11 Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas Your Son Would Approve of

Designing a bedroom for a teenage boy is more challenging than a girl’s considering how hard it is to satisfy their interests. Sometimes, they want to keep it simple and organized and in some cases, they badly wanted it personalized. The best thing to do to tap their interest is to involve them in the design phase. This way, they have a say on what and what not to include. Besides, they are already at an age where they know what they want. To alleviate the stress of finding the perfect design, we have gathered 11 teenage boy bedroom ideas your son would approve of. 

  1. Clean Minimalist Cave
Photo from MyMove

In some cases, a teenage boy requires enough space for personal and communal activities. This is the primary reason why most of them opt for a bedroom design that is simple yet functional. Thanks to this design inspiration from MyMove, we have a view of how rustic minimalist design works. The best thing to include in every bedroom design is something that will represent their personality. We love how the Japanese bicycle hangs on the wall. In terms of hanging next to the wall, make sure that it is sturdy enough not to fall. This design just shows how much of a fan of cycling the user is. The good thing about having a straightforward design is making it look neat without all the clutter. There is a space designated for studying and working and a space for resting after a long day. 

  1. Modern Magic
Photo from Room Magic

Most teenage guys are not a fan of extravagant bedroom design which makes them work very well with settling for a minimalist, modern, or Scandi vibe. This modern design inspiration from Room Magic is a joy among teenagers who love to photograph. They have enough wall space where they can hang their photographs. It makes the bedroom more personalized and artistic. It is like having your own exhibit of photographs within your bedroom. To tap the modern vibe, the light board is where you can put letters and numbers. This can act as a corkboard to put your reminders since most teenage boys are busy with school and other activities. 

  1. Contemporary Vibe
Photo from Decoist

For teenage boys who have plenty of things to store, this is the suggested design inspiration for you. We love how Decoist placed enough shelves and side tables for storage to easily arrange his stuff. We all know how teenage boys can sometimes be too interested in so many things. This Contemporary bedroom has enough space for studying, playing, and resting after a long day. We love the accentuating color of blue, white, and green. It gives a cool and refreshing feeling. The blinds used as a window treatment give us this old-school vibe. The key tip in designing a teenage boy’s bedroom is to have space to store the things he wants to keep. 

  1. Dreamy Nest
Photo from Hackrea

If your son is a private person with a particular interest in keeping the entire room neat and in order, this amazing inspiration from Hackrea would suit him best. We love how the bedroom is laid out with divisions as seen on the flooring. There is space for resting next to a side table and hanging shelf food books. Next to it is the work table perfect for studying for examinations and other personal activities. To add space for leisure, next to it is a space for hobbies. We can see how it is designated for a chill time or even satisfying his personal interests. Since it is next to the large clerestory window, there is a view to enjoy plus it helps in acquiring natural lighting too. 

  1. Rustic Idea
Photo from Hackrea

To have a more manly look for the design, the best way to design is to opt for a masculine color scheme and a bold building material. We love Hackrea’s way of laying out the design of the bedroom with the intent of having everything he needs within. It is like a studio-type version of an apartment he will have in the near future. The adolescent period is the time to progress and mature. Most of the toys are gone and it is best to make room for new interesting stuff. What we admire here is the bold hues of grey. It is a combination of warm and cool greys that gave away that manly vibe. Color is important when thinking of ways on how to design a bedroom for a teenage boy since there is plenty of variations to choose from. 

  1. Bad Boy Look

Every teenage boy experiences this emo phase. It is also the phase of teenage angst which fits the color scheme used by Interior Design Ideas. The design concept is rather minimalist but there is enough wall and floor space for clutter. Teenage boys are often the ones who are quite the challenge in deciding what hobbies to pursue. This design idea gave them enough space to even try. On the right side of the room, we can see the stair-type shelving design that gave plenty of space for storage. On the left side, we can see a hanging shelf for stuff that is barely used but still good enough to be kept. This is why it is important to allow your teenage boy to engage in the design phase. They have a say on what needs to be kept and what needs to go. 

  1. Blue Grey Aesthetic

A blue-grey aesthetic is often the cool color that best suits the interest of a teenage boy. It is a masculine color that is simple and is perfect for modern bedroom designs. In this case, the designers from Magazine Bedroom Jaylah worked with a light pastel blue color and accentuated with blue-grey paint for the wall and the textiles. To keep a lighter note on the bedroom, they used a combination of white and blue for the shelves. The design is pretty simple yet has enough space for all the stuff he wants to display or store. To prevent the design from being too plain, one way of adding a little flavor is through patterned textiles. In this case, they used a variety of checkered patterns for the blanket and the pillowcases. 

  1. Low-Key Scandi Interior
Photo from Behance

Since teenage years is the opportunity to gradually mature, keeping the toys and striking colors at a minimum would help. We have here Behance’s idea of how a teenage boy’s bedroom should be in the Scandinavian interior. What we love about this design is the accent lighting. Its warm tones make the bedroom feel more comfortable and inviting. It upholds this clean look for the walls paired with the details of the wooden wall cladding alongside. To add more details, the best way to do it is to pick linear patterns that will best suit the masculine yet minimalistic look. 

  1. To the Sky
Photo from Deco Ideas

If your son is still on the verge of adjusting from being a child to a teenager, this is a suggested bedroom design. It is not that bad to incorporate a little thing from his childhood into his new bedroom. In this case, we have Deco Ideas’ teenage boy’s bedroom inspiration. They have this wall art of flying aircraft in dull colors. By the sight of it, it does not look like a child’s bedroom. Sometimes, you have to be clear and sure of your preferred color scheme because it is where the drive and ambiance of the bedroom depend on. The color scheme used is subtle earth colors. They are less striking which makes them suitable for a teenage boy. 

  1. Earth Colors
Photo from Studio Nacrt

If you want a more mature view of a teenage boy’s bedroom, the best way to do it is to engage in dark earth colors. In this case, the designer from Studio Nacrt opts for deep olive and seaweed green. On a lighter note, they paired it with a white wall designed with abstract art. The good thing about this design is how compact it is. There is little to no space for clutter and more space for activities and storage. This is one of the few considerations that must be taken into account in designing a teenage boy’s bedroom. 

  1. Space-Saving Studio
Photo from Behance

We love modern ideas of space-saving bedrooms. Thanks to this amazing inspiration from Behance, we can see how a few square feet is enough for a studio-type bedroom. Everything you need is there. You have your own living area, bedroom, and workroom in one space. This is an ideal design if there is limited space and you want to maximize the vertical space. What we love about this design is how there is enough storage for books and clothing. In addition, the two-seater couch sits perfectly beneath the bed which does not consume more floor space.