to Paint the Bedroom Like a Professional?

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As much as we want to hire a professional and do the dirty work for us, it can be fun to do it on our own. It does not necessarily mean that it has to look less pretty than it should be. This is a great experience to acquire, especially if you are fond of changing colors every now and then. Doing things your own will help you be independent when it comes to the upgrades of the bedroom. We have rounded up a couple of tricks on how to paint the bedroom like a professional for your reference. 

Work on the Mistakes While it is Wet

It is easier to fix where you did wrong when the paint is still wet, especially if the paint is water-based. This will help you save the time of going over the surface again because of some mistake. All you need to do is grab a damp towel and wipe the surface that you did wrong. This includes drips and splashes. Paint can be quite difficult to handle when they are all dried up, especially if you are working with quick-dry paint. Ensure that you can work on the mistake faster than the average time for it to dry. 

Sand the Surfaces

Before priming the walls, we highly recommend sanding the surfaces. This will help in concealing the blemishes and bumps. Bumps and blemishes tend to create bubbles when they are painted or primed over. Thus, after sanding the surfaces, dust the wall off to remove unwanted dust. Cleaning the walls well is the key to having a perfectly sleek surface. This helps in establishing a perfect surface for surrounding furniture and decorations in the bedroom. 

Prime the Walls Delicately

The primer acts as a concealer. They help in hiding uneven tones and colors that require you to place multiple coats on the walls. It saves you the time and money in having a thicker coat for the bedroom walls. Priming the walls delicately is the key to having a fair cover of paint on the surface.