14 Boho Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You to Redecorate

Redecorating bedrooms can be a challenge, especially when you have no idea where to start. With the numerous options available on the internet, there is no way you will run out of inspirations to look out for. The growing demand for modern and minimalist interior design is getting out of hand this is why we are giving you reasons on why to opt for a Boho look. Bohemian interior exhibits an eclectic design concept and gives away a cozy and warm environment. This decorating style is less complicated than what you have in mind. To achieve your ideal boho bedroom, we have gathered 14 inspirations for your next redecoration project. 

  1. Moon Phases
Photo from Beach Living Home

By the looks of this first inspiration, it is easy to assume that the dominant theme is a minimalist interior. With the plain white walls and the lack of patterns, this inspiration from the Beach Living Home gave away the clean boho design. The designer focused on what can be hung on the walls for additional details. Since the room feels so light and airy, the bedroom looks neat and free from clutter. It may not be your usual boho imagery without the mandala patterns but the use of material and wall decor gave it away. 

  1. Indoor Environment 
Photo from Chasing Daisies

Another way of achieving a boho look is by focusing on your color preferences. In this case, Chasing Daisies opted for earth colors such as deep green and hues of brown. These colors accentuate the bedroom since the dominant color is off-white. What gave away the boho look is the handcrafted bench in front of the bed and the woven shelf on the side. The lack of patterns may seem a little off in the Bohemian design but managed to focus on the layering of textures instead. In this case, they focused well on the beddings and pillowcases. 

  1. Natural Glow
Photo from Jungalow

There are no rules when it comes to boho interior. Sometimes, you just want the design to not be too obvious. With that in mind, having a natural boho look for your bedroom is a great way to start. Looking like an indoor Babylon garden, Jungalow nailed the natural glow look of a Bohemian-themed bedroom. Focus on building materials that are made from rattan or wood. In this case, the side table and vase are handcrafted weaved rattan. It gives away the refreshing vibe of the garden. For additional details, the pattern of the beddings is in the random doodle. 

  1. Bohemian in White
Photo from Stylecaster

If you have plans on keeping the color at a minimum, using white as the dominant color is the best option for your redecoration project. Stylecaster’s perspective in monochromatic boho aced its style with layers of handcrafted textiles. From beddings to pillowcases, the designer opted for a DIY bed frame using wooden panels to match the flooring. For additional characters, we are looking at the dreamy wall and hung decorations of feathers. It may be a challenge to maintain its condition but it is what makes the bedroom Pinterest-inspired. The cozy atmosphere built by the use of materials allows a relaxing and intimate vibe. 

  1. Pink Lemonade
Photo from The Cards We Drew

There is no such thing as too much pink in bedroom design. If you are on a tight budget, wallpaper and several handcrafted decorations will do the trick. In this case, they opted for a Victorian-patterned wallpaper overlaid by a series of plates in different materials. The variations of color of the wall decor make the color scheme of the bedroom similar to pink lemonade. To accentuate the pink and blush, the plain striking orange beddings give a warm and relaxing atmosphere. By the looks of it, take time to choose the textiles that will be used such as carpet, blanket, and even bed cover. 

  1. Indoor Camp
Photo from Real Simple

Apart from the design of the bedroom, another factor to focus on is the theme you want to achieve. In this case, they wanted an indoor camp environment. What is not to love about the environment built with being close to outdoors? With the use of fairy lights, the designers managed to make artificial stars to bring warmth to the bedroom. For a budget-friendly option, they used wood palettes for the bed frame instead of a steel one. To add the outdoor character, having these fuzzy rattan carpets and even the mid wood pole on the side of the bed. Resting in this boho bedroom will make you feel the vibe of camping under the stars. 

