12 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Within the household, the most difficult space to design is in the bedroom of a teenage girl. Of course, the design must uphold the characteristics and interests of female teenagers as they grow up. They need their personal space. As their parent, you must ensure that the sense of style of the bedroom fits their personality perfectly. It is a space where your daughter will be building memories of sleepovers, hangouts with friends, or even movie nights alone. To prevent misunderstanding the wants of your daughter, you better ask them for their opinions in designing their own bedroom. It is nice to see pastels, sweet patterns, and even chic decorations. As it may seem to be a challenge to design one, we have gathered 12 teenage girl bedroom ideas that will surely suit the tastes of your daughter. 

  1. Sweet Bean
Photo from House Beautiful

Every daughter’s dream is to have her own room with her personalized touches. We love this amazing concept of House Beautiful of a teenage girl’s bedroom. It may not be the ideal color palette but it is sweet and cozy to look at. The combination of browns and greys are very comfortable and subtle. This is perfect for the activities of a teenage girl. Whether it be studying for exams or just binge-watching on Netflix, it is a place where you can be your true self. It is your safe space. A key tip is to invest in layers of blankets and carpets. This will add character to the design of the bedroom. 

  1. Fairy’s Lair
Photo from Pink Dream

Settling in a white-themed bedroom for a teenage girl is a smart choice. We love Pink Dream’s combination of textiles in this design concept. From the bed to the carpet, you can see how fluffy the texture is. It looks like heaven on earth. To add a little sparkle to the room, the designers opt for vertical fairy lights hanging upon the wall. Its warm color can define the vibe, especially at night. Even though the space is small, make the layout compact by dividing it into different spaces. In this case, a space is designated for vanity, entertainment, and rest. A key tip is to use the right scale for the furniture. 

  1. Light and Airy
Photo from Diadebrilho

If the personality of the teenage kid is simple but sweet, this amazing concept from Diadebrilho will top off her taste. The design is neat and organized. The color scheme used suits the minimalistic style the designers are trying to pull off. It is great to use subtle amounts of wood and steel to keep it simple. Invest in comfy pillows and a mattress since this is going to be her safe space for years. This will make her feel comfortable and at ease within her zone. On the side of the bed, the designer located a study table that can also act as a vanity space. As a teenager, they tend to spend long hours doing activities in preparation of their young adult life. A key tip is to choose accent lighting within the proximity of the bed. 

  1. Bohemian Chic

If the teenage girl is a perky dreamer, this Bohemian-chic bedroom design from Green Wedding Shoes will surely be on the top of their list. The designer opts for handmade crocheted pillowcases and a complementary throw pillow. The colors used were subtle and less strong but the combination works perfectly for a sweet and perky girl. Girls during their teenage years love to read books to feed their fantasies which makes this bookcase next to the bed a top-notch choice. A key tip is to spice up the room’s environment with indoor botanical plants. This will help in making the room look and feel fresh. You can never go wrong with leafy green plants. 

  1. Splashed Colors
Photo from House Beautiful

Don’t you love it when your bedroom has a designated space for customized arts? It makes an amazing impact when entering the room. In this design concept from House Beautiful, the splash of colors can tell how cheerful the girl who will live in it is. The wall arts define the characteristic of the teenage girl. A little yellow and pink and go a long way. Since there are plenty of details to look at, plain textiles will balance it out. The plain white walls serve as a canvas of this iconic masterpiece that any teenage girl would love. It is not always pink that should be the dominant color. Sometimes, it is best to spice things up a little with different striking ones. A key tip is to customize different wall arts that you think would seem fit for the teenage girl. This will help them be more at home in their bedroom. 

