How to Set Up a Living Room with a Sectional Couch – 9 Design Tips to Try

A sectional sofa introduces a more collaborative space for family and friends.  When properly arranged, they can make a difference with the atmosphere that makes it perfect for different activities. Considering their size and structure, it requires careful planning on how to set up a sectional couch in the living room. We want to ensure that the living room is maximized with the chosen layout of the sectional couch. It may look massive but the furniture’s functionality is beyond what a couch can offer. For a little inspiration, we have scooped 9 design tips to try on how to set up a living room with a sectional couch. 

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Identify the Focal Point 

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The first thing to look for is where to locate the focal point of the living room. This is the basis of where the layout should begin. As you stand at the entry of the living room, look at the face of the wall where your eyes are most drawn to. It helps in providing a lead to the center of attraction of the space. It can be a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, television, or just a random accent wall that looks different from the other faces of the space. A focal point allows the space to be more collaborative in terms of activities. Think of how will the center of the living room affect the accessibility and visual impact of the space. Having a focal point does not only apply to radial layouts but all layouts in particular. It provides an easier and more efficient way of planning the layout of the living room with a sectional couch. 

2. Know the Dimensions 

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Since a sectional couch is bulky and large, we highly suggest to know the dimensions of the furniture and plan how will it fit the space. The living room is often the most spacious area inside the house. Know how and where the sectional couch will enter and what strategy can you come up with to make the movement of the couch easier. You will not only consider the space that the sectional couch will cover but as well as the transport of the couch inside the house. Narrow doorways and openings can be a problem. If you are decided to purchase a sectional couch, opt for the ones that can is dismantled where you will be the one to put them together. This way, transportation and movement would not be that difficult. 

3. Plan the Layout 

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The next tip is coming up with a layout of the living room. Sketch the floor plan of the living room together with their window openings and doors. This will provide a better view of making the space more accessible for both the household and guests. It can be a bummer to know that the living room is not well planned and furniture is along the way of the point of entry. The location of the living room obtains great impact on the character of the household. It must bring cohesion to the other public spaces of the house as well. Planning the layout will prevent spaces from clashing one another in terms of design, function, and coordination. 

4. Swatch Colors and Materials

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Not being able to swatch colors and materials prior to purchase of a furniture is one of the common mistakes in setting up a living room with a sectional couch. If there are existing furniture in the living room, pick a sectional couch that will coordinate with the other ones in terms of design and aesthetic. Ensure that it will not only fit the space in terms of size but as well as the entirety of the living room. It would be best to go to your nearest hardware or home depot and check for available swatches of fabric and material for the upholstery of the sectional couch and line them up with the other existing furniture. This will take into consideration the beauty and functionality of the space. Having swatches will save you the time and energy of going back and forth the furniture store. Better yet, take pictures of the sectional couches that you find interesting. 

5. Establish Accessibility 

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The accessibility of the house begins in the living room. It is the core of the space where everybody in the house gathers for obvious reasons. In designing a living room with a sectional couch, it would be best to consider the flow and movement of the people around the furniture. Have enough room to clear the walkways and leave some excess for other spontaneous activities. Accessibility is one of the factors why starting with a focal point is important. Be in the space and feel how the sectional couch will make a difference with the accessibility of the living room. These are often the things people forget in planning a living room that becomes a problem in the long run. 

6. Locate the Placement of Furniture

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The best way to establish the flow of the users is by properly locating the placement of furniture. Free the space from all the elements and grab a tape and tape measure to mark the floor of the placement of the furniture. This will help in making room for the large composition of the sectional couch knowing whether or not it will fit the provided space. It makes the room look more organized and free from clutter. As much as possible, leave atleast three to four inches between each furniture. Avoid having the sectional couch too close to the wall for it may leave marks and scratches when left in a long time. 

7. Divide the Space According to Zones

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When using a sectional couch for the space, expect that there will be invisible zones drawn. This means that the living room will not be limited to entertainment, comfort, and hosting of guests but as well as other activities the household are fond of doing. Consider it as a multi-purpose space where the household are fond of spending most of their time. Dividing the space into zones using a sectional couch will help in inducing private conversations and more collaborative activities. 

8. Work with the Textiles

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Be selective on the textile to use for the sectional couch. It would be best to conduct research as to which are the high-quality types that can withstand heat, humidity, and stain. In cases where the textile is not stain-proof, seek for the ones that can be easily cleaned and does not subside in quality over time. The textile makes the entirety of the sectional couch. Different people sit and lounge every now and then. To maintain its quality, it would be best to settle with a top-notch material that does not fluff or flake after a long period of time. Always remember that the living room is the front line of the house. Thus, it should look aesthetically pleasing and functional at all times. 

9. Strive for Comfort 

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Apart from the material, the sectional couch should also strive for comfort. As the main furniture of the living room, the users should feel at home and comfortable when sitting or lounging in the couch. Comfort is one of the most important considerations in choosing a sectional couch. Purchasing one online can be quite disappointing at times, especially when you are not able to touch and feel the textile and cushion used. 

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