Is a Throw a Blanket?

What Makes a Throw  and a Blanket Different 

A throw is not a blanket. It is a piece of thick fabric commonly thrown on top of a furniture for aesthetic and immediate comfort. Meanwhile, a blanket is a piece of fabric that keeps you warm and comfortable whenever you are lounging on furniture. After purchasing a sofa, bed, or couch, the next thing you have in mind is how to dress or decorate it. Having it plain can be quite boring to look at. That is why a throw and a blanket are present to make things easier in improving the entirety of the look of a space. Both are aesthetic pieces of fabric that make a difference in the look of the furniture. Whether it be for the bedroom, living room, or even in the outdoor sitting area, having one increases the sense of comfort of a space. When should you use a blanket? What is the purpose of a throw? It may be quite confusing considering their sharing similarities but their differences are defined. Below are the differences you should look out for to identify which ones to use. 

Fabric Type

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Both a throw and a blanket are designed to provide warmth and comfort when you need them most. A blanket’s material is often thick and large such as flannels, fleece, or wool. It is the type of material that is smooth when touched against your skin. In some cases, they are often designed like a comforter where they are sawn on all four edges of the fabric. There is a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the material of a blanket. 

On the other hand, a throw is often handcrafter or knitted. Its material is made with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, faux fur, chenille, or satin. They are mostly seen with creases on the edges to add texture and design. In common areas such as the living room, most people find the comfort of using throws as a blanket. They feel the same comfort as when they use a blanket. In some cases, throws are often crocheted using large pieces of yarn that make them noticeable. 


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The size of a blanket is the same size as the bed. Single, double, queen, king, and family size are the standard sizes of the blanket. It is intended to cover the entire space thus making more room if one is wrapped around the body to keep them warm and cozy. If they are not of the same size as the bed, they are a few inches bigger to be tucked beneath. It is good for more than one person to use. 

Throws are relatively smaller in size than blankets. Its standard size is 50 by 60 inches long. In terms of usage, only one person can cuddle up beneath a throw. The difference can be easily identified because their size varies and is easily noticeable. Not because it is a size down from a blanket does not mean the comfort it provides is compromised.

Design and Composition

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A blanket is often made with a single piece of comfortable fabric bringing warmth to the body. The edges fall off the sides of the bed to make room for the fabric to be tucked in. They are typically just a piece of fabric sawn from all sides to prevent the fabric from tearing apart. 

On the other hand, throws are usually made up of knitted elements to make up blanket-like imagery. They are more textured as compared to a blanket because of the lumps, tassels, and extra fabric. In terms of design, they look handcrafted and creative that makes a difference when they are thrown in a bed or a couch. 


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A blanket is known to keep you warm while sleeping, napping, or doing any other activity. Its size makes a huge difference to the comfort it provides to the user. On the bright side, it is an ideal material for sharing because of its large size. A blanket is more on functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. 

On the other hand, a throw is often seen as an optional material that makes furniture aesthetically pleasing to look at. It brings comfort but its size will seem to cover enough for one person. A throw is a multi-purpose piece of fabric that can be used throughout a variety of furniture. It is like having a blanket within reach when you are feeling cold. 


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Blankets are designed for sleeping without feeling cold and airy. They are often draped across the entirety of the bed. It is mostly seen in the bedroom alone and not in the other spaces of the house. If they are used in other spaces of the house, it looks inappropriate considering its size as large as the bed. Blankets are often seen in the bedroom. 

Throws are often seen folded or draped in sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and even couches. They are like blankets that can be ready to use any time of the day. Imagine watching television and you suddenly feel cold. It can be a bummer to run to the bedroom to get a blanket to warm you up. Throws are mostly seen in living rooms, alfresco, or even the entertainment room. 


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In terms of cleaning, a throw and a blanket are way different. A blanket is safe to be laundered as long as they are cleaned in warm water and is separated from all the other types of fabric. You would not want the color to fade over time. We want to retain the quality and versatility of the fabric. Since they are cut from one piece of cloth, creases can be inevitable when they are regularly laundered. Do not forget to consider the temperature of the water and the type of soap to use. 

On the other hand, throws are more sensitive when it comes to being laundered. We highly suggest having them hand-washed to ensure that the quality of the fabric is retained. When they are laundered in the machine, they come out with more fluff.