11 Women Bedroom Ideas for Every Design Taste

Designing a bedroom for women will make you think about tapping comfort, solemn, and private space. Women can be a little indecisive as to what they want for the bedroom. But, it would be best to match their personality with the aesthetic for their personal space. They deserve to be relaxed and well-rested after a long day’s work and being in the zone of their bedroom will do the trick. If plans are present about adding flavor to the bedroom of a woman, this article will get provide enlightenment. We have gathered the top 11 best women bedroom ideas for every design taste. Take inspiration from each and you will turn the tables around of how you view your own bedroom. 

  1. Alive and Inspired
Photo from Next Luxury

The color preference of a woman is not limited to pink. As they mature, they start to fancy different color schemes that they might find interesting for their bedroom. We love the inviting mute shades used by Next Luxury for this artsy bedroom design. What makes this design stand out is the variating colors of the lighting fixtures. By the looks of it, it draws attention towards the bed. When the warm light disperses in the entire room, it creates this cozy and comfortable ambiance. Pick lighting fixtures that define the floor-to-ceiling height of your bedroom. This way, it maintains the light and airy vibe of the personal space. 

  1. Scandinavian Touch
Photo from One Kindesign

Bedrooms are designed to sustain the needs of people for comfort. With the daily stressors of women, they deserve a bedroom design that will make them feel enthusiastic about starting a new day. We have here One Kindesign’s bedroom inspiration for women spiced up with Scandinavian touches. Keeping the design simple will lower its demand for maintenance. Thus, fewer chores to do. We love how the layout of the bedroom is subdivided into two, a productive area and a resting area. Keeping the walls in bold white makes the bedroom look neat and hopeful. It is a bedroom that a woman would love to wake up in. 

  1. Boho Crate
Photo from Vision Bedding

If the personal preferences involve a rustic type of look, Vision Bedding’s boho crate interior will gain popularity. In this case, the color scheme used is plain and muter. What made this bedroom design for women stand out is the bed alone. The layers of the beddings are thick and fluffy. This will make you want to fall on the bed after a long and tiring day. As a safe space, design the bedroom according to what feels home to the user. Involve her interests in the design. In this case, it is safe to assume that they prefer a dreamy Pinterest-inspired bedroom idea worthy for the gram. If your personal preference is to keep the bedroom simple and clean with the walls and floorings, invest in beddings. 

  1. Monochromatic Suite
Photo from Velma Leisten

As much as we love a splash of striking colors, monochromatic color schemes remain the real deal for sophistication. Women grow and their preferences vary from time to time. In this case, they wanted to keep the design simple yet comforting. It is safe to say that the user is a fan of bed activities assuming with the lighting fixtures used. This is one of the reasons why it is important to consider the interests of women before proceeding to the elements to accessorize the space. We love the statement pillowcases used for the white bed. Even though the dominant color is white, the way black is used defined the character of the entire bedroom.  

  1. Sea of Greens
Photo from Wattpad

We all have this dream of living within the proximity of the beach where the apartments are quite photogenic. Well, it is not impossible to pursue inducing tropical vibes to your bedroom. With the right materials and color, you can ace the design even on your own. A key tip in designing bedrooms for women is to be fearless when it comes to making decisions. Choose colors that you think will elevate the dignity of the bedroom. The way it is arranged and decorated will interest you after a long day of stress and hard work. Design the bedroom according to what makes you feel calm and cozy. 

  1. Modern Aesthetic
Photo from Sout & Nimble

Choosing bold colors for the bedroom of a woman is indeed a striking point. It emphasizes strength and versatility. Sout & Nimble designed this modern aesthetic design for a bedroom. The walls are different and in a bold accentuating color to balance the light hues of the bedding. Always remember to collect variating beddings for future backups. By glancing at the bedroom, we can see the iconic table lamp in polished gold. This industrial aesthetic generates a mood for the entire space. The warmness of the side lamps outweighs the blue hues of the walls and textiles. The designer was eager to use blue as the dominant color considering how it was the initial color for women instead of pink. The imagery may not be fully feminine but the arrangement and decorations speak otherwise. 

  1. Cozy Lair
Photo from Annabeth Carlir

Women are fond of thick and fluffy textiles. These help them feel warm and cozy. Layers of blanket interest women in seeking comfort, especially during their time of the month. We love this aesthetic view of Annabeth Carlir’s idea of a women’s bedroom. There is plenty of texture with the variating types of textiles used. To add character to the design, they used both light and dark colors complementing one another. Filling in a space with white walls as the canvas is easy when you prefer to achieve a light and airy look for a bedroom. If you do not want to make it look too plain, you can hang pieces of art on the wall for additional design. 

  1. Pretty Pastels
Photo from Buyer Select

If your personal preference for a bedroom design lies on the feminine side, this design inspiration might tap your interest. It is a great idea to start with a plain white canvas for the walls. When things are getting a little out of hand and you do not know how to spice it up, a massive headboard is key. By the looks of the headboard design, it is similar to the design of a mandala tapestry often found in boho-chic interiors. In this case, it is an intricate wood carving design of a symmetrical pattern. To outweigh the hard and versatile properties of the wood, layers of blankets and beddings were placed variating in dark and light colors. 

  1. Clean Slate

Most women are practical in designing their bedrooms. They prefer to fill the space with furniture they think exhibits a significant function. We love this design inspiration from Julia Green Illustration where the dominant color is white complemented by accents of off-white, black, grey, and pink. It looks like a modern farmhouse design considering how the dominant material is wood. We all know how wood makes any space look ten times better. A key tip in choosing your preferred design style, always consider what you think is most needed in your bedroom. Think whether or not that style will require you things that are not much of use. 

  1. Saturated Spot
Photo from Etsy

Do you not just love when you see the colors of a pumpkin spice latte in a bedroom? This color scheme will make you think why should fall be your favorite season. The saturated color scheme of this design inspiration from Etsy gives away the warm and inviting vibe. We love the bold black color dominating the wall siding for the accent wall. It highlighted the lightness of the bed. The bedroom design may not seem to be a little feminine but the warmth of brown objectifies the drive for solemnity and rest. By the looks of the thick bedding and blankets, you could just dive right onto the bed. Its soft and cuddly texture will make you forget about needing someone to cuddle with. 

  1. Pink Plush
Photo from Girl Shares Tips

A popular treat among women in designing their bedrooms is the use of fleece textiles in the beddings. With all honesty, it makes the room more feminine and sweet in spite of its color. In this case, variating colors of pink and grey were used for the bedroom scheme. Hot pink is already off the charts. But, that does not mean there is no longer room for the inner teenage girl in you. Sometimes, you just have to spice things up with something subtle. It may be different than your preferences before but what counts is that you still consider your preferences when you were young. Imagine sleeping on this bed filled with fluffy textiles. It would feel like sleeping in heaven. More than just the subtle colors, the texture of the textiles matter too.