17 Red Bedroom Ideas for a Daring and Romantic Space

Red is a color of passion and warmth. It may often be used as a color for the holidays but it is a highly recommended color for the bedrooms. Its saturated character induces a relaxing yet sexy ambiance that makes the room feel more daring and romantic. Whether it be as the main color or accentuating color, it makes a huge difference to the entire look of the bedroom with having red around. We have scooped 17 red bedroom ideas for a daring and romantic space that will help in blending the shade into the decorations of the room. 

  1. Traditional Farmhouse
Photo from Wayfair

It is okay if you want to start the red bedroom piece by piece. Besides, you cannot turn it around in a jiffy. Nothing beats these stylish sheets for a more romantic vibe. It may be a little subtle, to begin with, but incorporating the bed with shades of red establishes attention and dominance towards the bed. This is ideal if you are still indecisive about what color to get for the bedroom. With the walls and other elements in white, red came out striking and stylish. Do not fear layering the sheets with different red pieces to have a gradual transition of the colors. 

  1. Eclectic Suite
Photo from Wayfair

If you cannot decide on the design style of the bedroom, why not settle for a mix and match? What we love about eclectic design is how they often come unique and intriguing. The shade of red placed for the walls is not too strong. Instead, they are partly muted making the bedroom look saturated. It draws attention to the light-colored sheets for the bed. Instead of incorporating a different color, white seemed to be a safe color for the red bedroom. 

  1. Antiquated Touches
Photo from Wayfair

If you have a heart for both modern and antiquated design styles, you will love the inspiration above. The walls are dominated by tart red matte paint. Modernity is all about sleek corners and sharp edges of the pieces of furniture. What gave the idea of the antiquated character is the type and finish of the pieces of furniture and decorations. They tend to provide a touch of yesterday. Focusing on the bed, it is layered with checkered-patterned sheets and a comforter. Patterns are also important in establishing a romantic vibe for the bedroom. We highly encourage a mix and match of patterns and details. 

  1. Rustic Touches
Photo from Wayfair

If you prefer a subtle color of red, these wine-colored walls will suit your taste. We all know how wine symbolizes grandeur and romance. Imagine having its color on the walls paired with the rustic and antiquated cuts of wood for the pieces of furniture. The bed frame and side table are cut from the same wood. This introduced a more cohesive look for the bedroom. Red, orange, and yellow are correlated with one another. That is what makes this bedroom idea unified in color. 

  1. Eclectic Patterns
Photo from Wayfair

Another eclectic design inspiration to work with is this idea of combined textures and textiles. We love this idea for a bedroom how patterns are taking over instead of color. But, no matter how much we look at the other parts of the bedroom, the zebra bedframe in red draws attention to the entirety of the space. The pattern on a pattern for a bedroom would serve best for eclectic design. They tend to be drawn to details and character rather than color. 

  1. Crimson Shades
Photo from Wayfair

Red bedrooms do not only match modern designs. Instead, they also work well with farmhouse and traditional design styles. We love the crimson-colored matte walls paired with white. The color is festive similar to a candy cane. The flat white color sets a break from the bold color of the walls. It makes a huge difference taking effect for a little breather. 

  1. Bold Shades of Red
Photo from Wayfair

If you are not a fan of striking red color, you will love this blend of red and brown. It may be a great color for lipstick but it is also a romantic color for the layers of sheets and pillowcases for a red bedroom. We love how the textiles speak for themselves in the inspiration above. When paired with an off-white matte finish for the walls, they create this mesmerizing idea for a warm and romantic bedroom design. 

  1. Accentuating Color
Photo from Wayfair

Two-toned bedrooms these days introduce modernity. It portrays the definition of the sleep zone of the bedroom. The block of color in red for the bed frame makes the space more cozy and comfortable within the serene scene of the space. Red and white are two powerful colors that draw the entirety of the walls and the bed together. The color palette is simple yet subtle. That is what makes the space relaxing. Always focus on the main event of the space. In this case, it is the bed. 

  1. Modern Tropics
Photo from Wayfair

This design is a fabric-forward inspiration. The scarlet-colored textiles indicate texture that dwells on the idea of comfort. Focusing on color, the pieces of furniture made in wood made the bedroom look more saturated and inviting. White wooden panels for the walls highlighted the height of the bedroom. It made it look light and airy. That is what is important in a red bedroom. Red is dominant in the space but it is not taking over the entire space. Beige, scarlet, and white for the textiles layered on the bed draw a fine line on all the other zones of the bedroom. 

  1. Vintage Chic
Photo from Wayfair

If you are not a fan of the modern touch of bedrooms, you will love this vintage chic inspiration for a red bedroom. By the looks of the surroundings, you can tell how different shades of red were used. It is not just as striking as the other shades of red. For the walls, the designer opted for a muted coral color. It is similar to a color of a blush. The walls may be nothing too bold for the walls but the bed is the main event. Medium-sized posts were enclosing the bed frame with an upholstered headboard. The comforter is in a Victorian pattern making it look fancy and grand for a bedroom. 

  1. Striking Shades
Photo from Wayfair

For a playful yet young-looking aura for a bedroom, you will love this striking shade of red, pink, and orange for the bed. We love how the textiles and cushions for the bedroom are styled to complement one another. The four-poster bed indicates dominance and romance perfect for an intimate night of couples. Gold made a huge difference to the entire look of the bedroom. There may be an absence of a headboard but the colors brought a tint to the white canvas. 

  1. Muted Tone
Photo from Room Design

Red is a timeless color that flexibly works with a variety of design styles of the past and present. As seen in the inspiration above, the absence of an upholstered headboard highlighted the muted red accent wall. It matches well with the grey sheets and the laminated wood for the flooring. There may not be symmetry when it comes to the geometry of the bedroom but it highlights the sleek edges. 

  1. Master’s Suite
Photo from Home Designing

For a dramatic look for a bedroom, you will love this inspiration that complements the different elements of the space. The embossed details on the walls indicated a more detailed character for the bedroom. It draws attention to the bed. The lighting fixtures to top off the design is in a circular pattern that works alongside the pattern on the wall. 

  1. Two-Toned Space
Photo from Home Designing

Allow the rufous red to define the width of the walls. This tri-tone color scheme of red, grey, and white poured passion throughout the space. The multi-purpose headboard introduces a cozy design enveloping comfort in a bedroom. These panels can also be of good use as an acoustic material. Besides, we want the space to be free from unwanted noises from the exterior environment. 

  1. Red and Gold

Root for a fancy master’s suite-like similar to a bedroom of a hotel. We love the headboard heading up to the ceiling. It draws attention to the bed and highlights the muted shades of grey. Grey is the perfect color to pair red with if you prefer something that is in between something bright and something dark. 

  1. Unified Colors
Photo from Houzz

For a fun look for a bedroom, red is an enthusiastic color to start. The accent wall is in bright red similar to the color of the sheets. This is a perfect inspiration if you prefer a culture-rich design. We love how red is paired with crafted wood for the table, giraffe sculpture, and seats. 

  1. Vintage Space
Photo from Wayfair

Everybody loves the character of the vintage interior. The inspiration above dwells on the idea that red is a timeless color. When paired with wood, it introduces a saturated space that maintains the romantic and daring vibe for a bedroom. Adjacent to the bed is a Victorian-patterned armchair in grey and red. It is one way of setting the zones in the bedroom space.