11 Living Room Ideas with a Fireplace

The living room is a communal area within a home that brings the entire household together. It is a place for relaxation, entertainment, gathering, or just a place to settle down after a long day at work. The living room alone is already comforting. What more if a fireplace is all set up? It builds a warm and intimate atmosphere you will prefer sipping a glass of wine next to. 

A fireplace kicks back the vintage and luxurious touch every living room in the early centuries used to have. As much as it brings warmth and compassion to the entire place, placing a fireplace can be a challenge. It becomes more complex because of the entire system of the fireplace. Thanks to these 11 living room ideas with a fireplace, you can get some inspiration for your next interior renovation. 

The Focal Point

Photo from Houzz

There are plenty of layout options for a living room with a fireplace. One of which is the basic centered layout. The fireplace is located in the center of the living room recessed in an accent wall with the furniture surrounding it. It works evidently, especially when you want the warm up the entire living room and parts of the house. The marble wall cladding served as an accent wall that cancels the idea of having a plain and boring wall. Often found in residential homes of cold climates, fireplaces are more effective when they are located. It is suitable to have it placed next to or within close proximity to the window. 

The Touch of Mediterranean 

Photo from MyDomaine

When you have opportunities for large windows, it should give you more reasons to have a fireplace to combat the cold. The Mediterranean vibe in this design concept from MyDomaine works both ways for cold and warm climates. The intricate design focuses more on the amount of natural light acquired. The goal is to maximize the use of the living room, regardless of the temperature. Thanks to the warm and cozy furniture, it beats the odds on lounging on the couch after a tiring day at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to rub your feet on the fuzzy warm carpet while the fireplace is all lit up? 

The Contemporary Concept

If you’re not a fan of the centered layout for the fireplace, another option would be centered but covered up. Not all are a fan of modernity thus the option for a clean contemporary concept. The good thing about this fireplace layout is that it is not that of a visual clutter. This enables more seating capacity and, at the same time, can work with an asymmetric layout. Fireplaces work perfectly in any design concept. Even when it’s modern, contemporary, vintage, and minimalist, all these concepts are spiced up by a fireplace. It glues all the elements together. It gives the household something to look at. 

The Modern Farmhouse

Photo from Trendir

If you’re up for an asymmetrical challenge, this design concept from Trendir is a modern farmhouse style. The living room is a combination of light, dark, and warm colors that elaborates simplicity and order even without symmetry. The position of the fireplace is a safe space considering that it is attached to an exterior wall. This means that the chimney is positioned accordingly without becoming a challenge to the exterior design of the house. In addition, it is recessed blending well with the icon wall. What gave away the Scandinavian touch is accessorizing the wall with a bull’s skull. It drives a more personal touch to the design even when you’re rooting for a modern concept. 

The Scandinavian Approach

Photo from Homedit

One of the greatest design hits of the 21st century is the Scandinavian design. It is a sophisticated design that focuses on clean and orderly design. Often mistaken for a minimalist interior, the Scandi concept proposes functionality in every element within a living space. Thanks to the example design from Homedit, they utilized the fireplace recessed to the wall as a divider in between the living area and the kitchen. In addition, instead of leaving all the wood building material, it is defined in a linear manner sensing direction towards the communal areas. The layout of the fireplace is centered with the U-shaped couch surrounding it. What is iconic about this design is how the fireplace had a built-in storage for the cuts of wood. 

The Victorian Space

Photo from MyDomaine

Every design nowadays is spiced up with a touch of modernity. It keeps the design simple and straightforward. There are not many accessories to make it look clean. It is the elements and furniture speaking for itself. The fireplace is centered in an asymmetrical approach. The planning may be imbalanced but the positioning of the fireplace in bold color outweighs the imbalances. Sometimes, it’s better to spice things up with a little color. Besides, plain surfaces can be boring when there are too many. The design concept by MyDomaine utilized outdated couches and incorporated it in a modern living room design. Even with the predominance of the modern concept, they utilized a combination of rough and sleek textures. 

The Modern Rustic Concept

Photo from iStock

If you can’t decide between rough and sleek building materials, this modern rustic concept by iStock should definitely give you inspiration. Evaluating the entire living room space, it has a masculine vibe that focuses on simple and effective design. It may not be a preference of some but they built an accent wall with a recessed fireplace and a hanging television alongside. The overlay of the light stone cladding on the accent wall and the slate gray-finished Montana Ledge stone behind it sets leverage in terms of color. By the looks of it, the living room is spacious enough to cater to more seating capacity than it currently has. The dark grey wall allowed a sense of limitation and division within the room to make it look more compact. 

The Neutral Design 

Photo from Modsy Blog

If you want to settle for a simple yet impactful design, this inspiration from Modsy Blog should be on your top pics. These days, we are rooting for a design that will maximize the entire space of a room. At the same time, it would not compromise the functionality of the space. Besides, more than just being the iconic space where everyone lounges, the living room must offer comfort, privacy, and intimacy. Thanks to the bold black fireplace, it kept the textures at a minimum. Wood and concrete are its predominant building materials but its the plain off-white walls that outweighed it. The elements must be distributed accordingly from left to right. It may be a small space to design but the positioning of the furniture did not make it look congested at all. 

The Golden Age

Photo from iBuildNew

This design inspiration from iBuildNew makes you reminisce the grandeur of the wealthy royalties in the movie Spartacus. It’s just that the use of gold-plated finishes in this design is for the sake of accentuating the dark and light hues. At first glance, it’s definitely an IG-worthy living room. The symmetrical layout is what gave it away. It provided a sense of direction towards the fireplace. What you can see on the left is also seen on the right. There is order in design exhibiting cleanliness and clarity. 

The Tropical Slide

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

Having to choose between dark and splashing colors can be a struggle in designing a home. But, in this design inspiration by Better Homes and Gardens, who knew the colors would compliment one another? Considering the materials used, it has this tropical vibe incorporated with a darker edge. The layout used is symmetrical balancing the visual impact of the furniture placement. In addition, its focal point is towards the Victorian fireplace. The vintage touch balances the use of handcrafted seating furniture. It’s a design you wouldn’t expect would work. More than just the tropical vibe, it has a lighter ambiance, regardless of the use of the dark tones. 

The Light and Airy Cave

Another cozy cave is this design inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens. This is an ideal option if you seek a light and clean design. The colors may seem simple but thanks to the different shades of grey and brown, they are not boring. It’s a great design where a fireplace would work evidently and blend effortlessly. The tones are cool and the saturated color the fireplace will bring can neutralize the mood. It can build an atmosphere that is perfect for snuggling and sipping a glass of red wine after a tiring day. Based on the types of textiles used for the upholstered couch and armchairs, it upholds sophistication in the simplest way possible. There is no need for grand patterns and textures to establish an elite design. It’s definitely a design you would want for your living room with a fireplace.