8 Tips in Washing and Maintaining the Quality of an Ugg Blanket 

With the cold season coming up, the challenge is not just about the rising temperature but the maintenance of the fabrics to keep you warm. One of the most favored warmer is the ugg blanket. They come in thick fabric with visible fibers that feel soft and soothing against the surface of your skin. But, just like the washing instructions for different types of clothing textiles, blankets are as delicate demanding different levels of attention and care. Compared to other blanket types, ugg is an eco-friendly option to keep you warm and cozy at home considering that it is made from recycled and sustainable materials. To guide you in the cleaning and maintenance of an ugg blanket, we have narrowed it down to 8 tips to retain its quality. 

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Tip 1: Segregation of Fabrics

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Ugg blankets are known to be sensitive and delicate during the washing and drying process. Their fibers tend to fall off or frizz whenever they are incorporated with other fabrics in the laundry. It would be best to designate a day where you only take the sheets, beddings, and blankets to the laundry and segregate them according to materials. Their fluffy material should be washed independently ensuring that there are no other items in the load. Its fibers are known to be delicate and washing them with other types may induce shredding and pilling. 

Tip 2: Wash According to Color

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Ugg blankets should be washed according to a color similar to the segregation done in washing clothes. You would not want the blanket bleeding dark colors to be blended with the lighter ones. It may be quite difficult to identify which ones bleed and which ones do not. Always remember to separate them according to color to prevent color fading and fabric darkening. 

Tip 3: Set the Temperature Right

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The convenience of having an ugg blanket is that it can be washed by hand and by machine. What makes it difficult is the setting of the temperature. The temperature of the water to wash the blanket should be cold and be set on a gentle wash. It will help in strengthening the fiber of the ugg blanket and keeping the fluffy texture. Fill the washing machine with cold water and set the mode to the delicate setting. 

Tip 4: Use of Fabric Conditioner and Detergent

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After ensuring the temperature of the water and setting the mode of the washing machine, the next thing to look out for is the use of fabric conditioner and detergent. It is not suggested to use one but if you are worried about the dirt and dust absorbed in the fibers, opt for a delicate type for fabric conditioner and detergent. On the other hand, bleach is not suggested. They tend to make the fibers stiff and dry. You would not want that. If you are not a fan of fabric conditioners, another alternative is using white vinegar. It may be quite the step considering its smell but all you need is half a cup to clean it all the way. Use a detergent that is gentle or is great for delicates. Preferably the ones that suffice the washing of baby clothes. In cases when you have no choice, mix half a cup of white vinegar once you are in the process of rinsing off the detergent. 

Tip 5: Drying Phase

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Because of its thick fabric, it may be difficult to try the fibers of an ugg blanket. We highly suggest air dry them to completely remove the moist from their fibers. You can either hang them outside where the sun and the wind can do their part. If you do not want to wait that long for them to try, drying on a spinner or dryer would suffice. Keep the dryer in a low-temperature setting. No matter how fast you want it dried up for use, never increase the temperature of the dryer or spinner. This will ruin the fibers of an ugg blanket and cause unwanted fluff lying around. Never ring or twist the ugg blanket after wash. 

Tip 6: Do not Over Wash or Under Wash

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Overwashing and under washing the ugg blanket comes with compromised quality of the blanket and the health of the users. Not washing the blanket regularly will cause exposure to bacteria, fungi, and even pollen. It is like being covered in your own body’s daily secretions, skin cells, and sweat. It may not have a high effect on your health but it is purely unhygienic to use the same blanket over and over again without washing. An ugg blanket should be washed once every two weeks and twice every month if is barely used. Washing it twice a week can cause the fibers to be too stretched or too fluffy. 

Tip 7: Treating Stains

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It can be a disaster to stain the ugg blanket when it is one of the essential things that keep you warm and cozy. Unwanted situations like staining with wine, sauces, or other liquid varieties will leave you desperate to wash it with multi-purpose detergent. Stop right there. As much as you want to clear the fabric from the stain, using multi-purpose detergent might not do the trick. On a spray bottle, mix water with non-chlorine bleach and vinegar. Spray the parts of the blanket that are stained and leave them for an hour. It will help loosen up the stain on the fibers when thrown in the wash. After soaking it in the formula, throw it in the washing machine and wash with cold water and half a cup of vinegar. 

Tip 8: Maintain the Softness

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Ugg blankets can be one of the toughest types to maintain. Because of their fluffy and soft texture, sometimes it can be a challenge to maintain the texture and quality of the fabric. One trick that can save you money for its maintenance is through the vinegar method. The vinegar method will restore the ugg blanket’s former glory. All you need is half a cup of vinegar in a basin or tub of cold water. Soak the ugg blanket until all parts are wet. Leave it there for up to two hours but nothing more than that. Once rinsed and dried, say goodbye to the worn edges and dry fibers of your ugg blanket. 

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