5 Simple Ways on How to Make a Bedroom Out of a Living Room

Are you constantly trying to find ways to maximize your small living space? Or perhaps you live in a tiny apartment and you wish for more elbow room? If you live in a studio apartment, it could be quite tricky to make room for everything you need especially if the floor space is too small.

For instance, if you live in a studio apartment, it means that you do not have a separate bedroom. This kind of setup would be difficult especially when you always have guests over. If you’re in desperate need of some privacy in your own home or you just want to create a personal area that’s separate from the rest, here are a couple of ways to help you on how to make a bedroom out of a living room.

Evaluate The House

To start, you need to understand the space that you have to work with. Take a look at your living room and determine the layout when it’s bare. Get the exact measurement. Take note of any weird or uneven space or corners. 

What kind of bed can you fit in the room? Would you like the sleeping area to be near the window? Should you get a sofa bed to save more space? These are a couple of questions that you’ll come face-to-face with.

It’s important to know every nook and cranny in your living room so that you’ll be able to figure out how to do the furniture arrangement in your small living room. By doing this, you’ll be able to come up with the best solution in terms of how to plan the bedroom layout, choose your furniture, and eventually execute the interior design.

Ways to Enlarge The Space

For those who have a studio apartment or those that wish to turn their small living room into a bedroom, you can do a few tweaks that will trick the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. Here are a couple of ideas which you can do to make an illusion that the room is bigger


In any discussion of how to enlarge a space, the idea of using mirrors is always present. A large floor mirror or a wall mirror will not only bounce off light, but it will also reflect certain parts of the house, which will then trick the eye into believing that there is more area in the room.

Wall Paint

White wall paint has reflective abilities just like mirrors. Apart from that, they also give the room a sense of being airy and bright. When you paint all the walls white, it blurs out boundaries on the walls, making the room look wider and larger.


If you have windows in your small living room or your small studio apartment, you should skip the drapes and let the light in. Similar to what was mentioned above, light bounces from the wall  which then illuminates the whole area.

Keep it Lowkey

Forget about rugs, brocade curtains, drapes, and big furniture. When it comes to maximizing a space and making it look bigger, you need to minimize the furniture. Remember that the more pieces of items you have in the room, the more it will look cluttered.

Get Functional Furniture

When you live in a small apartment, it’s crucial that your chosen furniture piece can also be used in other ways. You can get a stool that opens up to provide some storage space. Pick a coffee table that has many compartments to store smaller items. A slim bar table and stool can also be a kitchen or dinner table, especially when you have people over. And in case you’re planning to turn your living room area into a bedroom, maybe try getting a foldable bed that can double as a sofa during the daytime. To help you further, here are other multifunctional furniture items that might be useful in your home.

Sectional Sofa with Storage

Image from: duobedfurniture (IG)

Sofas and couches usually take a lot of space in the living room. But if they can be used in other ways, then, that would be more ideal especially if you’re living in a small space. There are some sofas that have storage underneath. While there are those that can be turned into a guest bed when you have a visitors that needs to stay overnight. There are also some designs with bookcases on the side.

Extendable Dining Table

If you still have some space in the room and want to make a small nook for dining, better opt for an extendable dining table. Their sides can be folded and used as a desktop and used as a dining table when family and friends are over for dinner.

Versatile Ottoman

Ottomans are perfect for small spaces because they’re small and compact. Aside from that, it’s additional extra seating for guests when the couch is full. But, if you want to hit two birds with one stone, better pick one that can also open up as storage.

Lift-Top Coffee Table

Image from: pastos.co (IG)

A lift-top coffee table might be unconventional and a little out of the picture when it comes to design aesthetics. But, if you’re talking about small spaces and tiny houses, this kind of furniture will be included at the top of the list.

Keep your things organized and tuck away your remote controls, magazines, and other bits and bobs neatly inside the coffee table. It could also extend fully so it can double up as a desk if ever you need one while you’re working at home.

Platform Storage Bed

Image from: southandbirch (IG)

Picking the right bed for your small studio apartment could be crucial. It could either be too bulky and might end up taking all of the space. As a solution, get a bed that has drawers at the bottom that can also be used as extra storage. 

