10 Ideas for Contemporary Living Rooms

Designing a living room can be quite a challenge when there are plenty of ideas on the internet to choose from. To free you from the hassle of looking at a limitless number of inspirations, dig into contemporary living room ideas. It is in between minimalist and complex design allowing you to make the room more personalized. The numerous selection of lighting fixtures, couches, armchairs, and tables may seem to give you trouble. But with contemporary design, it has sleek edges with moderate curves. It is a low-profile design exhibiting balance in terms of color, shape, and texture. Here are 10 contemporary living room ideas you can check out for your next home remodeling or redesign.  

  1. Hotel Vibe
Photo from Havenly

Contemporary design is a simple yet impactful concept that highlights the furniture more rather than the walls around it. In this design inspiration from Havenly, we have a design with a hotel vibe considering the furniture selection. It is the curves of the seating furniture that made the design clean and elegant. The use of patterns in textiles is at a minimum but the variations in the materials of the upholstery made a statement. What we love in every contemporary living room is how all the pieces work when put together. By looking at it, you can glance at the lighting fixture as it makes the vibe similar to a hotel lobby. It is highly suggested to pick a lighting fixture that will not only illuminate the room but the elements surrounding it. 

  1. Clean in White
Photo from The Savvy Heart

As a neutral design, the contemporary concept in interior design may surprise you with how manageable they seem to look when finished. This design from The Savvy Heart is free from complications in which all are pretty straightforward. It may be lacking in patterns and all these heavy elements but the textures alone are driven to make an impact. The white glossy-finished walls did not make the elements within the room look floating. Instead, it made it look airy and well-ventilated. What we love about this design is the aesthetic massive pendant lighting. It has this industrial touch that matches the simple design of the living room. Thanks to the sleek finishes of the coffee table and the armchair on the side, it balanced the flatness of the couch and the flooring material. 

  1. Open Living
Photo from Spacejoy

It is the statement color that brings the contemporary living room to life. In contemporary living rooms, colors are pretty important. They must not be vivid but rather subtle since it is a neutral concept. In this design inspiration from Spacejoy, it is the curved statement couch in indigo that gave away the contemporary vibe. We love the combination of materials in this design, the textiles in particular. Look at the sleek velvet couch with the rustic fleece blanket. It builds a cozy atmosphere perfect for lounging after a long day at work. It is the best place you would want to chill with friends or even alone. In this design, we can observe that the furniture used is lacking in straight edges which is a characteristic of contemporary design. 

  1. Monochromatic Living 
Photo from Behance

In contrary to the life striking colors bring, monochromatic living rooms still manage to make a visual impact. This contemporary living room is a compact design combining the living room and an open office. Thanks to the design inspiration from Behance, we get to have an idea of how to combine different textiles that work well. In this case, it is the fluffy carpet, leather couch, and silk and canvas throw pillows that gave it away. The warm shades of grey allowed the room to look sophisticated when paired with different hues of white. Even though grey is the predominant color, the whites gave a clean look to the living room. In designing a contemporary living room, invest in the materials of the textiles. This will make the living room look more dynamic. 

  1. Two to Tango
Photo from Pinterest

We love the combination of textures and colors in every contemporary living room. In this case, the designer opts for wood and stone as the primary building materials. But what made it stunning in contemporary is the sectional couch. Often used in open layouts, a sectional couch is one of the characters that build a contemporary living room. We love the subtle use of metallic for the legs of the coffee tables and the armchair. It added a sophisticated character to the entire design. Thanks to this inspiration from Pinterest, we take a grasp of ideas on how to spice up the walls of the living room. In this case, the accent wall is the one opposite to the television. Pick a wall to pour heavy materials that you think would complement your furniture preferences. 

  1. Asymmetrical Art
Photo from Pinterest

In designing a living room, it is common to design safe and simple but simple is not something we do in contemporary design. This example from Pinterest gives us an idea of a subtle design. What we love about this design is the minimalist wall decor with primary colors as its predominant scheme. In contemporary design, the first thing to invest in is the furniture. In this case, we love the curved Chaise couch in off-white. It is contrasting with the wooden mesh chairs on the side. This is an asymmetrical art that adapts to modern design incorporating different design concepts in one. In this case, contemporary, modern, and industrial interiors. It emphasizes clarity and organization in design without over or under design the living space. 

  1. Suave Interior
Photo from Décor Aid

It is the opportunities for natural lighting that we love in every living room space. In addition, it is best paired with elegant lighting fixtures. This design inspiration from Décor Aid gives us an idea that it is not necessary to invest in grand and massive lighting fixtures. Keeping it simple is one way of achieving a contemporary design for a living room without making it look dull and boring. The design is composed of wall sconce, floor lamp, and pendant lighting of which all are in white finish. It gives a clean look to the room. Even if the walls are in plain white, it is the window casings and entablatures that defined the edges of the windows.  The design is focused on the three iconic seating furniture defining three different architectural styles. 

  1. Contemporary Chic

It is the character built in every living room that establishes a sense of identity to exhibit a contemporary design. Most often than not, they settle for a clean and neat design in achieving the contemporary concept. But, in this case, it is the exact opposite. Thanks to this exemplary inspiration from Finnish Design Shop, we have another perspective of contemporary design that is not conventional. It has this cozy and relaxing character that is established by the warm leather of the couch and the polished wooden coffee table. The warm hues were outweighed by the bold Aegean blue-painted walls. With the massive wall decorations, it adds details to the flat surface in the most creative manner. What gave away the idea that it is classified under contemporary design is the incorporation of different heavy materials such as concrete, stone, and wood. 

  1. Bold Industrial
Photo from Lux Deco

In every living room design, apart from the window opportunities, it is the view that taps the creativity of designers. This inspiration opts for artificial scenery. This is the perfect match for a contemporary living room. Technically, it is a living space that has hints of being a party-goer type of household. In this case, the design of the living room caters to both group and intimate gatherings. What we love about this design inspiration from Lux Deco are the rustic armchair and three-piece slate-colored couch. The design is in unified dark color flowing from the accent wall towards the carpet on the floor. It is the placement of elements that made the design look sleek and flawless. 

  1. Ageless Appeal
Photo from Decoholic

It is the sleek upholstered vintage couches that take the breath away in a contemporary living room. Apart from the arrangement of the elements, it is the biggest investment in interior design. It highlights the concept that you want to achieve. More than just the comfort a living room brings, design with an aesthetic value that unites the entire space. This design from Decoholic is designed with monotonous hues of blacks, greys, and whites. It is the color scheme that made it look clean and organized. Thanks to the clean edges of the coffee table and the mirror, it balanced the curves of the couch. Apart from the couch and the colors, another thing to look out for is the lighting fixture. In this case, it is a fixture attached to a wall exhibiting an industrial vibe.