How to Have a Cool Bedroom? 13 Sustainable Tips to Try

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Heat has a negative impact on our health. It is extremely difficult to concentrate at work, reduces our efficiency, and sometimes even sleeping can not provide respite from the symptoms. Furthermore, if you work or live in a confined place that heats up much more rapidly or where airflow is noticeably poorer than in vast rooms, surviving the scorching hot season has become a genuine challenge, to say the least. So, what are the most effective methods of keeping a bedroom cool in summer? Let’s have a look at some tried and true methods for cooling down a room in the most environmentally friendly manner.

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Close the Curtains During the Day

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While attempting to cut the heat off the bedroom, you could be asking why the drapes must be drawn tightly shut. Keeping your curtains open throughout the summertime will imply that the warmth of the sun will be able to enter your room. As a result, it is critical to keep the drapes or shutters shut throughout the day in order to keep the sun out. This will assist you in cooling the temperature inside your room, especially if you do not have air conditioning. The use of darker or blackout drapes in a bedroom that receives a lot of strong sunlight will help to keep the space from being overheated during periods only when the sun is at its most aggressive. If you don’t, the bedroom can end up looking like an improvised garden.

2. Hang a Wet Sheet on the Window

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In cases when you don’t have a fan on hand, considering this suggestion for how to keep a bedroom cool will help you a lot.  Whenever you place a moist blanket in front of the windows, the water evaporates as the outside air flows through the entire sheet, which will assist in cooling the bedroom.  Sheets in light colors should be used since they reflect sunlight and don’t transfer heat, therefore they are more energy-efficient.

3. Keep the Doors and Windows Open More

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The drapes can also be opened at nighttime in addition to being closed during the daytime. During the evening, the sun has set and you can appreciate the cold night wind, but this is not possible if the drapes are drawn. As a result, you must always leave the windows and internal openings window open in the bedroom. Additionally, having the windows open, can produce a crossing airflow, which will flood the bedroom with fresh, cold air.

4. Switch to Sustainable Lighting

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In addition to bulbs, electronic devices, such as computers, emits warm air. It may be tough to maintain a room cool throughout the day when these lighting fixtures are turned on. As a result, your room’s temperature goes up as a result of this. In an environmentally-friendly manner, opting for LED lights help maintain their temperature. They also have the added benefit of being more energy-efficient, which means you will save money on your electricity bills.

If you are unable to replace every one of the light bulbs at this time, you can temporarily shut off your lighting and take advantage of the natural lighting that is available in the bedroom. It will go the extra mile to help you stay cool in the summer. After that, you’ll be able to dim the lights at night. This will also help to lower the consumption of energy that you use each day.

5. Use Breathable Sheets

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A light-colored bedding set made of light cotton or linen is good for enhancing airflow and air temperature since they are breathable and allow for maximum ventilation. Cotton sheets will assist you in having a restful sleep more quickly in the warm season. They’ll also help you go into the greatest, most therapeutic sleeping pattern faster than heavier textiles like cashmere, as per the latest scientific studies.

6. Insulate the Doors

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If you find yourself devoting a fair amount of time to one area, we recommend shutting the door to the spaces you don’t use as frequently, such as bedrooms or toilets, to make more space. The cooled air is focused in a specific location, so shutting off parts of the house might help the space you’re in even the most drop-down faster and maintain its temperature for longer periods of time. If you have doors that have holes underneath, especially ones that lead outdoors, you should consider installing some insulating material. Weather tabs are a low-cost solution that can be installed by the homeowner themselves.

7. Mitigate the Humidity

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Those who live in a damp region may find that the moisture makes the hot weather feel all the more oppressive. Despite the fact that a dehumidifier will not lower the room temperature, it will assist in controlling the viscous, heavy atmosphere that causes warm days far more miserable. Because humidity slows the pace at which our perspiration drains, we tend to feel considerably warmer and greasier in humid conditions. Purchasing a dehumidifier may help to keep the bedroom more pleasant throughout the humid seasons of summer and fall.

8. Improve Air Circulation Through Fans

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Even though you live in an apartment lacking in air conditioning, fans can be your greatest ally – provided that they’re used properly. Because fans circulate air instead of chilling it, what you are doing with a fan or where you place it are important considerations.

Using fans to create a cross breeze is the most effective approach to distribute cold air while pushing warm air out. Using a fan, direct toward the warmest section of the bedroom from the coldest portion of the room. This will assist in drawing in cold air through one end of the room while pushing warmer air out of the other.

Simply place a huge dish of ice at a perspective in front of a fan to create a homemade air conditioning unit to keep cool. This simple approach allows you to get the chilly air from the ice inside your bedroom.

9. Shutting the Windows

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In the season of the hot summer months, the wisest thing that can be done to maintain a room cool instead of using an air conditioner is to ensure the windows are closed. This can be a difficult sell for all of us who enjoy being outside in the fresh outdoor air — but believe us when we say it helps. Maintaining the windows closed will help in managing the temperature within the bedroom a little lower if the air outdoors is warmer compared to the air inside.

10. Minimize the Use of Appliances

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The majority of devices produce some leftover heat. In addition to these appliances, there are other types of appliances that are specifically designed to generate large levels of heat, particularly the clothing dryer and the stove. Try using an interior drying rack instead of the clothes dryer for your laundry. A microwave is a substantial improvement over the conventional oven, although even this creates some warmth. Put off the grilling for some other day and rather regulate temperature by considering the option of great no-cook meals to enjoy.

11. Invest in a Cooling Mattress and Pillows

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Mattress technology that operates to assist you in maintaining a comfortable temperature at bedtime. There are several different air-cooling mattresses available, some of which feature moisture-wicking coverings and others that have permeable foam interiors to keep you cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

Aside from beds, you can also opt for cooling comfy pillows to ensure an even more peaceful night’s sleep. Using the linens to cover up while lying on the sofa will allow you to stay cool even when you’re not in bed. If you are unable to purchase cooling beds, pillows, and linens, you can use sheets on the bed and avoid using anything else. Cotton is more permeable than other fabrics, thus it will keep you feeling cooler during the nighttime hours.

12. Add a Film to the Windows

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Adding reflecting film to the windows will still enable the daylight to peek through, but it will cut the amount of heat emitted by the sun by over 60%, according to research. Because of this, the room will not become overheated and will remain cool all through the day.

13. Opt for Day and Night Blinds

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For those of you who have a bedroom that receives consistent daylight, or warm summer sunlight whenever you don’t want it, you’ll understand how frustrating it could be to try to adjust the quantity of light entering the space. If you use blackout curtains, the room becomes too gloomy, yet standard blinds may not provide adequate shade from the elements and the heat. It is an inventive way to solve this issue – a highly customizable sort of blinds that has screens of translucent and opaque material which can be positioned in precisely the way you wish, or made totally clear to let in as much light as you would like, or blocked out completely to physically block out the light.

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