6 Ideas for Modern Living Rooms Ideas

Photo from Freepik

These days, the vintage concept can be quite on the trend with how they incorporate it with the metro modern design. With all the edges and mute colors, modern is indeed a design that works whether a living room is small or big. It is more flexible to work with even with DIY projects. Modern design is the sister of the minimalist approach. The entire look may seem simple but the mix and match of the elements may seem a challenge for the modern approach. We’re up for grand and sleek modernism induced in a plain and old living room. 

If you’re up for an exquisite interior design, it is your objective to value every square meter filling the entire space with an effective design. The objective is to design your modern living room in accordance with how sought-after interior designers would exhibit it. Bold elements in patterns or textures work well with the materials, textiles, furniture, and wall art. Interior designers, architects, and decorators bring life to a modern living room. That is how these stylish selections of living rooms would enlighten your design misery. 

The Modern Industrial Finish

Photo from Beyond Furniture

The Modern Industrial Finish exhibits an effortless design with a sophisticated approach. From the flooring to the pieces of furniture used, everything blends well accordingly. In this design, you can see how the wall is in unfinished concrete panel output. Even though the floor-to-ceiling height is limited, the wall paneling made the design look compact but not cluttered. In modern designs, it is evident to work with different wall finishes that are beyond your comfort zone. 

In terms of the furniture, the eye-catching icon from the design of Beyond Furniture is the chocolate velvet couch. The textiles may be uniform in type but the variations in color brought unity. Velvet textiles vary in color, especially when your hand is paved on the surface. It gives it the old-aged look but used in a modern approach. The carpet, on the other hand, is in plum color highlighted from the sleek-polished wooden boards for the flooring. If you’re a fan of a risk-taking design, The Modern Industrial Finish is the choice to make. 

The Cooler Cave

Photo from Spacejoy

The Cooler Cave is an ideal design for those who are a fan of cooler tones. In modern design, the colors used are often in hues of brown, grey, black, and other saturated colors. This design is a modern approach utilizing hues of blue and grey. As you can see, the entire look establishes a refreshing ambiance, especially when you have a big window acquiring natural lighting. The great thing about this color palette is that even though there are different shades of blue and grey, they still manage to look clean and neat. 

Modern design may seem to be the edge of the 20th Century implied by the pieces of furniture from the image above. The dominant colors may seem obvious but the designer still managed to throw in a little amount of warm tones applied on the coffee and side table. When it comes to the textiles used, it is a balance of blue and grey. The pillows are a combination of patterned and plaid to have a minimum impact on the entire design. The good thing about this design is how they incorporated rough textiles for the upholstery of the couch and the carpet. 

The Muted Crate 

Photo from My Domaine

If you have a living room with large framed windows, The Muted Crate is a design type to establish. The splash of muted and saturated colors works evidently with one another. It may be a simple approach for a modern living room design but the combination of materials is indeed challenging. Starting from the walls and the ceiling, it became a free-flowing design since they are both of the same colors. This tip is ideal, especially when you have limited floor-to-ceiling height. In addition to the large windows, even though it is just approximately four meters in height, it looks taller than that. The vertical visual impact is what matters. 

In terms of the furniture, you need to pick a variety. In the image above, you can see that there are three sitting pieces of furniture of different materials. The icon is the pale warm linear couch overlaid with a blue-grey knitted blanket. It is the icon because, in spite of the warm textiles used for the other two chairs, it stood out. That is what we are rooting for in a modern design. The use of soft textiles for the upholstery builds a cozy and intimate ambiance where you can have tea in the afternoon and wine in the evening. 

The Skyline Suite 

Photo from Sim Dream Homes

If you’re up for an extravagant touch to your ordinary modern living room, The Skyline Suite should be on the top of your list. The design is simply executed but what makes it sophisticated is the floor-to-ceiling windows having the opportunity to view the skyline of the metro. If you have a generous amount of space for the living room, take the opportunity to use the view as wall art. It is a genuine connection with the beauty of urban life. The Skyline Suite exhibited a simple design but maximized the view through re-orienting the plan of the furniture. 

The design from the Sim Dream Homes is the icon for modern design. It is simple, clutter-free, direct, and neutral. At first glance, it may be an easy design to work with but the overlaying of the materials is what made it one-of-a-kind. The iconic piece on the image above is the armchair on the middle right portion of the image. It is not an element you would think will blend with the design. Most of the tones used for the room are warm and that made it stand out. The sleek metal material for the post of the chair is viable. It is the materials used that identified The Skyline Suite as a modern living room design. 

The Modern Mid-Century Touch

Photo from Coco + Kelley

In modern design, choosing the colors to use is a challenge for all designers. The colors available are limitless but sometimes, it is ideal to stick with the basics. The image above is a modern interior design sprinkled with a touch of mid-century concept. It may somehow seem to contradict one another considering the timeframe but the incorporation of the design work. The Modern Mid-Century Touch utilized three building materials; wood, stone, and concrete. These three powerful materials in different finishes established a sense of division. 

The differences in material set the focus on the faces of the room and made it ideal for the pieces of furniture to be rustic but simple. The faces are in variating textures. Even though the textiles are of the same color as the walls and the ceiling, their textures allowed these elements to overlay. Their chosen couch is in plaid cotton white. The use of soft textiles is what made the room more cozy keeping the concept intact. In addition, they utilized an industrial Scandi chair as an iconic piece. This design works well for medium to large living room spaces. 

The Modern Boho 

Photo from Real Simple

If you have a living room with limited space for furniture allocation, The Modern Boho should be on the top of your list. It is a modern design concept for a living room that accentuates the outdoors towards the indoors. As you can see from the design of Real Simple, the space is very compact but they still managed to design it with floor-to-ceiling windows. With the help of white paint, the natural light bounces indoors and distributes the acquired light throughout the living area. It provides a fresh look blending with the mute and warm colors. 

In this design, there is no sense of division. It utilized the open-plan technique to maximize the floor area of the entire house. Besides, as much as possible, communal areas must be interconnected to cater to a higher seating capacity. The seats can cater to four to five people at the most comfortably seated. When the living area is next to the dining area, it can be higher than the ideal number. Considering that the modern design is compact, plan the living room with what is needed. It portrays asymmetry but the elements remain organized. 

The tones of grey and brown for the upholstery and textile bring out the best in delivering a cozy and warm vibe. Sometimes, all it takes is the preference of texture to achieve your preferred design. The modern concept in this design is achieved through the use of edgy materials for the side table and lighting fixture. They may seem to be just an additional accessory but it balances the curves of the couch, coffee table, and the desk lamps. It evens out the cornered geometry. If you’re looking for an achievable on-trend look, The Modern Boho is just the thing for you.