  1. Teal & Ochre Scheme
Photo from Hunker

Boho is not just about the subtle colors but as well as the striking ones. We have here an amazing teal and ochre color scheme from Hunker. It dwells more on the modern Bohemian look by dominating the room with solid colors and less patterned textiles. We can tell the modern vibe by the looks of the wall decorations. There are not many details but the minimalist abstract art gave it away. To add details to the room filled with plain textiles, the mandala-like patterns of the carpet balanced it out. 

  1. Peach Pastels
Photo from Jungalow

If you want to keep it simple but make the boho look obvious, opt for peach pastels to dominate your bedroom. What we love about Jungalow’s design inspiration of a Bohemian bedroom is the colors of the beddings accentuating the plainness in the color of the walls. The princess-curved upholstered headboard added a more feminine note to the design. To add a little refreshing note, pieces of indoor botanical plants will do the trick. The designer wanted to keep the wall design simple with a matte white finish with wall decor of a series of hats in brown hues. 

  1. Striking Colors
Photo from Apartment Therapy

If you cannot decide on the color scheme to use, opt for a series of textiles in different textures and patterns instead. Besides, it is the dominant factor that identifies a boho look for the bedroom interior. Apartment Therapy’s inspiration utilized striking colors that give away the jolly and creative vibe for a bedroom. To prevent overdoing the wall design, the designer opts for an embroidered tapestry with a symmetrical design. It acted as the accent wall of the bedroom filled with other hung circular wall decors. 

  1. Neutral Schemes
Photo from Daily Dream Decor

If you are not a fan of striking colors, one way of nailing the boho look is by using neutral color schemes. Combining clay orange with off-white and moss green exhibits a lively and refreshing atmosphere for a bedroom. Instead of utilizing tapestry for the walls, they designed the walls with abstract portraits just above the upholstered headboard. With wood being the dominant building material, it defines the detail and character of the shelf and the bench. To top off the interior of your bedroom, the best idea is to add lengthy indoor plants emphasizing the height of the bedroom. 

  1. Modern Dream
Photo from Iayjao

If you are not up for the clutter-like design of the Bohemian look, the best option is for you to settle with the modern boho vibe. Apart from the fact that it looks neat and organized, this modern dream is more flexible in terms of color combinations. To add the original look that will ace the design, add different layers of beddings in warm colors. On the side, we can see a rattan weaved basket and carpet. It gives away the boho characteristic without being too obvious. A white canvas for the walls is perfect to acquire natural lighting to balance out the warm color scheme of the bedroom. 

  1. Fall Color Scheme
Photo from Pinterest

Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year where the dominant colors are in hues of orange. This warm and saturated color is often the dominant color in boho design. With this design inspiration from Pinterest,  we can tell how browns and oranges induce a warm and cozy atmosphere for a bedroom. Combined with whites and greys, it allows a clean and minimalist look perfect for a boho style. What gave it away are the tapestry on the wall and the bedding design. Check out the pompoms on the ends of the beddings. It made the bed look so relaxing to lounge on. 

  1. Feminine Touches
Photo from DIY Darlin

If you have preferences for using a feminine color scheme, that would not be a problem because boho does not have any rules when it comes to color. What is not to love about this peach blush bedroom? As the designer worked on the curves, DIY Darlin opted for a curved headboard and fluffy comforter to warm you up during the cold nights. What made the design even better is the layers of colors for the pillows. The added pattern sure did the trick in defining the details. To top off the design, a blush embroidered carpet will add a comfy touch to the bedroom. Add a little statement to have a personalized touch to the design. 

  1. Warm Spirits
Photo from Quiet Minimal

Boho vibes bring out a warm and cozy aesthetic ideal for a bedroom. With that in mind, expect plenty of browns and beige. Thanks to Quiet Minimal’s inspiration, it gave us a solemn and sweet aesthetic imagery of boho. What made this design iconic is the layers of sheets variating in warm colors. It has built this saturated character for the bedroom. Moreover, a key tip is to focus on the patterns and design of the pillowcases and beddings. This allows the bed to draw more attention to it.