  1. Teenager’s Dream
Photo from Next Luxury

A unique way of designing a teenage girl’s bedroom is to make it a crafty space for them to design. Apart from the striking colors, what we love about Next Luxury’s design inspiration is its provided space for wall arts. It releases the creativity and resourcefulness of a young teenage girl. Sometimes, it would be best to designate a space for them to work on. Apart from the wall art, we love the layer of striking colors. They are vibrant that builds the character of the child. To balance the vibrance of the colors, the designer opted for a dark glossy teal color for the walls. It made the clash of vibrant colors pop out more. A key tip is to play with geometry and color with the bedroom you want to design for your teenage girl. This will help her play with her imagination. 

  1. Colorful Cave
Photo from Studio DIY

Sometimes, it can be off to pair striking colors with dull pastels. In this case, Studio DIY did a pretty good job at layering the colors and introducing impactful accents. This candy-colored teenage girl’s bedroom is a sweet concept to be inspired with. We love how the sleek upholstery of the single bed defines the linear details paired with the cozy rainbow blanket. This is a perfect idea for teenage girls who are too sweet and feminine. It looks desirable and unique with the accessories and decorations used. A key tip is to choose accessories that are both useful and interesting. In this case, they used a corn cob-designed side table and an ice cream desk lamp. 

  1. Pastel Shades
Photo from Archzine

For those teenage girls whose interest lies in Pinterest-inspired bedrooms, this creative idea of Archzine will take your breath away. What’s not to love about these fluffy carpets? They bring coziness to the bedroom. They are something you want to feel after a long and tiring day of school. By the sight of the entire room, you can feel relaxed and at ease with the comfortable choices of pillows and textiles. Even though it is designed according to the standards of modern interior, they still managed to design it with a hand-crafted wooden chair. Its subtle brown finish just blends perfectly with the Boho-like look. A key tip is to use different lighting fixtures. In this case, Japanese lanterns and fairy lights make the bedroom feel homier. 

  1. Skies and Waves
Photo from Cuckoo Design

Sometimes, you can get seasick from being too busy with school work. You just miss the sound of the waves and the color of the sky. The color palette used by Cuckoo Design will make you remember the colors of the sea. Its homey design is relaxing and is perfect for hangouts and sleepovers with friends. It is a space that is worth a post on Instagram. If you are in the midst of working with blues and greys, this color palette has a calming effect. This is definitely a place where you would want to sit down and relieve the stressors. A key tip is to add an element that the teenage girl will look forward to. In this case, it’s the solo hammock on the side of the bed. 

  1. Comfy Loft
Photo from My Domaine

If your teenage daughter has plenty of activities within her bedroom, it would be best to give her ample space to explore. Having your own room means more activities to work on alone or with friends. This amazing design inspiration from My Domaine will sweep you off of your feet. There is plenty of storage for books and technology. The designer also opts to have a pull-out desk for her to study or just work on her laptop. The bedroom is divided into two, busy and resting spaces. The hammock next to the bed looks comfy where you can read a book or just have a movie night all by yourself. A key tip in designing is to always consider the boundaries between a resting and activity space. 

  1. Tropical Design
Photo from Apartment Therapy

Some preferred colors of teenage girls these days are beyond pink and purple. Sometimes, they want to try different color schemes that make them feel at home. Thanks to this inspiration from Apartment Therapy, you can sense the tropical-boho vibe of the teenage bedroom. There is plenty of room for indoor botanical plants that just have a lively and refreshing effect. To make the design more personalized, it would be best to pick cozy crocheted blankets in striking colors to highlight the character you are trying to build. We love how this idea sure is something a teenage girl would love that is beyond the idea of Bratz and Barbie. A key tip is to design beyond the comfort zone of the teenage girl. Work on incorporating unique touches to the bedroom that will increase their interest. 

  1. Neon Lights
Photo from Extra Space

To design a modern retro bedroom for a teenage girl will surely excite her to have her own private space. The subtle colors of this bedroom idea from Extra Space have this coffee shop vibe that will make you want to stay and lounge, especially on a rainy day. We love the full-body vanity mirror where she can take Instagram-worthy posts overlooking her aesthetic bedroom as the background. A key tip is to invest in an iconic piece for the bedroom. In this case, it’s the neon lights that gave away the modern retro style.