9 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Transform the Space

To nail any kitchen design, investing in lighting is highly recommended in order to make the space more functional yet manage its aesthetic impact. Lighting allows the space to make cooking more entertaining rather than just being a busy job. It creates the illusion of extending the space appearing to be more spacious than it actually is. Lighting does the job of highlighting the best features of the kitchen and building a specific environment for a high-traffic area. We have rounded up 9 kitchen lighting ideas that can transform the character and atmosphere of the space. 

Highlight the Height of the Kitchen

Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles

When it comes to the lighting design of the kitchen, the height of the kitchen should be highlighted. This enhances how light is spread throughout the room. What we love about this kitchen lighting is how they maximized natural and artificial lighting that did not compromise the entirety of the kitchen. The skylight looks like a regular lighting fixture during the day. They do not consume energy which makes them sustainable. Even though the floor-to-ceiling height is generous, natural lighting manages to diffuse throughout the space leaving no awkward spaces. It is important to establish the points of the kitchen to be illuminated. 

Illuminate the Working Zones

Image Credit: The Fancy Place

The kitchen is a busy area. This makes it ideal to pay attention to the working zones of the space. It introduces effectiveness and productivity within the kitchen. As seen in the inspiration above, they worked with both task lighting and ambient lighting. Recessed lighting is often used in any space within the house. They are small pin lights distributed throughout the space to even out the lighting. What makes this lighting design more effective is the under the cabinet lighting. These are the ones often forgotten about when in fact they play an important part, especially in the preparation phase of cooking. 

Accentuate with Color

Image Credit: Higham Furniture

Apart from the even distribution of lighting, color and temperature are also important. Color helps in building the ambiance of the kitchen. They create a warm and welcoming environment for the household and even the guests. We understand how cooking can be entertaining too having someone watching as you prepare the meals. By the looks of this kitchen design, the accessories are visually impactful similar to being within your comfort zone. What we love about this kitchen lighting design is how they worked with pin lights, pendant lights, and strip lighting. They make a perfect combination of white and warm lights. 

Maximize Natural Lighting

Image Credit: Black Lacquer Design

More than just the artificial lighting fixtures, natural lighting is also essential. It makes a sustainable choice of illuminating the kitchen space without the space acquiring heat. As seen in the inspiration above, they have a series of overhead windows that are not necessarily there for the view but for the lighting. It makes a great choice to maximize the morning light as they build a sweet and warm environment perfect for morning coffee and afternoon tea. The windows allow natural lighting to enter the space limiting the need for artificial lighting during the day. 

Incorporate Modern Touches

Image Credit: YLighting

To spice up the modern kitchen design, it is all about highlighting corners without compromising the work zones of the kitchen. This inspiration is a combination of recessed pin lights and overhanging pin lights. These two are completely different in terms of shape, the intensity of light, and color but they make a great impact in bringing the kitchen space together. The lighting color works for both productivity and relaxation. It introduces a subtle amount of saturation to zones that are most important for the kitchen. Besides, having too much light can be quite straining for the eyes. 

Light Up the Working Zones

Image Credit: The Lighting Outlet

Yet another way of spicing up the lighting of the kitchen is through a subtle amount of lights diffusing throughout the space. This does not mean that the kitchen is not well illuminated. When in fact, it is. The temperature and intensity do not harm nor strain the eyes. At the same time, they make great ambient lighting for the kitchen. Something that is not too grand but not too simple too. Imagine cooking dinner inside this wonderful space having both white and warm lighting spread throughout the space. The intensity of the light is dependent on how big and tall the space is. 

Hang Adjustable Fixtures

Image Credit: LED World

Using track lights for the kitchen is not something that you expect from one. They are usually dominated by pendant and pin lights throughout the ceiling. This idea makes a great lighting source when there is a variety of zones to be illuminated but do not want to overdo the lighting design. Track lights are adjustable to where you want to point the light to. The temperature and color can also be adjusted according to your liking. Overhang lighting makes the most out of the space that needs to be illuminated. It saves you the inconvenience of knowing where you want to put all the other lights in the space. 

Saturate the Space

Image Credit: The Lighting Warehouse

It is normal to have an all-white kitchen. But, does that affect the environment and ambiance of the kitchen? In fact, it does. The kitchen is filled with a variety of activities that encourage productivity. This is why the temperature of the light is important. As seen in the inspiration above, warm colors help in making the food look more sumptuous. Make the lighting work by saturating the space. They make a transformative difference to how the kitchen functions. The warm glow takes a tweak or two with the visual aesthetic of the kitchen. 

Combine a Variety of Lighting Sources

Image Credit: Urban Cottage Industries

It is not a sin to try and work with different lighting fixtures. In fact, it is a way of building an effective lighting design for the kitchen space. We love the industrial touches of the pendant lights arranged within equal distances to illuminate the work and bar table. The subtle under the cabinet lighting is just the right amount of lighting as you wash the dishes or work on storage. Pin lights also did a pretty good job in balancing out the warm lights. Being within the space will not make you feel like you are in the kitchen.