Get Creative With Your Partitions

If you don’t like the idea of people sitting on your bed or invading your personal space, then you better create a partition in the room. Even if your house is small, you should set out some boundaries to make sure that you maintain your privacy. 

The simple solution to this problem would be to get a room divider. The divider will not only function as a decor but it’s a practical way to create a division. Whether you put up a permanent or a temporary divider, the choice is completely up to you. Here are a couple of options when it comes to room dividers.

Get Curtains

One of the most popular ways to create a partition in the room is to use curtains. In order to do this, you can hang a curtain rod across the room, preferably between where your bedroom will be and the living room/dining room area. Once you’ve installed it securely, you can hang a curtain with a soft and flowy material that’s opaque enough so that people won’t see through it.

Make Use of Existing Furniture

Another way to create a division in the room is to use already existing furniture. It’s both practical and budget-friendly. If you have a large closet or a tall and wide shelf, you can place it beside your bed to create some privacy and to separate the bedroom from the rest of the room.

Utilize Your Projector Screen

A pull-down projector screen might be unusual but it also works perfectly fine. If you think of it, it’s actually a smart alternative for a living space partition. Aside from being used as a screen for movie nights, it also doubles as a divider when you can hide your bedroom behind. You can even use projector screens that can be visible from both sides. So, you can either enjoy some movie while on your bed or in the living room area.

Image from: thewhitedoghouse (IG)

Use Salvaged Items

For something a little more creative, you can visit your local thrift store to salvage some items that can be used as a room divider. Old doors and windows are a good option but be careful when you install them at home and make sure there are no broken glass or splinters. If they’re made of wood, you might have to sand them down to make sure that the surface is smooth. You also have the option to paint it according to your preference.

Make a Green Wall

Bring some plants into your small living space by creating your own green wall. You can get shelving units and fill them up with plants. Choose plants that can thrive indoors and are easy to take care of. Aside from being a room divider, plants around the house are also good for your health. Plus, if you’re into yoga and meditation, this green wall will help in bringing calmness and serenity.

Create a Loft Bed

If you have the time and the budget for customization, one of the best ways to create a bedroom in your living room is to build a loft bed. While this might remind you of a college dorm room, you can upgrade it using a few tricks and tweaks. And if you’re feeling deprived because of the small space and are desperately looking for ways to have more legroom, you might want to consider building a loft bedroom.

Wooden Loft With Closet Storage

If you’re in dire need of some extra storage space, the idea of a loft bed with a closet underneath would be a fantastic alternative. You have your bed built high enough to create a closet space beneath it so you’ll have somewhere to keep all your clothes, shoes, bags, and other personal things that you want to keep tucked away.

Loft Bed With Stair Storage

You can see a lot of this style in tiny movable houses since people who adapt to tiny house living needs as much extra space as they can get. This way, they can easily transfer from one area to another without worrying about not having everything they need with them. But this will also suit those that live in a small apartment or studio units.

Instead of using a metal bar as stairs, why not consider creating a staircase on the side of the wall that can also double up as additional storage? Keep your things organized by putting small labels on each stair drawer so you know where to put and get your household items.

Low Bed

If you don’t like the idea of climbing stairs and sleeping while suspended near the ceiling, another option would be to create a bed that is slightly elevated from the floor. One that is four feet tall might just be the right elevation to make people that are afraid of heights more comfortable. And instead of building a hollow platform, you can turn it into cabinets that will be spacious enough to keep most of your personal items.

Loft Bed With Home Office

Another popular loft idea is one with a small office underneath it. Those who usually work from home will make a lot of use of this kind of small space design, especially if you have a tiny apartment or a small living room. It would be difficult to work at home when you constantly have to figure out a makeshift workstation. So, having a designated place for work is essential for productivity and focus. Plus, it makes your place look more functional and organized.

Bunker Bed

Image from: sellyourhomewithjoann (IG)

A bunker bed is also a good idea when it comes to space-saving. While the top bed should remain exclusive for your use, the bottom bed can serve as a guest bedroom area. Another tip is to customize it to look like a daybed. Guests can either use it as a sitting area during the day or a place to sleep when they want to stay at your place.