10 Brick Wall Ideas to Boost the Living Room Aesthetic 

We love how brick walls accentuate every space in the house. They deliver a rather rustic touch to sleek and perfect surfaces. When they are incorporated in the living room, they tend to give away a blend of modern and antiquated aesthetics for the space. Exposed bricks on the wall help in spicing up the space. What we love about this idea is how they make you think of how they make it look like you are living in the modern flats of the city. It is like living the dream of having a view of the city within the living room. If you have no idea where to start, we have rounded up 10 brick wall inspirations that can help in boosting the living room aesthetics of your home. 

Highlight the Personal Zone

Photo from Wayfair

If you are not a fan of working with brick walls on every wall of the living room, maybe designating a specific space would work. In this inspiration, we can see how dusty light-colored bricks are arranged on the wall within the personal zone of the living room. It makes the space more comforting. You can arrange more furniture to fill the space but working with brick walls on the personal zone does the trick. It provides a touch of nature within the living space that allows a more saturated feel for the living room. 

Establish an Accent Wall

It would feel good to have a wall different from the other walls. An accent wall layered with bricks would seem fit for the antiquated aesthetic of the space. What we love about this inspiration is how the space is paired with industrial-themed furniture such as the upholstered couch and glass coffee table. It blends with the color and aesthetic of the brick wall. This is perfect if you want to work with a sense of balance for the living room. Based on the image above, it is safe to say that we are dealing with a studio apartment where brick walls are very common. It is all about pairing the bricks with the right colors and materials. 

Locate Near Windows

We want to keep the interior of the house is more lively through natural materials. Using bricks for the wall would be a good start. As seen in the inspiration above, the brick walls are located near the windows. This is a fancy way of allowing smooth and rustic materials to complement one another. Its access to natural lighting makes the visual aesthetic of the space more gorgeous, especially during the day. It induces productivity in spite of the color being saturated. Locating it near windows take a break from the textured surface and establish a view of the great outdoors. 

Polish with Paint

Photo from Wayfair

If you are not a fan of brick’s natural color, painting it would not be a bad thing. As seen in the image above, the brick wall is painted and polished to perfection. This works if you are having a hard time putting all the elements together. Since they painted the wall in white, it is easier to pair with other cooler colors. It minimizes the saturation of the brick’s natural color. Painting over bricks allows the wall to have a protective covering preventing dust to be all over the place. 

Pair with Darker Shades

If you are working with light paint for the brick walls, it would be best to pair them with darker-colored furniture. For the brick’s natural color, we highly recommend a color palette that is either lighter or darker than its shade. This helps in allowing the color to stand out rather than camouflage with the entirety of the elements within the living room. What we love about lighter-colored brick walls is how they acquire more natural lighting giving the space a fresh start during the day. Meanwhile, when paired with rather warm lighting, it builds a homier atmosphere for the living space. 

Work with Different Arrangements

Photo from Wayfair

Common arrangements of bricks on a wall are horizontal. This helps in highlighting the width of the room. It creates an illusion that the space is rather spacious even though the space is limited. As seen in the inspiration above, the arrangement is a combination of vertical and horizontal placement. This works if you want to highlight the geometrical aspect of the brick wall. What we love about this is how you can play with the natural color of the bricks. They come in dark and light pieces that highlight the texture of the wall. The brick wall is best paired with cool-colored furniture with a smoother texture to complement the wall. 

Establish Balance and Symmetry

If you want to go all-in with the brick walls, establishing balance and symmetry will do the trick in making the living room feel like home. As seen in the inspiration above, the bricks are darker than their natural color. They are paired with light-colored furniture and metallic finishes. This makes the space more fancy and luxurious. Brick walls work with a variety of design styles that you did not know can work together. It is similar to working with an eclectic design that tweaks the conventional design for a living room. 

Make the Features Pop

Photo from Wayfair

What we love about brick walls is how they highlight the features of a space. They make a huge difference to the other zones of the living room. As seen from the inspiration above, it gave away a sweet touch to the marble fireplace. With its vertical and horizontal arrangement, it emphasizes both the height and width of the accent wall. There is more to an accent wall than just daring to be different. It is all about exhibiting functions that make the living room a more comfortable space to be in. Always remember to swatch two materials first prior to the construction. 

Blend with Other Materials

Yet another accent wall idea is when it is blended with other materials. Looking at this bachelor’s pod, we love the combination of metallic and rustic textures of the accent wall. This transforms the space into a modern industrial design as you incorporate a variety of materials. More than the combined materials, we love the pendant lights hanging above. The metallic wall helps in diffusing the light more effectively throughout the space. Using a brick wall is a brilliant idea to work with if you want a theme that is more masculine and dominant. 

Complement with Irregularities

If you want a wall that is heavier than the regular design of bricks, check out this stone wall that comes with irregular sizes and variating shades. This is perfect for farmhouse design styles as it reveals a rather welcoming design for the living room space. We love how natural the color palette of the living room is. It exhibits both cool and warm tones that tap the comfortable ambiance of the space. Always remember that there is more to brick walls than their clay color. Its rustic and textured material establishes an old and antiquated look. At the same time, it works well in modern spaces such as the inspiration above.