What Does it Mean When My Heated Blanket is Blinking? 

When a heated blanket is blinking, it only means one thing, it is not properly working. The effect may be the blanket is not heating on both sides, not heating enough, or it needs to be reset. It is quite alarming to know that something is off with yours but there are ways on how to troubleshoot it on your own. When it is blinking, the often reason for its malfunction is internal damage to its wiring. It is either the device or the control is faulty at some point. These types of sheets are not treated the same way a regular blanket is. It is more on exhibiting precautionary measures on how to prolong its use just like any other piece of technology. Thus, we have provided answers on what to do when these signs persist. 

The Blanket is Not Heating on Both Sides

If a heated blanket is blinking, one of the common reasons why is that it is not heating on both sides. What we highly suggest to be done is to have the blanket plugged directly into the outlet without the use of power adapters or even extension cords. We highly suggest setting the temperature of the blanket to the highest temperature possible and maintaining the temperature for 20 minutes or so. After 20 minutes of waiting, adjust the temperature to your desired temperature and wait for a few minutes. If the blanket remains to be heated on one side, we highly suggest calling the customer service of the blanket’s manufacturer. Just like any other gadget, they often come with warranty and repair services. 

Conduct a Fold Test

New technology heating blankets are not designed like the outdated ones. They often take time to heat up that is why you need to wait for a few minutes. Its warmth is not felt immediately so we highly suggest being patient with the test. Verifying the capability of the blanket to warm up would suggest performing the fold test. The fold test is just like folding a regular blanket for storage. Ensure that the control or remote is beyond the parts to be forded. Check all parts of the blanket before folding including the remote control. Once the blanket is folded, check the proper connections of the cords. Plug it directly into an electrical outlet then wait for the blanket to turn on. Set the temperature to the highest setting while waiting for a few minutes. Place your hand in between the folds to see if the insides of the blanket are heating up. If it is still not working, we highly suggest resetting the heating blanket. Or better yet, call customer service for further assistance. 

Reset the Blanket 

When a heated blanket is blinking yet barely providing heat, the last resort is resetting it. This way it will be restored to its factory settings and they often work the same way again. 

Step 1

Leave the blanket unplugged and check if all the cords and connections are intact. It often happens that when a control unit is pulled loose, the blanket would not work. This indicates that the blanket does not have sufficient power to conduct heat. Check and reassemble all the connections. If there is anything loose, secure the cables with electrical tape to keep them organized. 

Step 2

The second step is to ensure that the blanket is free from attached metal objects. It is often the cause of shock, especially if the power is left turned on. If you see a metal object attached to it, it would be best to remove it immediately and sew holes that are present to prevent further damage. 

Step 3

The third step is to check whether or not the cables are defective, use a multimeter. Use two multimeter pins one on each end of the cable. If the device is reading zero, the cable indicates it is in a good condition. If the device is reading high in number, the cord should be replaced. 

Step 4

If you sight blowing in the blanket’s control box, replace the fuse immediately. Overheating is commonly caused by power surges resulting from the hot spots blowing the fuse. Check if the fuse is blowing repeatedly. It means that the circuit where it is connected is composed of many devices. We highly suggest plugging the blanket directly into an outlet. 

Step 5

Using a screwdriver, open the control unit and check if there are loose parts. Tighten up the loose parts and check if the settings are working. If they only work in a specified setting and not all, the thermostat of the heated blanket is defective. 

Step 6

If you have already done everything and the heating blanket remains to malfunction, we highly suggest calling customer service for further assistance. Having the blanket repaired will cost you more. Thus, it would be best to purchase a new one instead because the repair is a more expensive option.

Check for the FF Sign

On the blanket look for the FF sign and see if it is flashing on the control. If it is blinking, it indicates that there is something wrong with the blanket and it would be best to have it reset. Conduct basic troubleshooting measures such as turning it on and off at least five-minute intervals. 

What to Look Out For

When a heated blanket is blinking and no longer works, there are two possible reasons why. One, the blanket is overused and requires replacing. On average, it lasts approximately 5 to 7 years depending on usage. Two, the blanket is not properly set up. Always maintain the health of the blanket and its control center. Any cords within that are loose can cause the internal structure to be damaged, especially from too much use or exposure to damp surfaces.